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遠端存取和 Web 入口網站的全功能解決方案


TSplus 8.10 release announcement

  • TSplus 8.10 is the major 2015 version of TSplus. It paves the way for major new and exciting features scheduled for TSplus 2015 roadmap!
  • All user interfaces have been redesigned to a new modern look. The release 8.10 is Windows 10 Technical Preview ready
  • Performance improvements and multiple enhancements of the HTLML5 and the Java Web Portal Client
  • The Java 64 bits is now fully supported for providing better performances and higher stability of the TSplus Web Portal
  • New Session Manager to display and monitor users sessions
  • All Windows versions are supported and the release 8.10 includes the support of all MS Updates
  • If requested, the installation or the update can be silently processed
  • Support for user names which include spaces or UPN names
  • The new native Windows shell option enables publishing Click Once applications
  • Farsi language added
  • And of course all the existing TSplus features are provided for our customers satisfaction!

TSplus 7.90 release announcement

  • TSplus 7.90 is the last release of the year 2014. It is the "STABLE RELEASE" for 7.xx - 2014 version
  • It includes all the fixes of the release 7.80, including the major one applied in
  • It is compatible with all Windows versions latest KBs and includes the support of Windows 8.1 core
  • The AdminTool enables to display or to hide the logon progress bar
  • The Windows logon page is now set to display the last connected users
  • The HTML5 top menu - Upload/Download files buttons - has been redesigned for a better understanding

TSplus 7.80 release announcement

  • The TSplus core was remodeled in order to support all Windows versions and to ensure that it will remain compatible with any current or future Microsoft update.
  • Enhancement of the session opening kernel to support ClickOnce applications, to allow users to select their preferred background and to natively support Chrome when installed on the TSplus host.
  • Improved algorithms of the Universal Printer handler to fix issues that sometimes occurred when users opened multiple sessions with a single login/password or when many disconnect/reconnect events occurred.
  • Fixed issue causing URL on Client to fail.
  • Fixed issue with Open on Client when the same file was opened several times.
  • Fixed AdminTool for applications declared to be Maximized, Minimized or Hidden at startup.
  • Fixed issue with the Java client/Windows Web Portal client when using the Universal Printer if some local data had to be reset prior to starting a session.
  • Better support for Java 8 and Java 64 bit.
  • Introduced Iran Farsi language support and changed the language selection code in the AdminTool and the Client Generator.
  • Performance improvements and multiple enhancements of the HTLML5 and the Java Web Portal Client.
  • Fix of all 7.70 known issues

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