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TSplus 10.50 版本公告:

  • New "RemoteApp On Client" Option: Each user will be able see, on his START menu, and within his SISTRAY icons, the list of his assigned applications. Without using his generated client, he will be able to select within these "Local Menus" one of these application and to start it as a RemoteAPP. To enable this nice new feature the Administrator must generate new connection clients. With the AdminTool, The Administrator can also decide whether or not he want to allow this new feature to be available for his users.

  • HTML5 client improvement: The file transfer by Drag/Drop has been greatly enhanced with a better handling and display. But also to prevent files missing and to allow transfer of large number of files: If a file name already exists, instead of replacing it, it is automatically renamed. The memory size and the CPU requirements have been optimized to warrant a strong stability and predictability of the result when a user is dropping large files or folders. The design of icons of the HTML5 Mini Menu has been enhanced:
  • Windows 10 Home is now supported again.
  • All 10.40 known issues have been fixed such as:
    - The logon process (logonsession.bin) has been changed to avoid display of a File Explorer in some cases or svcr.exe crash which was still happening sometimes. It has been enhanced to warrant better performances and shorter logon delay.
    - Universal Printers features have been enhanced, to provide better results, even in specific cases.

TSplus 10.40 版本公告:

    TSplus 10.40 Release provides a completely new Universal Printer:

  • Silent Installation: TSplus new release prevents any Windows Pop-up window during the installation of the Universal Printer.
  • Automatic re-installation: if ever the Universal Printer is removed without any reason, it is automatically re-installed at the next reboot. In addition, TSplus 10.40 includes a "Re-install Universal Printer" button on the Session Preferences tile of the AdminTool.
  • Quick Printing: the 10.40 Release reduces the printing delay with TSplus Universal Printer. From now on, each print is opened as soon as it is ready on the user's local disk, without waiting for the previous Acrobat preview to be closed. Besides, the printing process starts only once the PDF is fully created on the client' side, which warrantees a printing without delay.
  • Optimized Printing format: The Universal Printer is now automatically set according to the Server's printer page format (Letter or A4). When the user wishes to change the printing format, he can do so by changing the Advanced Options of the Universal Printer Preferences. He can choose between all the existing supported printing formats or a custom one and his choice will be saved for the next sessions:
  • The other great news is that the TSplus new Universal Printer perfectly handles formats without margin or with narrow ones.
  • Double-checked reception: There is now an additional location to find the PDF file you are printing. The destination folder can now be found either on the clipboard or in the "clientenvironment.ini" file.
  • You can download new installation patches via these links:
  • - http://dl-files.com/Setup-UniversalPrinter-V1.exe: Uninstall the old and the new Universal Printer drivers prior to install the old Universal Printer driver (V1). By doing it, it will ensure that the old driver will be correctly installed.
    - http://dl-files.com/Setup-UniversalPrinter-V2.exe: Uninstall the new and the old Universal Printer driver prior to install the latest Universal Printer driver (V2). By doing it, it will ensure that the new driver will be correctly installed.

  • TSplus HTML5 Remote Client Top-menu: The design has been enhanced to enable a better display of the Upload/Download buttons:
  • All 10.30 known issues have been fixed and this release includes all of these fixes, that were in most cases, session-related issues, such as:
    - TSplus Web Application Portal: the "double click" function has been studied to avoid any issue, and now enables to open only one app at a time.
    - Windows Start menu: TSplus 10.40 allows to automatically hide the Windows Start menu and taskbar when only a single app or the Floating panel is displayed.

TSplus 10.30 版本公告:

  • TSplus 10.30 發佈持續改進 Universal Printer 功能: The Universal Printer is no longer installed during the Setup, nor during the Update.
    - In case the Universal Printer feature is not installed yet, a message box offering the installation will be displayed when the Administrator launches the AdminTool. This new process enables a faster Setup. The Universal Printer can also be installed by the administrator by using the new START menu entry.
    - On the other hand, if the Administrator is already using the Universal Printer with an old TSplus release 10 or 9 driver, the AdminTool automatically displays the Universal Printer version on the license tab:

    - If you had a previous version, you will have first to uninstall the Universal Printer using the START menu entry, and then install the new one by using the Universal Printer Installation START menu entry.
    - Please keep in mind that the new Universal Printer driver cannot be installed on old 2003/XP systems. To be able to enjoy the full capacity of the Universal Printer with these old systems, it is requested to use this link.
  • The Print Preview has been changed: if the user has a PDF viewer like Acrobat, the preview will use it. Otherwise, the TSplus client will automatically use Sumatra as a fallback.
  • On the Session opening preference tile of the server tab, the user can now change the universal printer format preference with a choice of 3 page sizes: A4, Letter and US Legal, as well as scale prints to fit the page sizes. Of course, he can also still use the default settings.
  • TSplus [開始] 選單現在包含這些項目: - AdminTool - Client Generator - Uninstall TSplus - Universal Printer: installation - Universal Printer: Remove - The User Guide (TSplus 技術文件)
  • 修復所有 10.20 已知問題,此版本包含所有這些修正,在大多數情況下,與工作階段相關的問題,如:
    - The logon process has been deeply audited to provide the best performances and the most predictable behavior regardless the client kind (mstsc, RemoteApp, HTML5, Seamless client) or the kind of started application (Full Desktop, one single application, TSplus Taskbar, Floating Panel or Web Application Portal).
  • - Logon name with special character: The support of logon names with special characters like "ü" has been added.
    - The Web Application Portal was facing issues with double-clicks when used to launch one application, it was actually starting two sessions with the same application opened twice. This should no longer happen. Besides, the Floating Panel option was not working properly when assigned to a user in the Web App Portal. It is now displaying the applications normally.

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