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TSplus Remote Support

The ideal alternative to TeamViewer for remote desktop control and screen sharing. Provide instant attended or unattended remote assistance to your teams or clients anywhere, at any time.

  • Self-hosted for data security

  • Unmatched value-for-money

  • One-off license purchase



What is TSplus Remote Support?

TSplus Remote Support enables support agents and maintenance teams to provide instant, attended or unattended access to remote PCs, at a price that won’t break your IT budget.

Support agents can securely access remote computers, take control of their mouse and keyboard, access files and applications, and troubleshoot problems. The ideal solution for IT professionals to deliver internal maintenance and for customer support teams to assist remote clients.


Why TSplus Remote Support?

Provide Unattended Maintenance

Provide remote IT maintenance such as server updates or setting up tools for your colleagues or clients.

Provide Remote Support

Have your support agents assist, support and troubleshoot problems faced by your remote customers.

Provide Remote Training

Use secure multi-user session sharing to remotely train your teams or clients.

Keep Control of your Data

Host TSplus Remote Support on-premises or in the cloud on any Windows PC or server for maximum data privacy.


Decrease IT cost

Pay for permanent licenses that last for life. Significantly save compared to alternative remote support solutions.

4.8 out of 5

4.7 out of 5

4.9 out of 5

4.8 out of 5


Affordable and perpetual licenses

Buy once, use it forever.

Remote Support

/support agent

Perpetual license
Remote control
Screen sharing
Browser-based interface
Branding customization
1-click connect
SSL/TLS encryption
Unattended & attended access
Clipboard and file transfer
Send command prompts
Self-hosted relay server
Multi-language support
Multi-monitor support
Multi-session support

Updates and Support (Recommended)

Most of our users add the "Updates & Support" services during checkout to get the latest features, security updates and receive assistance from our support team via our ticketing system.



Frequently asked questions

Are the licenses permanent?

Yes, our licences are permanent!

After you purchase your licence, you will be able to enjoy TSplus Remote Support without time limitation. However, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to our Update and Support services (the fee is a small percent of your licence’s price).

The Update and Support services include our worldwide licence re-hosting, ticket/Email support service, Forum access, FAQ, tutorial support and the right to install and to use any new release, patch and updates.

Can I get support to deploy my TSplus software?

Yes, you will find all the information you need in our knowledge base, our user guides and the deployment support emails that you will receive. TSplus remote desktop access software are easy to deploy, but if you still face difficulties, our support team will be happy to help you.

I have a special request, can I talk to the TSplus sales team?

Of course, we will be happy to help. Simply contact us here.

I have clients interested in TSplus Remote Support, can I become a partner?

Absolutely, we work with over 5,000 business partners worldwide in different capacities. Servicing your client with one of our remote desktop access software is, therefore, possible.

To do so, simply get in touch with our sales team. We recommend that you download the free trial to confirm that our solution is right for your clients.

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