Zoho Assist vs TeamViewer

Two great solutions for remote desktop control are Zoho Assist and TeamViewer. Indeed, it is clear from their position on the market and from reviews that either tool functions as it should and that the features on offer meet the needs of IT and other support agents around the globe.

Keep reading for a quick tour of what they do, how each compares to the other, and how they tally up to what’s on the many “must have” lists that have been drawn up concerning the subject. We can then talk cost and check out a growing developer well worth discovering: TSplus.

TeamViewer and Zoho Assist Vying for the Remote Control and Support Market

When it comes to remote control of screen, mouse and keyboard, it has to be admitted: TeamViewer have set a benchmark. For a start, TeamViewer has the biggest share of the market. Thus, it quickly became the one to go and get, the target in terms of capability.

There are good things about being the first or biggest. Being widely used means selling more software, more licenses sold means more money in the bank, and so better means to pay, recruit, research, etc. That sort of advantage brings good potential for development in all senses of the term. But Zoho Assist and any others such as TSplus know where the bar is set.

Downsides of Being First on a Market – TeamViewer vs Up-Coming Remote Businesses

A company or product hailed as the best is nonetheless rapidly faced with two main hurdles. The first is remembering that the only way is up. Continuing motivation to improve and grow can be harder to maintain while original staff teams evolve and new members arrive who have not had to fight to make it to the podium. And the second is that aspect of being “the one” which the other companies want to overtake.

More developers and companies keep stepping forward to contest the title of first on the market or best software. So much so that there are a good number of excellent software products available on the remote desktop control market. Especially since the trend is increasing as technology and connectivity also have progressed in leaps and bounds. And because the prices of basic IT devices have dropped.

The Upward Pull of Aiming for a Crown – Zoho Assist Coming Up Strong

Zoho Assist, for instance is now a well-known remote access and remote desktop product. Interestingly, it is a good example of the guy who came in the back door. Indeed, Zoho grew to be known initially for its help desk products and solutions. As a cloud-based company, this sort of provision easily extended to remote desktop use and remote control and therefore to remote support. Since then, it has been gaining in size and user-base in an aim to reach at least as high as TeamViewer has shown it is possible.

TeamViewer, as said, is the big kid on the block, the all-singing all-dancing multi-tool which has historically held the lion’s share of the market. Competition is also a great drive. The software is a remote access, remote support and remote work facilitator. Thus, it enables users to access and use their files and devices from anywhere on any device and lets agents remotely fix and update those devices they are habilitated to support.

Zoho Assist vs TeamViewer – Remote Software With Important Features

Zoho Assist features and capabilities are quite broad. Help desk can be named first, being their initial speciality. Then, in no particular order: screen sharing, detailed session reports, concurrent sessions, instant chat, file transfer, multiple monitors… It is web-based and comes as a service, which means paying a subscription, whether regular or irregular and sporadic. Indeed, if your business needs are punctual, your could have an occasional license.

Zoho supports multi-monitor control, meaning agents can swap between the various monitors a user may have attached to their screen. Its files transfer capacity is fairly strong, allowing you to transfer files up to 2GB between agent and client devices. The fact Zoho Assist includes the help desk functions may be an advantage because you need that combination. Yet again, perhaps you already have helpdesk software or don’t need it at all. Finally, Zoho Assist can be branded so the windows bear agent or client company colours.

TeamViewer faces all those fronts with its features, adding video capacities. Although, at times, display quality has not followed. The advantage of larger teams is that any fixes can be very rapid. In addition, one feature worth boasting about is the ability to manage concurrent sessions in tabs. Lastly, many agents certainly appreciate the capacity to keep open windows to a minimum (thanks to tabs), especially if they have to access client devices remotely from small screens on a tablet or smartphone.

Some Specific Features Marking Out Zoho Assist vs TeamViewer and Setting TSplus as Best in Class

Zoho Assist vs TeamViewer – Support

With Zoho Assist, extra dedicated 24/7 365 days support costs the buyer one fifth of their user license fee to subscribe. And with TeamViewer, it is nearly half the license for basic packages and a similar percentage to Zoho for more comprehensive or enterprise options.

TSplus, for a change, is part of any package, in its online form, which will include email, ticketing and chat. This can be boosted by adding TSplus Updates and Support service starting at just over a fifth of the license price. Upgrades and Support then scales down as the subscription is booked for longer periods. Note this is not a simple conventional support service. The service also extends to all the upgrades and silent updates, making you benefit from our product evolving over the subscribed time.

Zoho Assist vs TeamViewer – Unattended Access

On the other hand, Unattended Access is a parallel subscription with Zoho Assist, whereas it is included even in the most basic Tsplus package.

Zoho Assist vs TeamViewer – Cyber-Security Remains Paramount for Remote Control and Support

On the security and credentials front, Zoho Assist boasts two-factor authentication, a good asset, and AES 256-bit encryption. The same goes for TeamViewer. Indeed, security is an ongoing IT and remote connection concern. All the more for TeamViewer since they experienced security breaches some years ago. This will have made them especially cautious.

However much everyone hears about the need for security, the expression “once bitten, twice shy” holds undeniable truth for most people in most contexts. The downside is that many users who have not been bitten forget to be shy in spite of warnings.

TSplus vs Zoho Assist and TeamViewer – Cyber-Security Essential in Any IT Setup

Enter Advanced Security, “the” TSplus tool for securing IT setups. As stated, remote use of devices over the Internet demands greater security measures than ever. We saw this need early on, for our own software and users but also in general. Gradually, our security tool has grown and evolved to become a 360° protection that can be added to a server, computer or network.

TSplus vs Zoho Assist and TeamViewer – Simple User-Friendly Management Console

It appears the centralized management of remote access and of remote control is one of the aspects of Zoho Assist which should be hailed as having best served their success. TSplus teams believe easy management is one of the things which can make a simple product more viable than something more complex. When a user has a tool in hand which both fits nicely and is well balanced, that can out-step a multitude of features.

Our central goal at TSplus is that quality products should be affordable to all businesses, starting from the one-agent support freelancer all the way up to a large enterprise company. Close second is probably user-friendliness. Case in point, our latest version of Remote Support. With other products we have recently updated or launched, we have worked on this point with intent.

Easy-to-Use and Second Nature to Navigate – TSplus vs Zoho Assist and TeamViewer

So, for Remote Support V3, our developers set their goal higher than ever. Result? We think they’ve done a great job of building and designing a very user-friendly and ergonomic console. In fact, it can be used and navigated naturally by even the least IT-knowledgeable person. All the more since the console can be set to “lite mode” for even greater simplicity, making the client experience smooth and straight-forwards.

Our goal on this front is that both the agents and their clients have the best possible experience during any support intervention. Indeed, this is important when the agent is “just” updating and upgrading software, silently and in their own time. Then, the tool needs to be up to scratch. But it remains just as central when the client is having trouble at an awkward time and needs rapid assistance to get back to work. In that case, the tool needs to be second nature so that everything goes at the best pace in the simplest manner.

Must-Have Features for Remote Control and Support Software

I did say I’d pull a summary together from the various lists of features every remote control and support software should apparently include.

Here is a summary of the must-have features I’ve recorded for remote desktop software.

  • secure connection and communication, whether via intranet or Internet;
  • display agent and client screens in real time;
  • complete control of the remote screen via both mouse and keyboard;
  • scalable as business grows;
  • attended and unattended;
  • ability to curtail connection if need be;
  • multiple agents on one connection;
  • direct access to remote OS;
  • live communication channel between agents and users;
  • easy-to use console.

With ten items, that is already a nice long list. Yet it isn’t exhaustive. However, at TSplus, we like to add to it: affordable! And, I do believe that is where we make the biggest difference. Indeed, what is essential will be dictated by business needs in the end. So, each client may tick and un-tick different features. But the one thing that will cause just about any thumb to raise in agreement is budget, and more specifically meeting it.

As a Conclusion on Zoho Assist vs TeamViewer – TSplus Best Value for Money

Tsplus boasts great features, a price tag and an efficiency that can make its competitors blush with envy and a stable support team that has been getting brilliant reviews from the word go. Come and see for yourself: visit our product pages for further information and downloads.

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