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Remote Access Solutions for Real Estate

TSplus Remote Access transforms real estate operations, ensuring seamless and secure remote access for efficient management. Experience a connected and productive environment from any location with cloud-driven solutions and integrated collaboration tools.


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4.9 out of 5

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4.8 out of 5

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five stars review on google

4.9 out of 5

five stars review on sourceforge

4.8 out of 5

five stars review on g2

4.8 out of 5

five stars review on trustpilot

4.7 out of 5

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The Remote Access Challenge in Modern Real Estate

In modern real estate, efficiently managing diverse operations while delivering exceptional client experiences is a challenge. Professionals often face communication gaps and access issues, leading to delays and reduced service quality.

TSplus Remote Access empowers real estate agents with seamless remote access to vital applications, ensuring responsive service and elevated client satisfaction

Real-World Applications in Real Estate

Enable real estate professionals to access and manage property listings seamlessly, enhancing efficiency in property transactions.

Facilitate secure collaboration on contracts, agreements, and paperwork from any location, streamlining the documentation process for real estate transactions.

Provide real estate agents with the ability to access client information, preferences, and requests promptly, offering a personalized and responsive service.

Implement virtual property tours through high-quality video conferencing tools, allowing clients to explore properties remotely and fostering effective communication between agents and clients.

Empower administrative staff with remote access to essential tools, such as transaction management systems and databases, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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Key Benefits

Workflow Flexibility

Shift from conventional offices to virtual access optimizes real estate professionals' mobility, fostering flexible work from any location.

Secure Communication

Use the advanced security features, including Secure Encrypted Connections and Two-factor Authentication, to ensure the confidentiality of client communication.

Efficient Operations

Optimize operational efficiency by assigning applications to users or groups through Active Directory, local accounts, or cloud platforms like Azure and AWS, streamlining tasks.

Flexible Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with the support for 3 to 50+ concurrent sessions per server, customizable applications and connection modes for each user or group.

Web Portal for Branding

Branded Web Portal, utilizing the Customizable Web Portal feature to showcase company colors, logos, and images for a professional and corporate appearance.

Remote Printing

Utilize the Virtual Printer and Universal Printer features to fine-tune printer configurations and enable printing from any location without specific printer drivers.

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TSplus Remote Access Powers Real Estate Companies worldwide

TSplus Remote Access excels in the global real estate industry, providing advanced security, tailored access control, and powerful features.

TSplus offers a flexible with diverse connection modes for efficient property management and streamlined workflows, globally recognized operations and expediting property transactions.


Frequently asked questions

What is a Remote Access Solution for Real Estate?

A remote access solution for real estate enables professionals to access and manage property-related data and applications securely from anywhere. It facilitates flexibility and efficiency in real estate operations.

Why is Remote Access Important for Real Estate Agencies?

Remote access allows real estate professionals to work remotely, enhancing productivity and responsiveness. It enables access to crucial data, applications, and workflows, promoting seamless operations.

What Security Features are Essential in a Remote Access Solution?

A robust remote access solution for real estate should include advanced security measures such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and secure connection protocols to safeguard sensitive property information.

How Does Remote Printing Work in Real Estate Remote Access Solutions?

Remote printing in real estate solutions enables professionals to print documents from their remote location to a local printer at the office or property site, streamlining document management processes.

Can Remote Access Solutions be Tailored to Specific Access Controls?

Yes, reputable remote access solutions for real estate offer tailored access controls, allowing administrators to define and manage user permissions based on roles, ensuring data security and compliance.

What Connection Modes are Supported in Remote Access for Real Estate?

Remote access solutions typically offer diverse connection modes, such as VPN, RDP, or web-based interfaces, providing flexibility in managing property portfolios and conducting transactions.

How Does a Flexible Solution Benefit Property Management?

A flexible remote access solution adapts to the dynamic needs of property management, allowing professionals to access, update, and collaborate on property-related tasks efficiently, regardless of location.

Is TSplus Globally Recognized in Real Estate Operations?

Yes, TSplus is globally recognized for streamlining operations in the real estate industry. Its advanced features and secure infrastructure contribute to improved efficiency and timely property transactions.

Can Remote Access Solutions Optimize Budgets for Real Estate Agencies?

Yes, remote access solutions with affordable licensing models enable real estate agencies to optimize budgets while providing a secure and seamless experience for professionals.

How Does Remote Access Contribute to Timely Property Transactions?

By allowing real estate professionals to access critical information remotely, remote access solutions contribute to faster decision-making and transaction processes, ensuring timely property transactions.

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