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What is Remote Work?

Basically, the term remote work applies to work that is carried out away from the conventional office environment and potentially with flexible hours. It has been around for long in certain types of careers and sectors such as news reporting, consultancy, translation or other jobs with freelance potential.

In spite of that, it took the covid pandemic and consequent lockdowns to change the way it was viewed in general. So, let’s do away with the image of pyjamas, or worse, lazing around all day while no-one is watching. Indeed, how would any work get done if someone didn’t roll up their sleeves and get on with it. Read on to find out how to make the best of the remote work opportunity.

A Great Tool for a Remote Workforce

TSplus Remote Access is a simple efficient tool for making a desktop available from anywhere over HTML5. With that possibility come many advantages but also a set of difficulties. As for any change, adaptability is required and its dose of perseverance to get the best out of the time or opportunity imparted. These matters will be relevant whether your business opts for telecommuting, full or hybrid remote work, or simply want s to know any of your staff can work from home at the drop of a hat when needed.

Fewer Outgoings with Remote Work

Your company may opt for distant working over-the-board or in a hybrid form. Chances are the options seems grand because it will save on desks, computers and workstations, plus everything else that might furnish an office. Consequently, it will also save on office-space. These furniture and building needs are all outgoings which any company could be glad to see dwindle. The need for smaller offices or none at all could perhaps be one of the biggest causes for changes in city and town infrastructure in years to come.

Less Travelling and Less Stress for Remote Workers

Where the employees and workers are concerned, it is most likely the drop in commuter miles, the relief of travel being only occasional or the increase in time at home which win the poll. All of these are sure to mean more sleep, more time with family and friends, and therefore less stress.

Adaptability in Remote Work

Because every silver-lined cloud can still bring its share of rain, it’s worth remembering that a new way of working and a new work environment will be challenging too. Workers discovering work from home, or even from a local shared workspace, need different skills, some self-discipline and a certain adaptability to face the workday. The pyjamas image doesn’t exist for nothing! Still, that isn’t the only challenge. There are many distractions around one’s home which we are not used to having to ignore in the office simply because they aren’t there.

Routine and Regularity Needed for Remote Work

Getting up and ready to go to the office is somehow more compelling than doing so for oneself.

It is good to boost ourselves to be ready and dressed, fed and watered for a day’s work from home just as we would on office days. The routine adds to the momentum of our day and will mean that efficiency and concentration are more easily at hand. Regular breaks and meals times are important too. It could be the meal break is a good time to go for a walk or meet up with a friend or colleague. Such small aspects each play a part, just as putting mobile phones, notifications and social media on mute to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Social Challenges of Remote Work

Another challenge is the social side of distant working. Some may be lucky to be content with their own company. Or they may have the chance that a couple of colleagues live not far and can meet up regularly for work or social reasons. Others may find it extremely hard being alone all day with their computer and job, and no-one with whom to natter or banter and to bounce ideas off.

Motivation for Getting Work Done Remotely

Last but not least, is the question of whether things get done and how. Employers will ask what is done, whether each have done their hours, etc. If some companies have tried keeping track of working hours and employee-effectiveness or efficiency, others have given complete freedom. We can imagine all the examples in between. At the end of the day, whether at the office or anywhere, the amount of work achieved is down, not to monitoring and orders, but to motivation and what I will call work-conscience: the choice to do the job, even on days we don’t feel like it. To that I might add team-cohesion or the will to not let others down.

Those ingredients are necessary for any active workday, any place. It is possible to waste every working hour of an office day and to be efficient and on the job just the opposite with no foreman to look over one’s shoulder. Does all this make the life of supervisors more complicated? That needs backing up. Although, it surely does change the way they observe, follow up and motivate their staff-teams.

Preparation for Hybrid or Full-Time Remote Work

It is clear that the change to what is being called hybrid remote work is bringing a balance of both the positive points and the challenges of home working, and this is spreading to more and more companies and staff. Full-time remote working could well remain somewhat less widespread due to the more radical changes it demands of businesses that want to make the move as well as due to the challenges it throws up for those adopting the new lifestyle.

Training to Work Better Remotely?

Preparation is a good prerequisite to put into place. Indeed, some businesses I have noticed have already begun preparing people and themselves. Companies and individuals are devising systems and developing tools to solve some of the aforementioned problems and meet some of the intrinsic needs. Businesses are writing remote work policies. Individuals are organising information and rights associations. In fact, if it is not yet underway, we will most certainly see a whole new training market unfold, targeting anything from SMBs to corporate businesses and the staff of these companies. A market offering the likes of “prepare for remote work” courses and “transitioning to remote working” organisational plans and tools.

Remote Work to Get Your Teams Mobile Today

Since we never know what the coming months and years may bring, why put off the change? TSplus has had a culture of remote work from the word go. Thus, it seemed a logical step forwards to create a specific tool for established companies worldwide to join the journey should they wish.

For Secure Remote Work Connections

With TSplus Remote Work, a few clicks are all it takes to enable your employees to access their workstation from anywhere over their Internet connection, all of this end-to-end encrypted over HTML5 and using SSL certificates.

Self-hosted for Secure Data and Information

Installing Remote Work means your server will act as remote desktop gateway with a single sign-on web portal and web server so the web portal is secure as well as easy-to-use. The fact the software is self-hosted means there are no potential data protection issues and your company data and information will remain behind your firewall.

Distant Working to Your Company’s Colours

You can easily brand your portal for a cohesive company experience. Moreover, your staff will be able to remotely access their work-session safely from anywhere thanks to TSplus Remote Access. Finally, they are accessing their usual work session and not simply carrying about a load of files,. Therefore, staff can work seamlessly within moments of being logged in and will gain in efficiency without any loss of organisation or habits.

A Full Security Round-up to Make the Best of any Remote Working Opportunity

One extra word about cyber-security, which is the European theme each October: TSplus Advanced Security and 2FA can rapidly and simply be added to your Remote Access software bundle for complete peace of mind.

As a Conclusion on How to Make the Best of the Remote Work Opportunity: an Opportunity for Companies and Employees

To find out more, you can take a look at our TSplus Remote Access Quick-Start guide or any of the Remote Access product pages. All of our products are developed to be simply deployed in moments and you can test them 15 days for nothing during our free trial period.

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