Terminal Service Plus

遠端存取和 Web 入口網站的全功能解決方案


May 20th, 2009 – release status General Availability (GA)

This major release is adding the support of W2008 servers. On W2008, the TS role and the TS licensing role shall not be installed. So it you already have activate such server roles you should remove them prior to install TSplus.

The release includes the fix of all known issues of the the previous releases.

November 11th, 2008 – release status General Availability (GA)

Correction of all known issues by the previous versions.

TSplus Client enhancement and fixes:

  • Fixes of all possible printing modes, both for the Seamless Client and RDP Client (standard local printer mapping, printing with Acrobat Preview, automatic printing on the user default printer, printing with selection of the local printer, printing in streaming mode).
  • Enabling the Access Client Program to be used on PC where the user do not have administrator rights on his own PC
  • Support of any PCs where the system was not installed on C:\ disk drive.
  • Correction of the security option to lock the Access Client Program with the serial number of a USB stick (either on RDP and Seamless client).
  • When the user unplug his USB stick, the session is automatically disconnected.
  • On VISTA clients, automatic change of display property from High to Medium to avoid issues with ATI or Nvdia drivers on VISTA.
  • Support of SSO Single Sign-On capability (by typing *SSO in the user name field) and of the local user name pass thru capability (by typing ** or %USERNAME% in the user name field).
  • Modification of the Seamless Client behavior when publishing the Remote Desktop (RDS). A background is displayed to avoid remote icons to be on top of the local desktop icons.
  • When opening a session, background color of the in RDP is modified to replace the Seamless transparency color selected by the administrator.

TSplus server enhancement and fixes:
  • Correction of the installation program on Windows 2003 to keep an existing TSE (RDS) license role.
  • Support of VISTA SP1
  • Fix of all known Uninstall programs issues
  • Installation can now be made on servers where the system has not been installed on C:\ disk drive
  • Default installation settings has been changed: No more default application assign to Users Group; no more default transparency color selected to the server. Default are : Remote Desktop (RDS) for any one that does not have any assigned application and no Transparency color. So, if you want to use Seamless, you must (1) select the Transparency color and (2) assign at least one application to users.

September 26th, 2008 - Version Initial Version.

  • Universal Printer :Support of Acrobat 9 and a popup is display when a print process starts.
  • Improvement of the Seamless Client during the connection (much less "flash" experience – nearly perfect). Adding one more security option: The Seamless and the RDP client can be locked to a specific user PC name.
  • The Universal Printer Preview mode is now a default setting. It allows to print even if no options has been selected or if you have Foxit rather than Acrobat on the local client.
  • Algorithm changes to avoid false positive anti-virus signature with AVG or Avast when client is generated.
  • Delete of temporary folders when the user logoff.

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