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Zoho Assist is one of the common names that comes up when shopping for a remote assistance and screen sharing solution. Easy remote access, as well as smooth file-sharing are some of the features behind Zoho Assist's appeal. However, depending upon the requirements of your company, Zoho Assist may not be the most effective match for you. Thankfully, there are many choices, just as viable, on the marketplace today. Let's take a look at our very own remote support software alternative to Zoho Assist, the most effective value for money remote support software on the marketplace - TSplus Remote Support .

The Best Zoho Assist Alternative

Of the many readily available alternatives to Zoho Assist, TSplus Remote Support checks the boxes for most businesses needing remote assistance and screen-sharing tools. The main reasons for this are cost, simplicity of use, in addition to safety and security. With Remote Support, you get a robust service for remote assistance, screen sharing, and unattended access.

With no end-user installation required, software and security updates are never a problem. This makes it useful for companies with small IT teams, as it is one less part of their IT infrastructure to manage.

Scalable Alternative to Zoho Assist

As your team scales up, the cost per licence goes down. For individuals or small companies on a budget plan with remote assistance software needs, TSplus Remote Support Can scale down cost-effectively to a single user license – while still retaining enterprise-level features like unattended access. When your business grows, Remote Support can grow with you with simple, cost-scaling licensing.

Simple & Powerful Remote Support Alternative

As an alternative to Zoho Assist, TSplus Remote Support offers a simple, yet powerful set of tools for support agents such as the in-session console that enables agents to:

  • View crucial software and technical information about the end-user's PC;

  • communicate with the end-user via the chat box;

  • Send and receive files from the remote PC.

Secure Features of Alternative to Zoho

Security and Appearance.

Here are a few more specific features you can have at your fingertips. TSplus Remote Support is self-hosted and end-to-end encrypted for greater data protection and security. The banner and logo visible by the end users are customizable, as are the emails you may send out, using your own SMTP if you want, and each agent’s profile, all for a smoother agent-client relation. You can use your own domain and obtain the SSL certificate to sign it, adding to the trust you build with your customers.

Support Features of Zoho Alternative

Share Screens, Copy & Paste, Invite

As you go about your work, you can send commands, transfer files, synchronize clipboards, change the language of the interface and chat with the remote client who is sharing their screen or multiple screens if that’s the case. You can invite colleagues to collaborate in the same session on any particular intervention. Your work can only gain in pertinence and efficiency with these features.

Connection Features of Remote Software Alternative

Click, Authenticate, Come Back Later

Finally, for greater security, productivity and accessibility, a one-click link is sent to the client then the browser-based connection is established with a code to be shared by the agent to the client. Once the connection is active, it can be left active for unattended access and unattended computer management, freeing both clients and support agents to work when suits them best and avoid disrupting their workflow.

Affordable Zoho Assist Alternative

If any doubt remains, the price argument is fair game. Indeed, at TSplus, we hold the view that software should be accessible and useful. As a result, we have made sure that our products are affordable. Amongst other things, this means unattended access is available across our whole price range, even the lowest.

TSplus Remote Support - Best Alternative to Zoho Assist

So why delay? For a seamless, efficient and secure remote support experience, test or buy TSplus Remote Support today.

TSplus Remote Support Free Trial

Cost-effective Attended and Unattended Remote Assistance from/to macOS and Windows PCs.

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