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遠端存取和 Web 入口網站的全功能解決方案


TSplus 9.80 版本公告:

  • 自訂背景: in the Session opening preference tile, the administrator can now change the color background AND add a logo or a background image. This a nice new feature specially when using HTML5 with the Floating Panel.
  • The backup/restore server parameters located on the server tile of the AdminTool has been enhanced: more configuration settings are being saved when you backup/restore features.
  • Improvement of the TSplus HTML5 client: Enhancement of the clipboard handling, support of very long file names in file transfer.
  • The system Audit has been changed to avoid false warnings.
  • The LogonSession program now prevents the over-use of the CPU when several sessions with only one application published are connected.
  • 修復所有 9.70 已知問題。

TSplus 9.70 版本公告:

  • The new Farm Manager feature is Terminal Service Plus centralized farm administration user interface. It allows you to automatically apply settings for all your servers in just one click!
  • Regarding web file transfers, the Web Portal Preferences tile now offers the possibility for the administrator to set 2 different folders on the server. On one hand, the Upload folder to indicate from which Folder the user will select the files to upload. On the other hand, the Download folder, to tell where, on the server, the downloaded files will be stored:
  • Also, If the administrator wants to totally prohibit the file transfer he can now, using the setting.js file.
  • A new Security option has been implemented on the Advanced Security options tile: the administrator can now decide that using the Web Portal with HTML5 is mandatory by denying the use of a generated client or a remote desktop protocol:

  • The look-and-feel of the Floating Panel has been enhanced to display your icons in a clearer and nice-looking way.
  • HTML5 enhancement: It now includes a better resize capability and a better gesture handler on tablets.
  • Administrators can now customize the web portal with their own code with the custom.css and custom.js files that were added to the Clients webfolder.
  • Software editors can now read a registry value to know what device and what browser have been used to open an HTML5 session, with the Registry Editor under the path: HKCU/Software/Webdata
  • All 9.60 known issues have been fixed and this release is including all of these fixes.

TSplus 9.60 版本公告

  • 重新設計的 Floating Panel 以提供新的顯示選項: 背景和文字慣用的色彩,是否包含滑動按鈕,是否包含您的標誌,是否包含最小化/關閉按鈕,只顯示圖示...和您建議的登出圖示!
  • v9.60 版包含最新開發的 HTML5 用戶端。 它包括更好的設定來處理許多同時連線工作階段和調整大小功能已改進。
  • 安全至關重要,管理員現在可以分配工作時間給每個使用者/群組,以確保沒有使用者在不允許的時間中登入。 (需有 Mobile Web 授權以上)
  • 現在支援用戶端時區重新導向: 無論您是代管伺服器,遠端工作階段將重新導向您的本機電腦時間。 這個增強對於我們的跨國客戶是重要的,比如 USA, Brazil, China, Russia,以及所有雲端計算代管的伺服器。
  • v9.60 版全新推出 Farm Manager 功能 (需有 Enterprise 授權): 這個功能正在積極開發中,將在稍候正式推出。
  • 修復所有 9.50 已知問題。

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