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遠端存取和 Web 入口網站的全功能解決方案


TSplus 7.10 release announcement

  • This release includes all 6.80 release features (see below for a complete description)
  • W8.0 and W8.1 basic/core edition (32 and 64 bits) are now supported as TSplus servers (we already support W8 Pro and Enterprise editions). Due to "Home" editions restrictions, every user must have a password defined
  • On W8/W2012/W2012 R2, fix of the flickering/blinking issues caused by a poor Metro support of the Windows standard graphic driver
  • New Web Portal design
  • New wizard to add applications to the published application list
  • The TSplus service and the built-in web server services have been separated to enable a more consistent management of the web servers
  • Better strength against false positive anti-virus annoyances. As everybody knows TSplus is 100% virus free and we are fully committed to protect our customers against any risk
  • Japanese language added
  • Fix of all 6.80 known issues

New wizard to add applications

New Web Portal design

TSplus 6.80 release announcement

  • New Floating Panel to display up to 24 applications within one single session with improved performance and the freedom to customize it from the AdminTool
  • New Open URLs on Client feature to automatically redirect any click of Internet links into the session onto the user PC side. You will not to worry anymore about the server bandwidth if users starts links with web animations or YouTube videos
  • Open on Client feature to automatically open documents on the user side. For example, a Word or Excel document selected inside a session will be open using the User local Office
  • Correct Domain support when applications are assigned "Per Domain Groups" or "Per Domain users"
  • New extended Application's list wizard ready to be assigned to users or to groups
  • Enhanced HTML5 connection client adding easy to use files transfer feature
  • Fix of the 6.70 all known issues. It is a very stable release

The new Floating Panel can be customized: Standard / Without logo / Icons only (up to 24 applications)

New Open URLs on Client side (AdminTool feature)

TSplus 6.70 release announcement

  • This release includes all 6.60 release features (see below for a complete description)
  • New! Application Control administration interface
  • New! Assign one or several servers to Users or to Groups
  • Enable to publish up to 100 different applications
  • New! With load balancing, reconnect to the same server when disconnected
  • Better performances (logon and Universal Printer has been improved)
  • Minimized / Maximized issues has been fixed when using the Seamless client
  • File transfer for HTML5 has never been so good
  • Support of Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 (32 and 64 bits)
  • Bug fixes

New Application Control Wizard

New wizard to assign servers per user/group

New Servers list specification wizard

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