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TSpulse is a collective journal, where each of us is welcome to share news of our work and lives. Every month from now on, you will receive an edition of TSpulse, full of fresh updates and crunchy details on your favourite company.
In June, most of TSplus French based team met in Paris for two days of togetherness and wonder. In this time, we got a glimpse of what was achieved by our teams in 2020 and 2021 in the tech department, marketing field, support system and business development. The event was also a unique chance for the team to meet and unite around a shared and exciting vision for the years to come! Here comes a little retrospective on those beautiful days, as well as some more magic!

Enjoy and see you next month!

Anne, for TSplus team

TSpulse Monthly News

The beginning of June started beautifuly with TSplus yearly summit in Paris. An occasion to meet old and new faces, look back at what the company achieved in the past year, and plan the future!
The biggest change: TSplus is evolving to becoming a worldwide brand, expert in remote access, offering an ever growing range of great products.
To this end, TSplus international opened new headquarters in Czech Republic, France and the USA. We plan on deploying in Asia next year, willing to open offices in China, Japan, South Korea, India and Russia.
This change came with many new team members and means of communication.
We launched a new website: tsplus.net as well as internal and external communication tools to improve our visibility and trust from our customers.
Today the TSplus family counts fourty people, we hope to reach a hundred by 2025!

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In June, our tech department worked on adding an unattended access feature to TSplus Remote Support – this is by far the most requested feature on our newest product.
We are getting ready for TSplus Remote Access V15 by integrating more and more user interfaces into the AdminTool and designing a “Lite” AdminTool interface. Integrated UI will add a more finished and polished look and feel to our main product. The Lite UI will provide an easier way to start using the product.
Finally, we are working hard on our next product TSplus Server Monitoring to expand our product range, on our Licensing Portal and on our Level 3 Support to improve our existing products.

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In business development, we are thrilled to announce the US team secured a massive deal for 7 500 users to be delivered over the next 8 months!
We are in the process of ramping up our lead generation emailing campaigns which should deliver a steady and growing stream of new and qualified resellers all around the globe.
The growing number of requests we are receiving about TSplus Remote Support shows the great potential of this product, watch-out, it’s going to be BIG!

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Our marketing team made great strides in refining the presentation, use and marketing functions of the website. It’s nicer to look at and it is getting easier to find in a search, every day.

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Our support team keeps solving ever more requests from clients, because, as Olivier summed up during his presentation in Paris: “with more sales come more problems”.

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Our International teams are going above and beyond and aiming for the TOP ! A few days ago, Erkin Dzhuraev from TSplus Россия carried the TSplus colours to the Elbrus peak at 4800 meters high!
And from all over the world, our team members, regional directors and clients started sharing their story of TSplus! Check out their testimonies!

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Helgard S.
06:54 06 Jul 22
Support from TSPlus is always prompt and helpful. I strongly recommend the product and the support people.
JOEL (Joel Dominic D A.
12:22 09 Jun 22
Best low cost solution for remote access to your windows apps.
Vinal Singh H.
12:38 06 Jun 22
Recently we had an issue with universal printing and i must say that TSPLUS team has resolved the issue in a timely manner. I was also pleasantly surprised by TSPLUS team member doing a remote login... to assist with my issue as i wasn't sure what to expect when we purchased their product. So far I am pleased with their support and in the very near future we are planning on buying another TSPLUS subscription.read more
sun G.
07:56 03 May 22
Your product and your support team are excellent. It helps a lot, I appreciate it.
Eugen T.
12:35 28 Apr 22
TSplus support does a very good job. They always help me if I need it.
Mohammed J.
10:21 22 Apr 22
Had an issue with Web Access .. TSPlus support was cooperative to make sure this issue is solved .. Glad to partner with TSPlus
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