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Who hasn’t found that looking for alternatives to AnyDesk yields a long list of products and articles? Search engines come up with impressive amounts of hits concerning the question as well as about each alternative individually.

Alternatives to AnyDesk for Various Needs

With so many options available, it’s important to define where the needs of a business and its IT department meet the features AnyDesk has to offer. These target features and functionalities provide a business-specific answer since each is different and set to evolve over time. They will also help narrow down options for an alternative.

Alternative to AnyDesk Remote Support

AnyDesk boasts a responsive interface, this may therefore come top of the list. As a remote assistance and home office tool, one of its aims is to solve customer and client problems remotely.

Among other things, accessing and using a desktop remotely entails being able to securely connect to remote computers, taking control of their mouse, accessing their files and applications, to finally troubleshoot problems. These are other potential aspects to look out for in remote support software.

Affordable Remote Support and Control by TSplus

For an affordable alternative to AnyDesk, TSplus Remote Support has all the essential features provided by AnyDesk. Its speed is the fruit of how it works. By remotely accessing PCs over the Web, support teams enjoy both the speed of Internet and the security of their company’s firewall.

Using a unique connection link sent to or shared with the client by the support technician, the client can launch the setup and activate the remote support session in one click. It features remotely controlling the client’s mouse, screen sharing, live chat, session logging, copying and pasting files, and more. What’s more, the connection can be made to be unattended, thus widening the scope of action of the support team.

Alternative to AnyDesk Remote Access

This secure and rapid communicat ion between devices can also be used for company-wide use of applications, teleworking and the like. Such feature as the high quality of its video and sound transmission can be useful in video conferences and calls. AnyDesk is maximized to use up less data and band width.

Remote print and chat, which are part of AnyDesk, are also most likely to be boxes to tick, but maybe there are other tools a particular sales, support or admin team might need.

Versatile and Efficient Remote Access by TSplus

TSplus Remote Access enables these features and more through the simplicity of its system. By publishing the company’s existing applications to the Web, TSplus Remote Access makes it possible for any team in the company to access and use the same applications they habitually use at the office even when they work remotely. It also lets any IT team rapidly and simply deploy updates and new software to any branch worldwide.

At a time when security is paramount and companies have to protect their data and networks from cyber-attacks such as hackers, the fact that all business data remains safely behind the company firewall during the remote work session provides peace of mind for all involved.

Alternative to AnyDesk Remote Work

Working from home has swept the planet like a storm and in many companies, it is here to stay, even if only for odd days. Many are realizing the money saved, and organization, logistics and stress avoided by video conferences and remote training. Users have become used to accessing their actual workstation and whatever work was underway from other computers and devices anywhere.

TLS and user whitelisting are features that make AnyDesk secure and trustworthy for users who access their work desktops remotely. A fair addition to a wish-list for a Windows based alternative to AnyDesk.

Secure Remote Work by TSplus

From anywhere in the world, users can access their workstation as if they were in the office over HTML5 with TSplus Remote Work. This fast and secure means to remotely work from anywhere on tablets and smartphones as well as PCs is affordable, what’s more.

Boasting TLS encryption and with optional 2FA, each company has the ability to configure brand appearance and logos so the whole experience is like working at the office, not just security-wise. TSplus Advanced Security add-on can rapidly whitelist countries, let you choose working times for users and more for their use of the TSplus Remote Work standard features.

Finally, for those whose office is at home, the possibility of accessing their PC from their garden may well be of interest.

Remote Access from Anywhere

When reviewing alternatives, all the above possibilities, plus drag and drop file transfer or multi-to-multi-monitor support, but also the price or the ease of implementation and use, could all weigh in the balance. Unattended access and security features such as 2FA and TLS are becoming a must-have, so is data privacy.

Of course, some of this could motivate a change to SplashTop, a look at TeamViewer, or consideration of yet others. Depending on what stands out and remains paramount to your business, the search could just have begun, but with a well-defined target, choosing should be simpler.

Windows-based Remote Alternative to AnyDesk

TSplus’ Windows based alternative to AnyDesk enables one-way desktop sharing to fix problems remotely as well as for demonstration purposes. TSplus software also boasts most of the features mentioned above and a reactive support team as well as a pro-active team of developers whilst meeting one often paramount target: affordability.

From a secure connection via HTTPS, SSL/TLS 1.2 and 2FA, to remote access and control with one or multi monitors, from clipboard and file transfer to multi-session handling via customizable branding, TSplus Remote Access has many features essential for any business needing to implement efficient remote access, remote support and troubleshooting or remote work.

Editions and bundles are available to match the needs of any team and follow the evolution of SMBs.

Purchase TSplus Remote Access with a special bundle! Or download the full-featured trial version including the add-ons, valid for 5 users and 15 days. 

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Support from TSPlus is always prompt and helpful. I strongly recommend the product and the support people.
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Recently we had an issue with universal printing and i must say that TSPLUS team has resolved the issue in a timely manner. I was also pleasantly surprised by TSPLUS team member doing a remote login... to assist with my issue as i wasn't sure what to expect when we purchased their product. So far I am pleased with their support and in the very near future we are planning on buying another TSPLUS subscription.read more
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Your product and your support team are excellent. It helps a lot, I appreciate it.
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