Terminal Service Plus

遠端存取和 Web 入口網站的全功能解決方案


TSplus 11.30 版本公告:

  • Specifying the Startup Program Path, Directory and parameters is now possible for the first time on the Program Tile of the Client Generator.

  • The Gateway tab possesses now a much clearer display. Two Farm Manager tiles were moved from the Server Tab to this tab, for more handiness and clarity:

TSplus 11.20 版本公告:

Working in the cloud... wherever you are, whenever you want. With the 11.20 release of TSplus, your Windows applications are available anywhere in real time, simply by using Wifi or Internet connections.
The TSplus HTML5 client has been greatly enhanced to warrant the best possible user experience even from Smartphones or tablets.

  • The keyboard has been redesigned to automatically pop-up when the focus is over an entry field. If the keyboard is hiding such entry field, the application is moved up and the user is still able to see what he is typing.
  • The mouse pointer has been redesigned to facilitate the selection of buttons and fields even if located on the left or the bottom borders of a Smartphone. The administrator can select a small, a medium or a large size for the mouse pointer. It makes intuitive for the user to navigate inside his application.
  • The Zoom-in and Zoom-out new feature is great too. On the small screen of a Smartphone, it can be difficult to read or to select a commercial application form. In a click the user is now able to zoom the display, to work and to use a Windows application.
  • The AdminTool HTML5 client tile has been enhanced to show the most useful display settings.
  • All TSplus 11.10 release known issues have been fixed.

TSplus 行動 App 公告

With TSplus 11.20 release , the exciting announcement we are proud to make today is the availability of the new TSplus App.

Download TSplus App from Google Store (Android) or Apple iTune Store (IOS). The TSplus App is free for all TSplus customers. Try it now and you will easily understand why all your users will enjoy using it every day. The TSplus app is simple, smart and efficient to run remote applications with any kind of mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets and even PCs).


If you like the TSplus App as we do, please take time to add your Review on the Stores; this would be greatly appreciated.

TSplus App 有 2 個先決條件:
- 主機端必須是 TSplus Web Mobile 或 Enterprise 系統
- 必須安裝或升級至 11.20 版或以上在這部主機: 下載更新程式

TSplus 11.10 版本公告:

  • The new Application Panel tile on the Applications tab now enables to organize the displayed applications, exactly like on the Web Application Portal, but within one single session. This program can be customized by the administrator to deliver a nice user experience. He can adjust the number of displayed applications by lines and columns.

    For example, display six Apps in one column, without logo; or displayed on 2 columns and 3 lines, with the TSplus logo:

    Thus, the Application Panel size is optimized and easily adapts to the users' screen.

  • The new Universal Printer Management tile on the Server Tab gathers all required tools to install, uninstall, display and handle the Universal Printer options. This tool will enable administrators to foresee and help users facing printing difficulties.
  • The HTML5 client has been dramatically improved to deliver an excellent behavior on tablets or smartphones. As a great example, the user can now enjoy a very handy mini-mouse for an easier selection of buttons and windows. The keyboard was improved as well, it can now be automatically selected with a simple right-click and displayed on the chosen input field. With these enhancements, our goal is to warrant the best possible solution to connect from mobile devices.
  • All 10.50 known issues have been fixed.

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