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As an alternative to LogMeIn, TSplus software enables you to remotely access and control PCs, perform essential support tasks such as share screens, copy and paste documents and chat, and all for a much lower price tag.

Looking for alternatives to LogMeIn?

Even if you are new to remote support and control, you have probably heard of LogMeIn. Have you also heard of GoTo? It is a company belonging to LogMeIn and LogMeIn have taken it on as their new name. The rebranding has given them the opportunity for products and packages to be overhauled, prices changed, and eventually everything streamlined.

LogMeIn is changing

While most things are in constant evolution, many people remain unsettled by change. If the package you buy is modified, the price of your favourite software increases or the way you pay for it changes, nevermind the features or service, many are likely to look at alternatives, if only for comparison.

When a company encounters changes, inside or out, and new needs such as the recent mass move to remote work, decision makers are bound to ask what to do next. So, in the same way as if your favorite place to eat out comes under new management, when your provider changes their name, and in this case their offer and prices, it could well be time to discover what else is out there.

How does LogMeIn compare?

The GoTo and LogMeIn web pages explain the change and let you skip from site to site depending on the information and products. It is clearly a work in progress. From either website, the new app and offers are accessible, as well as previous products from both brands, leaving an eclectic set of options at one’s fingertips for a time: the streamlining of products is still underway. What remains is to dig through each offering individually to gather the necessary product and pricing information by jumping back and forth between pages and sites. Great if you know exactly what you’re after from the outset. But, if you don’t…

TSplus Remote Support as an alternative to LogMeIn

If you need simplicity, the choices are to wait or to look elsewhere. For remote support and control, how about looking among available products from TSplus. TSplus Remote Support enables support teams to share and control screens and troubleshoot problems while chatting with the client if they are present, as well as among team members if the intervention requires it.

The simplest alternative to GoTo and LogMeIn

Note that, with TSplus Remote Support, when a support agent is asked to fix an issue on a computer, they simply share with the client a link generated by the software. The client then clicks on it to activate the connection. This quick and easy connection via a shared link is straightforward, making the whole process simple for all involved. It also gives the option of unattended access when needed.

Finally, if the situation requires it, other agents can be invited into the exchange as guests, either for observation or to add their insight or knowledge to the process. To close the connection, all that remains is for the client to close the chat box.

TSplus, the most affordable alternative to LogMeIn

About $500 a year to get remote access and provide support from LogMeIn or GoTo will rapidly amount to enormous amounts spent on subscriptions. The alternative TSplus software enables you to remotely access and control PCs, perform essential support tasks such as share screens, copy and paste documents and chat, and all for a much lower price tag.

Compare GoTo and LogMeIn to the flexibility of TSplus

One bonus feature mentioned above that is not available from every product on the market is unattended access. TSplus Remote Support brings your support team the flexibility to fix problems even when end users are away from their computers, so that workflow is kept at its smoothest and not subject to standard time restrictions.

The bundles available on the store page can be as bare bones or as complete as you choose. You can choose to buy licenses for anything from as few as 3 users and 1 agent or choose more according to whatever numbers of support agents or other access your company might need.

A secure alternative to GoTo Resolve

With TSplus Remote Support, all of this happens over a secure SSL/TLS encryption. Also, as the application is browser-based, the company network and data are not exposed to the internet, remaining behind the company firewall. Your Remote Support infrastructure has to be secure, you can add extra security to Remote Support or other TSplus tools, by opting for 2FA or Advanced Security. TSplus Advanced Security is an essential nowadays against cyber-attacks and other online threats. Internet and network security are matters which cannot be ignored, especially when one’s business could be affected. The TSplus Remote Support self-hosted relay server keeps all connections directly under local control. It is priceless to know that your information is kept safe and private, especially for certain businesses who need to meet specific standards and data compliance charters.

Want to Try the Best Alternative to LogMeIn?

The essential features of GoTo and LogMeIn remote support and control software applications are available in TSplus Remote Support. These can be complemented with other TSplus products and still keep company investment lower than what would be necessary to pay for GoTo Resolve or LogMeIn Pro.

This software comprises the essential features of products enabling remote support and screen sharing for support teams. So, for small to medium size business remote support needs, TSplus Remote Support is a simple, secure and affordable alternative to LogMeIn and GoTo.

To learn more about the most affordable alternative to LogMeIn, visit our website and download a 15-day trial .

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