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TSplus Group, a global remote desktop software developer company, has released the version 2 of its newest product: TSplus Remote Support . The software is positioned as a cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to TeamViewer to better serve smaller businesses with limited IT budgets.

Answering the Call of SMEs with Limited Budget in the Remote Desktop Support Market

Be it for unattended internal IT maintenance, external clients troubleshooting or remote assistance and training via screensharing, TSplus Remote Support meets the needs of small and medium enterprises with a limited IT budget. As Adrien Carbonne, CTO at TSplus, puts it:

"Remote Support does exactly what businesses need in terms of remote assistance at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions."

Adrien Carbonne, TSplus CTO Tweet

Indeed, the software adds nothing fancy; its functionalities are well designed and easy to use. For instance, a support agent can easily request access to a remote client PC via a unique shareable link. With a single click by the client, the connection is established. Similarly, the unattended access feature enables clients to grant access to their machine without needing to be present when support agents engage in troubleshooting their issue.

On the price front, TSplus offers a unique perpetual licensing model starting from $ 250 for 5 support agents and unlimited clients. Businesses purchase the quantity of licenses they need for their support agents and eliminate the weight of excessive monthly subscription fees. All in all, a refreshing TeamViewer Alternative .

A No-frills Software – All Features Designed to Meet the Needs of SMEs

TSplus Remote Support can be defined as a secure and easy-to-use browser-based Windows screen sharing and remote-control tool. It comes with well-designed features to match the needs of SMEs, without unnecessary complexities, including the following:

Unattended Access

When configured, unattended access gives support teams easy access to end-user PCs, even if the end-user is not at their computer, allowing support, maintenance and troubleshooting to take place without wasting time on the client side.

Self-hosted for data privacy and security

Unlike its alternatives, TSplus Remote Support is hosted at the office or in the cloud on a single Windows PC or server, consequently maximizing security. The PC or server becomes the relay and web interface for agents and end-users. TSplus Remote Support securely enables remote connections with a unique URL accessible from the Remote Support web portal, limiting control of the entire connection process to the corporate administrator.


The entire remote support system is browser-based thanks to a simple browser plug-in, allowing non-tech-savvy users to easily utilize the tool without training.

Straightforward configuration

Easy-to-set-up network configuration options allow admins to install and roll out TSplus Remote Support in minutes. Once support agents have been invited, they can simply start connecting with clients.

1-click connection

To establish the connection with a remote client, support agents simply need to generate a unique connection link via the admin portal and send it to their client. Once the user clicks, the connection is established. No special IDs or Pin codes are required.

To discover all the functionalities of TSplus Remote Support, visit our website .

A Free Trial and a Support Team to Help SMEs and Resell Partners to Get Started

With over 15 years of experience in the remote access industry, servicing more than 500,000 businesses worldwide with their flagship software “Remote Access”, TSplus is no stranger to sales and technical support. To help end-clients and resell partners get started with their software products, the company offers free trials and a dedicated support team.

The TSplus Remote Support free trial is downloadable here.

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