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Remote working and the associated software that enables it can be quite confusing. There is a wide range of available tools, and it is not always clear which products will work best in a given scenario.

The Confusion around Remote Access, Remote Desktop, Remote Support and Remote Work

Remote access , remote desktop, remote support and remote work can be described as enabling workers to do similar things. Yet when looking closer, it becomes clear that their purpose, use, and structure differ, though those differences are not often well communicated by many software developers and media outlets.

Companies use applications for accounting, billing, inventory, word processing etc. Every office worker expects their workstation to be a PC with at least a screen, a keyboard and a mouse. They also expect that the workstation enables them to use their files, applications, and rights of access to complete their work. Their PC may even connect to the company’s servers, whether they are local or in the cloud. From there, application access, session and screen sharing, and remote working are nevertheless used in different contexts by different people.

What are Remote Access and Remote Desktop Software?

This simple software solution enables each authorized user from the company to connect to a common application server, similarly to how a key-fob or other identification would give access to a building. In that building, not all doors will open for a particular fob, similarly, in their session, an accountant will not see the company’s stock-taking software.

Remote Access can be described as a “many to one” solution. Each user opens their own session on their Windows PC and accesses the shared environment prepared for them by the company’s IT administrator within the company’s servers.

Remote Access or Remote Desktop Software Providers

This is where TSplus Remote Access is an obvious alternative to Citrix for example. It is a way to remotely access resources made available from a centralized point accessed by multiple users.

These servers can be local to the company, or they can be in the Cloud. Big players such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon are in the market of creating powerful outsourced architectures so that businesses can offer their employees either a full windows desktop or individual remotely delivered professional applications.

Remote Desktop Access by TSplus

The equivalent software at TSplus is called TSplus Remote Access . This is the type of solution chosen by SpaSalon in the USA, thus avoiding the trouble of installing the same beauty salon management tool thousands of times across as many computers. Instead, instead have a small number of servers that centralize all their software, are much simpler to maintain and can be accessed by their thousands of users via a simple connection client.

Application and Desktop delivery servers are the first type of software: Remote Access.

What is a Remote Support Software?

This screen sharing software solution creates a link between the user’s PC and the support agent’s PC. This enables screen, keyboard, and mouse sharing. Here, similar to a telephone call, the process is more like digging a tunnel from one room to another, giving control over what is in that second room. It can be said to be a “one to one” solution. A support team will be able to take over a user’s PC to help or train the user or correct issues on the PC.

What are the Benefits and Possibilities of Remote Support Solutions?

It is an all-important solution to avoid having to physically get from one workstation to the other, for example to install a new piece of software. It also enables the technician to chat with the user and explain what actions they are taking while the user watches the mouse on their screen move “by itself”. By using this kind of tool, support saves precious time, increases reactivity, and reduces delays since when sharing the screen they can see the problem, reproduce, and correct it. A sure way to reduce maintenance costs.

Remote Support Software Developers

TeamViewer, LogMeIn, and others are screen sharing and controlling software editors. TSplus Remote Support is an economic alternative that enables SMBs to share screens and control them remotely for a fraction of the price.

Remote Support Software by TSplus

Using a relay server installed on-site or in the cloud, TSplus Remote Support guarantees the confidentiality of each company’s data since nothing transits via any external service. Solutions that allow screen sharing and remote control of computers are the second type of software: Remote Support

What is a Remote Work Software?

Remote Work is a way for individual workers to each access their own particular workstation from anywhere, as though they had taken it with them when they left work. Once the administrator has assigned a PC to a user and configured the links between that workstation and the devices which the user may use to access it, logging in creates a connection similar to a private bridge to an individual house might, on an “one to one” basis. For each user, the software redirects the incoming connection not to a common application server but to the specified individual computer. Note that, from within their personal work computer, an employee can access the specific parts of their company’s network. Similarly, their remote work connection enables them to do so remotely just as though they were at the office.

Use Cases for Remote Work Solutions

A hospital is a good example of this tool. A workstation might let someone check and book appointments, centralize patient medical data, write, and print out prescriptions, check whether a given medication is in-stock at the pharmacy and order it, follow meal orders and food stocks, modify staff rotations, or many other possibilities.

For evident confidentiality reasons, the PC of a medical secretary, a nurse, a doctor, a surgeon, or the hospital director would not have the same access and authorization. Remote work software makes it possible for a given staff member to access their workstation from elsewhere in the hospital according to their workday.

If a surgeon gets a call at home at 2 am and needs to immediately access patient information about, let’s say, an operation which was meant to take place the next day but has to be performed instantly due to complications, remote work technology can be instrumental in getting that information quickly, from anywhere.

Remote Work Software Providers

Although in appearance, Windows seems to make remote work possible, it is not as easy as that. Windows built-in RDP host can be complicated to use at scale in a corporate environment without outside help. Services like SplashTop or Chrome Remote Desktop can be counted amongst potential providers.

Remote Work Software by TSplus

With all the complications arising from the pandemic, TSplus Remote Work has been at hand to enable workers to start something on their work PC, carry on at home by accessing their open work session and finish things off when they got back to work, be it the following day or later.

Remote Work by TSplus is a simple, secure, and efficient solution for a company to easily access any enabled PC on its premises.

This third bridge type of software, Remote Work, is very different from the two previous ones described.

Conclusion on the Difference between Remote Access, Remote Desktop, Remote Work and Remote Support Software?

All software developers that say they enable remote connection do so for a reason, but they generally leave out the details of the type of technology they use: Applications Servers, Screen Sharing or Remote Desktop delivery.

Each of these three technologies offer advantages and restrictions. It is important to understand them before deciding which of them is best adapted to a business’ own objectives.

At TSplus, we have invested in offering our clients the three options since it seems fundamental to us to let our clients choose the solution that suits them best according to their IT systems and how these evolve, and so they can fully enjoy the evolutions of Internet.

To learn more about our software suite, visit our website and download a 15-day trial .

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