Terminal Service Plus

遠端存取和 Web 入口網站的全功能解決方案


TSplus 7.40 release announcement

  • This release is a corrective one. It mainly includes fixes.
  • Ability to reconnect after a disconnect and to continue to use the Universal Printer,
  • Option to disable the local disk mapping,
  • Avoid to change the existing UAC rules,
  • Better handling of the blinking issue on W8/W2012,
  • Fix of HTML5 maximize feature on Android,
  • New floating panel option to display the remote applications within a windows.

TSplus 7.30 release announcement

  • New powerful and exciting functionality: the Administrator can enable/disable user access without having to provide to users their Windows credentials. He can use a PIN code, an email address or any Client ID as Web Logon. He is also free specify a password which is not the Windows password. This is very flexible and it delivers a secured user Internet access.

Just one email address to connect

Just a hidden PIN code to connect

  • Fixes to our powerful "Open On Client" feature, which enables to start Office document automatically on the user side
  • Great enhancements to "URL On Client" feature, which automatically starts the user local browser when a link is selected on the server side. This can be the best solution for publishing video or music. Rather than use the server side browser/network, such URL will be started on the user side providing the best possible experience.

Open any file automatically on the user side

Open any URL on the user side

  • Faster logon (because all users will get the full Remote Desktop) with the new "alwaydesktop" setting in AppControl.ini
  • New setting in AppControl.ini to avoid the display of the progress bar during the logon: "progressbar"
  • New feature: check if you are using TSplus latest version or if new updates are available
  • Fix of all 7.20 known issues

TSplus 7.20 release announcement

  • New HTML5 kernel to a better support of latest Java Update security enforcement, AltGr support fixes, Arab keyboard support, enhanced support on MAC
  • Adding support of local users/groups when a TSplus host inside a Domain and removing the Wait pop-up during the communication with the AD
  • Fix of all 7.10 known issues

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