Virtual Printer for Remote Desktop Printing

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TSplus Virtual Printer
Provide immediate, secure and reliable Remote Printing for your users. Every day, organizations of all sizes need to securely print from one location, such as the main office to another remote location that isn’t on the same network or even in the same country. What you need is an efficient remote printing solution that works quickly and seamlessly, while keeping IT investments relatively low without compromising security… The TSplus Virtual Printer is the convenient remote printing solution to setup on your server. It enables print data delivery and release between multiple networks to a local printer over a TSplus remote connection. The Virtual Printer detects and maps the list of local printers to the server exactly as if they were directly connected. Users experience a smooth, trouble-free printing process – just like if they were printing locally!
Instantly print from your remote session to your local printer

For businesses that need to securely send and print documents between offices in multiple locations or employees who want to print work documents when working from home, the Virtual Printer offers a practical remote printing solution.

Setting up remote printing is quick and easy: The TSplus Virtual Printer is driverless and requires little configuration. Once both server and client components are installed, it takes only two clicks to print from your remote session to the local printer of your choice.

The TSplus Virtual Printer is the adaptable and cost-effective remote printing solution to reduce hardware investment and ease network printing management!

The Ultimate Remote Printing Tool

Easy printing from your remote applications to your local printer. Native print dialogs and faster printing make it the ultimate remote desktop printing tool!

Print from a Remote Desktop or a RemoteApp session to your local printer. Printer redirection software allowing to use local printers in remote desktop session.
TSplus Virtual Printer is a reliable and easy to-use solution for TSplus remote desktop printing.

It allows to use your local printer in a remote desktop. The program creates a virtual printer on the remote server and maps it to the local printer as if your local printer were plugged directly to the server side. So, you can print to your local printer from the remote session or application.

TSplus Virtual Printer

The Web interface allows you to get a complete overview of your server and website’s activities even from your tablet or mobile phone!

TSplus Virtual Printer for TSplus Environments

TSplus Virtual Printer is a printing solution for TSplus environments. Users print directly to their local printers without installing printer drivers on any TSplus server.

The program consists of Workstation and Server parts. Workstation part should be installed on the local computer or thin client. Server side goes to the remote server and creates the Virtual Printer. The Virtual Printer is mapped over the existing remote desktop connection to a locally plugged hardware printer or even network printer.

There is also no need to worry about drivers on the server as the software already has everything it needs to work flawlessly.

Virtual Printer Features and Benefits
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Secure Remote Printing and separates access

TSplus Virtual Printer takes care of your confidential information. In case of multi-user environment if there are more than one user logged in to the remote side, each printer is isolated within its individual session.

You don’t need to worry that your document containing sensitive data will be sent to somebody else’s printer, even by mistake. Each user can see only own printers within the remote session. It’s not needed to scroll through the list of devices of other users to find your printer.

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Driver-less printing solutions

Native printer drivers are not required on the remote side. It’s not needed to install any drivers on the remote side every time you plug in a new printer. TSplus Virtual Printer supports the TSplus generated client (.connect), TSplus RemoteApp and Web Portal RemoteApp plug-in.

It does not matter what environment is used (Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Terminal Services, TSplus, VMware, Amazon and others). Any RDP compatible Client software can be used for accessing remote side. And there is no need to change firewall settings.

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Virtual Printing Seamless Mode Support

TSplus Virtual Printer works perfectly in seamless mode. It is easy and convenient feature which allows to connect your local printer to any remote application running printing in seamless mode.

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Fast Remote Printing

TSplus Virtual Printer reduces printing data volume and as a result speeds data transfers. The image quality of all the printouts is absolutely maintained.

Remote printing eliminates the need for laborious email attachments. The Virtual Printer works by reducing the size of print jobs, which greatly simplifies the process. TSplus Virtual Printer speeds up data transfer for a fast and high quality printing job. Get instant printing from anywhere!

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Support for wide range of printers

Printer for Remote Desktop works with all brands of printers so there is no need to switch to any specific hardware. The program maintains all standard printing features, it supports all color modes and resolutions and all standard paper sizes both portrait and landscape orientation.

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What Customers Say about TSplus Virtual Printer

In short, it works even better than expected. Installed it to the Terminal Server, printed test page and it worked.

Without any configuration. It’s the product we were waiting for long time.

Previously we were constantly getting issues with printing in remote desktop environment.

TSplus Virtual Printer
“With TSplus Virtual Printer we resolved all drivers issues in a moment. We really like that the program just works without any complex configuration process.”
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Documentation on TSplus Virtual Printer
Would you like to know more? Don’t forget to check the Virtual Printer Datasheet and Documentation. Additionally, you will receive the deployment user guide by email when you download your trial.