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Who among you remembers when Blackberry released mobile phones which could access the Internet? Do you remember the first mobiles with Bluetooth, GPS, or Wi-Fi? These new tools and technologies were at one time both rare and surprising, but they have become commonplace, improved or even been superseded.

At the time, tactile screens and remote connections would have seemed like something straight out of Star Trek. Yet now, checking emails from anywhere is commonplace and people don’t bat an eyelid at using Internet on a smartphone for all kinds of tasks.

Why an RDP Alternative?

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) was intended for internal use by companies and organizations and its safe use over the Internet requires some foreknowledge and organization. Not all IT teams, when they exist, have the time for all that and most can’t spare the money. Providers of remote solutions often put expensive price tags on their software. Their solutions are also likely to generate a need for training and re-organization.

Simple RDP Alternative

To over-simplify, our remote solution is based on computer visuals. TSplus executes software and applications on the host server or PC and shows the end result on the local device, letting the user remotely access their desktop from any place in moments.

Simply using the native RDP potential on Windows PCs, TSplus Remote Access makes a specific user’s desktop or applications appear locally in a couple of clicks according to what has been set up for them. TSplus Remote support works similarly to enable remote fixing of issues, updating and the like. TSplus Web Access provides further versatility since it enables the same processes to be initiated from an Internet browser on any device. There is nothing to install to use it.

Quicker and Lower Impact Alternative than Virtualization

Unlike application virtualization, TSplus software displays the image of the application on the user’s screen as though they were using it locally but without streaming the entire process for it to execute on the local device. The work is done by the remote machine and only the result of that work appears on the local device. Considerably less data thus travels over the Internet making TSplus software weigh lighter than virtualization. It therefore reacts in a much more fluid and responsive manner for the user.

Affordable Alternative to Microsoft RDP

The price tag that comes with many big names is more than most companies can afford. Be it within SMBs or larger businesses, certain departments end up being run on a shoestring. The great news is that one of the perks of TSplus products is that they provide what you need for less than the competition. A pleasant surprise whether they are purchased individually or in bundles, for one agent or more, for a computer or a farm of servers.

When Bigger or More Expensive May Not Mean Better

Citrix, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, to name but a few, will provide you with an all-singing all-dancing packages suited to a corporation. These may be adaptable to a certain extent, they may be available for smaller or larger numbers of users, but are they really tailored to your Small to Medium sized Business?

Do those price tags have a human-sized company in mind? Some won’t even tell you openly how much certain configurations and options will cost. Firstly, beyond the price per user, it is important to note that most TSplus licenses are not subscription based but permanent. Secondly, from where will the time come for users to learn to wield those more complicated tools?

Simple and Great Value-for-Money Alternative to Microsoft RDS, Citrix and others

TSplus have considered that time and money are big constraints for most companies. The idea is to download and install and be able to run with it within moments. Away with the months of training and practice! Away even the full-blown technical knowledge! Plus, in case help is needed, the support team are available, know the products well and solve issues efficiently. It’s no wonder so many TSplus customers are satisfied.

Scalable RDP Alternative

TSplus software can be combined and scaled from freelance workers and small businesses to larger teams of remote workers or support staff. Or it can be part of a toolkit for Internet Service Providers. The revamped TSplus web-shop makes it easier than ever to compare combinations according to need, setup and budget, amongst other variables. Everything is as upfront and simple as possible to keep you working on what matters.

Secure Alternative needed to RDP

Now we’ve covered the bill, let's talk a bit about the product basics. Because RDP was originally designed for in-house use, it has certain constraints and issues. One main consideration is that it is not made to be “out on the Internet” and it can give rise to critical security problems depending on how it is used.

Indeed, hackers and cyber criminals have been showing increased interest in RDP in recent years. Through it they can do things like propagate viruses, infect computers and servers and so on. The stakes are high and that is why it is essential to keep RDP safe behind your firewall.

RDP Alternative with added Security

The solution is TSplus Remote Access: TSplus software enables remote communication and access without exposing any sensitive data, apps etc. outside the firewall. Moreover, by default, RDP communicates over a 4-tier stack of protocols compared to the 7 tiers of the OSI model. This simplification of exchanges is what enables the data to flow. It is necessary, so the remote experience is fluid rather than stilted.

That is why adding TLS to the basic RDP security was paramount to help preserve data and machine integrity against cyber-attacks. With TSplus Remote Access or Remote Work, data and applications are already kept out of harm’s reach. Yet, optional 2FA and TSplus Advanced Security are on hand both for users of our own software and for anyone who has realized the necessity for comprehensive and robust protection.


Passwords and authentication are essential. Their strength resides in making them as difficult as possible to discover or guess. 2FA should need no introduction since many services use it nowadays and numbers are still growing. TSplus provides 2FA via a partner to make sure that users can connect safely, regardless of where they are or what devices they use to connect.

TSplus Advanced Security to Keep RDP Even More Secure

With features such as Homeland, Permission and Working Hours, TSplus advanced Security allows administrators to decide which users will connect, from what country and when. Bruteforce monitors failed log-on attempts and other aspects such as firewall status. Blocked IP addresses provides an updated list of know malicious Ips that have been blocked and enable admins to whitelist any specific addresses as necessary such as company websites. And Ransomware will interrupt and quarantine any suspicious programs and can be configured to email the notification. Such key features make Advanced Security a useful and reassuring complementary step towards a robust remote set-up.

To Conclude on the Affordable Alternative to RDP

Since launching TSplus Remote Access, alongside continuous improvements to this initial product, TSplus has developed Advanced Security amongst other software and now offers a 2FA add-on. These combine for a safe and secure remote experience whatever the company’s size, the number of users and the set-up. While the price tag is lower than the norm for such protection, our other aims remain simplicity and efficiency, that is: to provide products that work without creating extra work.

Come and discover TSplus products and switch to affordable, efficient, secure and simple remote access software and more. Our very own RDP alternative is available for download as a 15-day trial from our website, so you can test before buying.

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