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TSplus 7.70 release announcement

  • With the release 7.70, we are providing 4 TSplus Editions: System Edition, Printer Edition, Web Mobile Edition and Enterprise Edition.
  • The Enterprise Edition includes all of TSplus features and benefits.
  • The Web Access and SecureWeb Edition are no more available and their features are now included into TSplus Web Mobile Edition.
  • The existing customer can now upgrade on-line their TSplus system to add users of the upgrade their license to a higher TSplus Edition
  • Support of application calling a daughter process when using a generated client or the Windows client with the Web Application Panel
  • Enhancement of the Web Master Toolkit.
  • Support of any character in the password when using the Web Portal.
  • Fix of the Get User List feature when started within a session or when the requested WMI service has been disabled.
  • Fix of the Load Balancing Web Portal error when one server was turned off.
  • Change of the algorithm of the load balancing when using a generated client.
  • Support of the new W8.1 Mobile devices when IE 11 to connect.
  • Enhancement of the file transfer support when using HTML5.
  • Fix of OpenOnClient feature; it is now possible to use it from a generated Windows and/or HTML5 client.
  • The logon process is using less CPU when starting one single application.
  • The Trial pop-up is changed and display within remote session.
  • The logon error when changing the Domain name with the AdminTool has been fixed.
  • Fix of all 7.60 known issues for the HTML5 client

TSplus 7.60 release announcement

  • Citrix-like Web Application Portal has been enhanced. When started, the Web Application Portal is now replacing the logon page. When the user is closing it, the system returns to his logon page automatically.
  • The release 7.60 is adding the support of the latest KB published by Microsoft for W8.1 and W2012
  • Some applications, like Write.exe or QuickBook, stops immediately after having started a daughter process causing a logoff when the published is single one. The work-around was to publish this kind of application with the TSplus Taskbar or the Floating Panel. The release 7.60 is handling these cases by detecting daughter processes.
  • The license control algorithm has been improved to handle situations where the TSplus is hosted in the Cloud or within a Virtual environment. MAC address changes and move of machines to a different VM host are now detected to prevent invalid license issues.
  • The trial pop-up is now displayed for administrators (only) at each RDP connection. This is important for hosted servers because administrators never "see" this console trial pop-up and he was not aware of the end of trial date.
  • The Update Release patch has been improved to warrant the program changes even if they are running. It also handles the case where customer has set the web server on IIS rather than using TSplus built-in web server.
  • A new System Audit feature is checking the consistency of the TSplus current installation to help the Administrator in case of issue.
  • All language text files have been changed to enable the translation of all new GUI introduced with the release 7.
  • When a customer activates his TSplus license, the completed pop-up is displaying the content of the license.
  • For year TSplus build in web server was based on Tiny web tool. We did completely rewrite this module using Java for better performances and web production stability.
  • Major enhancement and fixes of the web engine has been implemented. This is an important step for the overall behavior of the TSplus Web Access technology. The HTML5 file transfer and Cut/paste display boxes have been redesigned to be nicer.
  • For the Gateway, the release 7.60 is using windows APIs to control the logon/password. So, no more password saved or to be reset. It simplifies the code and makes the work of the administrator easier when users are changing the passwords.
  • When a customer activates his TSplus license, the completed pop-up is displaying the content of the license.
  • Fix of all 7.50 known issues

TSplus 7.50 release announcement

  • New great feature: The Web Application Portal
  • Improvements of the license control: now, disconnected sessions are uncounted and for Application Portal users, only one session is counted per user
  • Enhancements for the files transfer function with HTML5 client
  • Fix of URL on Client feature for HTML5
  • Better stability of the Universal Printer when using a TSplus farm of servers
  • Fix of all 7.40 known issues

Your Citrix-like Web Application Portal

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