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The ever-growing TSplus headquarters team gathered last week to present, discuss and collaborate on current and future software projects. The French Tech start-up is quickly expanding its presence to other continents and showing positive results.

Home Office and the B2B IT Market: A Winning Combination

Dominique Benoit , founder and President of TSplus, opened the two-day meeting at the Hilton Opera in Paris. The yearly headquarters meeting is an essential event for everyone at TSplus, especially after two years of COVID restrictions which kept them apart. His speech turned around one central idea which perfectly defines the company’s spirit: One for all and all for one.

TSplus is built on a very specific business model that has rewarded the company with sustainable growth since its foundation in 2007. All employees are working remotely from home or shared offices, and sales are happening online thanks to a worldwide network of more than 5000 software resellers.

This structure has enabled huge costs savings in energy, office space, commuting time, logistics, distribution, marketing, etc. Moreover, it gives employees freedom and independence in their work, which makes everyone happy.

How is everything holding together and even better, bringing successful results? It starts with corporate leadership who instills a strong sense of belonging in the business by treating every recruit like a valuable member of the TSplus Family. Add to the mix important individual responsibilities, ambitious projects, and a rewarding participation in the results, that makes a modern and innovative software company ready to conquer the World!

Based on these unique assets, TSplus is able every year to release new software, enter new markets, and open new offices.

Customer Feedback at the Core of TSplus Software Developments

This year again, TSplus developers have been busy improving existing products and releasing new products based on customers comments and requests. The main products - TSplus Remote Access and TSplus Advanced Security - have been through a complete redesign to offer major new versions with modern setups and LITE modes: a simple and easy-to-use interface to help first-time users to benefit from the most useful features of the products.

In the meantime, more than 110 changes under the hood have been brought to Remote Access to improve security, Windows compatibility, ease of use and network administration while Advanced Security received a larger and more robust database to improve speed and responsiveness.

The most important effort has been an upgrade to the Remote Access Farm Manager , which now offers a simplified and centralized tool to manage and synchronize all applications servers in a farm.

Regarding new products, TSplus has continued to evolve TSplus Remote Support, a Windows Remote Control and Screen sharing software to remotely troubleshoot computers. The product has great selling points compared to the competitors: attractive per agent pricing, easy connection, and a smart interface to manage the support team and unattended PCs.

More recently, the software developer released a completely new version of Server Genius, their server monitoring and reporting tool. Rebuilt from scratch, it is now called TSplus Server Monitoring . The new interface offers a quick way to access useful data and reports on server and website health and export them to print or send by email for regular reporting and IT budget scheduling.

Based on Customer feedback, all these TSplus products will keep evolving and great changes are already planned : soon, users of Advanced Security will benefit from new types of network protection, while Support agents will enjoy a brand-new version of Remote Support which will be more efficient to setup and easier to use.

Deep Investment in Improving the Purchasing Experience

2022 has enabled TSplus to pursue and finalize several improvements in the online experience and purchasing process. Starting with the website tsplus.net which got itself a new store page , with new prices and editions. The TSplus range of software has been simplified with fewer editions and a suggestion of bundles to buy products together for an interesting price.

The path to place an order and receive licenses is quicker than ever, saving time for decision makers. In the same spirit, the main website look has been refreshed to make navigation easier and information more obvious, fitting into the standards of today’s visitors' expectations. It goes the same way for each product’s website, which target a different and specific market:

Of course, the constant effort of the Support Team to maintain a high level of after-sales service by recruiting locally and investing in quality tools is also a factor of customers’ satisfaction. This year has brought many outstanding reviews for TSplus , on Google and others well-known comparison websites.

TSplus Software Running for First Place

All these investments and smart strategies are paying off. TSplus headquarters’ sales have increased by 9% in 2022, and 30% in the Regions. Two new branch offices were opened, in India and in Czech Republic. Numerous employees joined the ranks of the software company.

Looking to the future, projects of developments will bet on AI and SaaS models. International sales will be supported by localized documentation, e-learning and more personal customers relationship.

To become an official local TSplus reseller, contact [email protected]

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