The Best Alternative to Citrix

The Citrix Alternative that’s ideal for remote desktop access and Windows application delivery. Web-enable your legacy apps, create SaaS solutions, or remotely access your centralized corporate tools and files without breaking your budget.
Best citrix alternative

TSplus vs Citrix

What is Citrix ?

Citrix is a leader in Application Virtualization who offers solutions that deliver secure access to business apps or full desktops from any device or location.

That is, users are granted remote access to apps, files and data centrally hosted on the corporate servers to work with them from any device.

What Do Citrix and its Alternatives Do?

In essence, Citrix and its alternatives are perfect for businesses aiming to web enable their legacy Windows applications, deliver full desktops to remote users or create SaaS solutions.

However, Citrix’s expensive pricing model is one of the main challenges businesses face when using it. Additionally, the interface is complex and requires a steep learning curve for remote users to use it seamlessly. This makes Citrix alternatives like TSplus Remote Access gaining more and more market share because they’re much less costly while providing similar features.

With a comprehensive set of features developed over the years since 2007, TSplus Remote Access competes with Citrix in all aspects while being up to 80% more affordable.

Citrix Alternatives

While there are many remote desktop software packages available today, choosing the right solution for you can be time-consuming.

The best value-for-money alternative to Citrix is TSplus Remote Access, which offers a reliable, scalable and affordable solution to web-enable Windows applications hosted on premise or in the cloud.

Indeed, with a comprehensive set of features developed over the years since 2007, TSplus Remote Access competes with Citrix in all aspects while being up to 80% more affordable.

In retrospect, TSplus understood that what most businesses need is a feature-rich, user-friendly and affordable remote access solution that provides all the functionalities at the right price.

Consequently, and with the continuous feedback of their customers over the years, TSplus has crafted the ideal Citrix alternative that meets all requirements while being user-friendly and the most cost-effective solution.

Introducing TSplus Remote Access, the Best Alternative to Citrix

TSplus Remote Access is the perfect software for businesses looking to transition to remote working or commercialize their apps to their clients by web enabling them.

Compared to Citrix, the TSplus Remote Access system offers several connection experiences as well, allowing remote clients to access apps or full desktops assigned to them the way they prefer, and concurrently to other users.

It’s all done through standard RDS connections using our proprietary HTML5 technology or any RDP-compatible client.

So, TSplus offers a wide array of functionalities to meet your remote access needs:

  • Remote desktop access: remotely access full desktops hosting your business applications
  • Application publishing and delivery: push applications to remote devices so that they appear as if they were natively installed on users’ machines
  • Remote printing: print or save any centralized file locally
  • Farm management: Gateway portal, load balancing and reverse proxy to scale up your infrastructure

TSplus vs Citrix’s User Experiences

As most Citrix users know, while the tool is feature-rich, it is also extremely complex to utilize.

Therefore, TSplus has been designed to simplify user experience as much as possible while providing the same functionalities.

As a consequence, adopting TSplus as an alternative to Citrix makes total sense from a user-friendliness perspective.

Simply download the software to start your free trial and discover how easy it is, comparatively.

TSplus Remote Access has been developed to provide outstanding user experiences on all devices while remaining extremely affordable. We have learned from over 500,000 clients since 2007 with the objective to satisfy their feature requests.

Moreover, TSplus provides additional connection experiences which will most likely impress you and convince you to switch from Citrix to TSplus.

Indeed, beyond the standard RDP client, which uses Windows RDS, TSplus provides its own RDP client, an HTML5 web portal and a remote app.

Consequently, TSplus is the best alternative to Citrix when it comes to user experience.

Comparing Citrix and TSplus Pricing

Price-wise, TSplus is clearly more interesting. TSplus Remote Access is the best value-for-money alternative in the market by a distance.

This is because the solution extremely qualitative (feature-rich, secure and robust) while being one of the most affordable one, if not the most affordable.

But not only that! 

Citrix pricing works on a subscription basis, while TSplus offers permanent licenses; buy once, own forever.

And this is the case by design, as our mission states:

“Making the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access – Anywhere. At any time. On any device or network, without breaking your budget.”

Consequently, customers should anticipate that when comparing prices, their TSplus infrastructure is going to be at least 80% less expensive than their previous Citrix farm.

Here is a quick comparison between Citrix and TSplus prices:

TSplus Citrix
Concurrent users
25 users
25 users
Price year 1
Price year n+1
(and beyond)
Total 5 years

* Citrix Workspace price estimation. Source: How to Determine Citrix Pricing for Virtual Desktops, accessed 9 November 2022, <>

** Assuming users subscribe to our recommended Upgrade and Support Services

A Feature-rich Citrix Alternative

TSplus Remote Access offers all Citrix’s features that most business actually need, with no frills, hassle or complexity of use.

We recommend going through our all features page to understand it all.

As previously introduced in this article, expected features include remote desktop access, application delivery, remote printing and farm management.

That said, you will find a list of the most appreciated features below, notably security functionalities.

Indeed, TSplus comes with TSplus Advanced Security to secure proof your remote access infrastructure. It is the most comprehensive cybersecurity toolbox for remote work infrastructure in the market.

In essence, TSplus makes sure to offer peace of mind on the security front to all its clients.

Features comparison between TSplus and Citrix

Remote Desktop Access

Both TSplus And Citrix offer full remote desktop access, which allows concurrent users to access centralized desktops and use centrally-hosted apps, tools and data.

Application Delivery

Again, both Citrix and TSplus offer application publishing. However, TSplus wide array of connection experiences makes it the ideal user experience.

For instance, you can publish applications and enable users to remotely access them in one-click within their browser.


Security is a non-negotiable feature that any Citrix alternative should provide to their client.

Clearly, both TSplus and Citrix offers state-of-the-art security features including end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication and much more.

TSplus Advanced Security goes further. The cybersecurity toolbox includes features such as Homeland Protection, Brute Force Defender, Global IP Management and Hacker IP Protection to not only prevent threats but anticipate them.

Other TSplus and Citrix Features

  • Remote Printing– Print from anywhere and on any device, without installing a specific printer driver.
  • Gateway Portal (farm) – enable access to multiple application servers.
  • Load Balancing (farm) – balance the load between your servers and set up failover servers.
  • Reverse Proxy (farm) – prevents Application servers from accessing the internet directly.
  • RemoteApp Client (TSplus) – provide a launch menu on the users’ local desktop to run applications centrally hosted in one click.
  • HTML5 Client (TSplus) – access web-enabled applications or full desktops from any browser on device using a built-in web portal.

Is TSplus better than Citrix?

Over the years, Citrix has proven to be an extremely valuable tool for many large businesses around the world.

However, like any solution, it has disadvantages. The two main issues faced by businesses, notably smaller ones, are price and complexity of use.

For businesses looking for simplicity of use, robustness, security and affordability as a set of criteria, TSplus is the best alternative to Citrix.

It can most certainly be the case for your business. To find out, simply download the 15-day trial and consider switching to TSplus.

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