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Remote Access Solutions for Hospitality

TSplus Remote Access empowers your hospitality business with seamless and secure remote access, transforming the way you manage operations and enhance guest services.


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4.9 out of 5

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4.8 out of 5

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five stars review on google

4.9 out of 5

five stars review on sourceforge

4.8 out of 5

five stars review on g2

4.8 out of 5

five stars review on trustpilot

4.7 out of 5

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The Remote Access Challenge in Modern Hospitality

In hospitality, the challenge is managing a diverse range of operations efficiently while maintaining exceptional guest experiences. Teams often struggle with disjointed communication and access to critical systems, leading to delays and reduced service quality.

TSplus Remote Access tackles these issues head-on.

Staff can access necessary applications and data remotely, ensuring responsive and high-quality service. This not only boosts efficiency but also elevates guest satisfaction, setting new standards in hospitality management.

Real-World Applications in Hospitality

Provide staff with secure access to reservation systems and guest information from anywhere on the property.

Enable remote access to POS systems, facilitating order processing and enhancing guest services.

Empower managers to oversee operations, check analytics, and make data-driven decisions remotely.

Offer guests a personalized experience by accessing their preferences and requests promptly.

In a large hotel with multiple floors, housekeeping staff can utilize TSplus to access room status information, update cleaning progress, and communicate with the front desk. This real-time collaboration enhances housekeeping efficiency, reduces turnaround times between guest check-out and check-in, and improves overall room availability.

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Key Benefits

Access From Any Device

Staff can manage hospitality operations and coordinate across departments using any device, anywhere.

Cost Savings

Optimize resource allocation by minimizing the need for on-site staff, leading to significant cost savings.

Security & Access Control

Monitor and control access to sensitive areas, surveillance cameras, manage door, easily access control systems

Multi-Location Management

TSplus provides a centralized platform for management to oversee and coordinate operations across the hotel chain.

Multi-Staff Access

50+ concurrent sessions per server. Scale up with the TSplus Farm Manager to serve as many users as your locations require.

Real-time Analytics

Access the hotel's management systems, check real-time analytics, and make data-driven decisions from any location.

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TSplus Remote Access Powers Hospitality Companies Worldwide

TSplus is a global force in hospitality, streamlining operations and enhancing service delivery for numerous hotels and resorts.

Our clients experience marked improvements in efficiency and guest satisfaction, showcasing TSplus as a key player in advanced hospitality solutions.


Frequently asked questions

How does TSplus ensure the security of guest information?

TSplus places a high priority on the security of guest information. Our remote access solutions employ advanced encryption protocols, secure data transmission, and multi-factor authentication to ensure the utmost security of guest data. Compliance with industry standards and regulations is at the core of our security measures.

Can TSplus integrate with existing hospitality management systems?

Yes, TSplus is designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of hospitality management systems. Whether you’re using a Property Management System (PMS), Point of Sale (POS) software, or other industry-specific applications, TSplus enhances overall operational efficiency by integrating with your existing systems.

How can TSplus benefit small boutique hotels?

TSplus offers scalable solutions, making it ideal for boutique hotels seeking to enhance their operations without incurring significant upfront costs. Our remote access solutions are designed to adapt to the specific needs of small-scale hospitality businesses, providing the same level of efficiency and security enjoyed by larger establishments.

Is training required for staff to use TSplus Remote Access?

TSplus is committed to providing user-friendly interfaces, minimizing the need for extensive training. However, we understand the importance of a smooth onboarding process. Our support team offers comprehensive training resources and assistance to ensure that your staff can utilize the remote access solutions effectively.

Can TSplus be customized to meet the unique needs of my hospitality business?

Absolutely. TSplus Remote Access Solutions are flexible and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your hospitality business. Whether you need tailored features, branding, or integration with specialized systems, our solutions can be adapted to suit your unique needs.

How does TSplus contribute to cost savings for hospitality businesses?

TSplus contributes to cost savings by optimizing resource allocation. The remote access solutions minimize the need for on-site staff, allowing you to efficiently manage operations with a leaner workforce. This not only reduces labor costs but also enhances overall operational efficiency.

Can TSplus be used for multi-location hospitality businesses?

Yes, TSplus is well-suited for multi-location hospitality businesses. Our solutions provide a centralized platform for remote management, ensuring consistency in operations across different locations. This scalability makes TSplus an ideal choice for hospitality chains and enterprises with multiple establishments.

How quickly can TSplus Remote Access Solutions be implemented?

The implementation time for TSplus Remote Access Solutions depends on the specific requirements of your hospitality business. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a swift and smooth implementation process. Factors such as the size of your operation and customization needs will influence the timeline, and we work closely with our clients to meet their timelines.

What support and maintenance services does TSplus offer?

TSplus provides comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure the ongoing success of your remote access solutions. Our support team is available to address any issues, and we offer regular updates and maintenance to keep your systems secure and up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements.

Is TSplus Remote Access Solutions compliant with industry standards?

Yes, TSplus Remote Access Solutions adhere to industry standards and regulations. We prioritize data security and compliance, ensuring that our solutions meet the stringent requirements of the hospitality industry. Our commitment to compliance provides peace of mind for businesses handling sensitive guest information.

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