The Most Affordable TeamViewer Alternative in 2022

Looking for affordable alternatives to TeamViewer has captured the attention of fair numbers of businesses already in 2022. The topic is set to stay news-worthy thanks to the many available products and to the increased interest in all things remote we have seen with the various lockdowns and confinements companies and individuals have weathered over the past couple of years.

TeamViewer alternative for Windows, to securely and remotely access, control and support…

TeamViewer is a Cloud-based remote access and support platform that enables screen sharing and remote PC control. Choosing an affordable remote desktop control and screen sharing alternative to TeamViewer brings up the following questions:

  • Cost for license and training
  • Quality of customer and technical support
  • Security of connections
  • Ease of set-up and use
  • Relevance of features to a given business

The TSplus Alternative to TeamViewer

Looking at the TSplus alternative to TeamViewer, some of the above questions are openly addressed from the outset. Indeed, the software design company has taken the stance that software should be cost-effective, simple and secure.

Following this philosophy,  TSplus Remote Support is designed to be a good value-for-money and user-friendly Windows based software for instant, attended or unattended, secure remote access and screen sharing, from anywhere.

TSplus Remote Support frees support agents to:

  • Provide end-users with assistance and support, even when they are away logged out of their workstations. 
  • Provide remote IT maintenance (setting up, installing or updating tools and software).
  • Remotely train teams or clients with hands-on demonstrations using PC remote control and screen-sharing.

Comparing TeamViewer with TSplus Remote Support

TSplus Remote Support and TeamViewer do similar things. Let’s quickly talk about some of the things they do differently

TSplus vs TeamViewer - an Affordable Alternative

With self-hosted perpetual licenses, most SME price concerns will be quelled. Licenses are per support agent with unlimited endpoints from any device. Each business can fit their licensing to their needs and size, and make their support structure evolve in line with business growth.

TSplus vs TeamViewer - Easy Control of Connections

Use of TSplus Remote Support is wholly browser-based for both support agents and end-users. Connections are secured with TLS encryption to keep things secure. A single host Windows PC or server becomes the relay server and web interface for agents and end-users. Whether it is hosted at the office or in the cloud, security is one of the undeniable advantages of transit via a self-hosted relay server.

TSplus vs TeamViewer - a Secure Alternative

The SSL/TLS encryption and easy connection via a shared link mean that support agents and end-users have control and businesses can rest assured their data is kept safe all along. Seamless add-ons are available for further peace of mind and security in the shape of 2FA and Advanced Security.

TSplus vs TeamViewer - a Feature-rich Alternative

TSplus has developed Remote Support for Remote assistance and Screen Sharing, ticking most of the “can’t do without” features of remote support software:

  • Remote desktop access
  • Screen sharing & control
  • Unattended access
  • Chat box for exchanging messages with the end-user
  • Clipboard & file transfer (in both directions)
  • Branding customization
  • Multi-session support – bring in extra help for tough problems
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Send Remote Commands without connecting to a full remote-control session
  • TLS/SSL encryption

TSplus vs TeamViewer - a Few TSplus High Points

  • Browser-based interface for Agents and End-users
  • session sharing with connection URL or unique ID
  • Self-hosted relay server

Digging Deeper into the TSplus Alternative to TeamViewer

Once logged in to the TSplus alternative to TeamViewer for remote PC control, the Administrator is greeted by a simple set of menus that gives them full control over the support environment. Let’s have a look at some of the details.

The TSplus TeamViewer Alternative - Admin Settings

The email section is the place to configure the SMTP Client and customize and automate the email content sent to end-users.

The Domain can be configured when installing Remote Support, or it can be done at a later stage within the Servers section of the Admin Settings menu. This is also where SSL/TLS Certificates and their sources are managed.

In the Customization part of Admin Settings, the administrator can change visual settings by customizing the logo or banner displayed to the end-user during support sessions.

The Advanced section of the TSplus Remote Support console provides a customizable template for gathering critical Hardware, OS and Software data from the Remote Computer. From registry key values to a line in a specific file, with the possibility of compound special expressions…

The TSplus TeamViewer Alternative - Agent Accounts

In Agent Accounts, the administrator can add, delete or edit agent accounts.

By default, Agents only see the sessions currently being shared, which have been created using their agent URL. As a result, in order to see and join other sessions, agents will need modify settings to show all sessions in the next menu entry, Remote Computers.

The TSplus TeamViewer Alternative - Remote Computers

Under Remote Computers, the administrator can:

  • Keep track of your available Remote Sessions
  • Monitor and manage listed devices
  • Create a custom link and invite End-Users to share their Remote Computer
  • Send the link via email or copy into other communication mediums
  • Take control and troubleshoot independently or collaboratively
  • Join a session owned by another support agent.

Useful throughout a support session, the Agent Chat Box has vital information and functionalities for support agents (such as change settings, send commands, scroll available display for multi-monitors, enable or disable clipboard synch, list participants…).

Want to Try the Best Alternative to TeamViewer?

All in all, TSplus Remote Support is an affordable tool to achieve what such software needs to. Its set-up and use are ergonomic and simple, and security has by no means been neglected. These features make this alternative to TeamViewer a value-for-money investment for SMBs, especially with the added strength of 2FA and TSplus Advanced Security.

To learn more about the most affordable alternative to TeamViewer, visit our website and download a 15-day trial.

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Helgard S.
06:54 06 Jul 22
Support from TSPlus is always prompt and helpful. I strongly recommend the product and the support people.
Jared E.
15:19 10 Jun 22
Great product for connecting multiple users to a Windows server. Much less expensive than purchasing Windows Server Licenses.
JOEL (Joel Dominic D A.
12:22 09 Jun 22
Best low cost solution for remote access to your windows apps.
Vinal Singh H.
12:38 06 Jun 22
Recently we had an issue with universal printing and i must say that TSPLUS team has resolved the issue in a timely manner. I was also pleasantly surprised by TSPLUS team member doing a remote login... to assist with my issue as i wasn't sure what to expect when we purchased their product. So far I am pleased with their support and in the very near future we are planning on buying another TSPLUS more
sun G.
07:56 03 May 22
Your product and your support team are excellent. It helps a lot, I appreciate it.
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12:35 28 Apr 22
TSplus support does a very good job. They always help me if I need it.
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