Terminal Service Plus

遠端存取和 Web 入口網站的全功能解決方案


January 10th, 2013, release 5.95: status Minor release

  • Enhancement of performance for large AD.
  • New variable options for HTML5 client
  • Licensing fixes for Amazon hosted servers

December 22nd 2012, release 5.90: status General Availability (GA)

  • Enhancement of the HTML5 client to handle reverse proxies and fix of some keyboard character mapping.
  • New file transfer user wizard which look like a FTP client. A program named filetransfer.exe has been added in …/files/ folder and it can be published to users with the AdminTool.
  • Fix of the Chrome issue on the TSplus system console
  • Fix of all known issues

New file transfer user wizard

December 7rd 2012 release 5.80: status General Availability (GA)

  • Applying the Update Release program requires to enter the Update License Code. This Update License Code is provided free of charges to any customer covered by the TSplus Annual support/update services
  • Enhanced keyboard driver for the HTML5 client
  • Ability to disable CTRL/ALT/DEL button on the HTML5 client
  • Ability to change the size of the HTML5 client’s mini-mouse pad
  • Fix of the latest Firefox update issue
  • Fix of all known issues

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