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Remote Assistance

Exactly what agents and end-users need

Agents can take control of the screen, mouse, and keyboard of remote clients. The end-user can allow the agent to take control in one mouse click. As soon as the end-user allows the connection, the chat box appears, and the remote support session starts.

An Agent can take control and troubleshoot independently or collaboratively: multiple Agents can connect to the same remote computer.

Both the agent and the end-user have a tailored chat box. The agent’s chat box contains vital information and all the standard functionalities he will need to run the session.

The end-user chat box is simpler for an ideal user experience. It contains key functionalities such as file sharing.

Both the agent and the end-user can upload and share files with their counterparts.

The agent can easily change the language of the remote support interface.

Support Agents can send keyboard commands such as ctrl+alt+del or start the Task Manager on remote computers.

Support agents have access to all displays on a remote computer using a multi-monitor configuration.

Support agents can enable or disable the copy-paste clipboard functionality between the agent and the end-user PC.

Agents can view OS, Hardware and User Account data from the Remote PC.

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Attended and Unattended Sessions Sharing

Enable quick and easy remote connections

Security and Hosting

Self-hosted solution for full data privacy

As it is web-based, you can customize the remote support experience with a custom domain. Your remote support environment becomes an extension of your support team.

The TSplus Remote Support Server can be installed on-premises or in the cloud on any modern Windows PC or Server. It acts as both your Web Console and the Connection Relay.

Remote Support creates web-based Windows Desktop Session Sharing connections, with both Support Agents and End-Users participating via their preferred web browser, seamlessly using the Remote Support Client.

You will be provided with a free and secure SSL certificate for your HTTPS connections. The administrator can simply generate it in one click.

Your self-hosted remote support server is the only system exposed to the Internet. The connection is end-to-end encrypted to ensure maximum data privacy and security.

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