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Good afternoon,
time to check your TSpulse!

Because today… is Dominique Benoit, TSplus Founder and President, birthday!
Happy birthday Dominique, we’re all very glad you were born ❤️
Thank you for bringing us together, growing younger and wiser every day!

Another good news: our headquarters’ team will meet again in person soon! Book your calendars for May 30-31st and be prepared for two days of sunny weather, great food, even greater company and insightful activities! I for one am very excited about this!

About heartwarming meetings, TSplus Regional Directors and headquarters’ Direction met last week… virtyually still, but hopefully that will change soon! Look at all those smiles discussing TSplus development!

Meanwhile, in February, the development team did especially remarkable work, solving Preview Updates issues, accelerating Session Prelaunch to the speed of light, whilst bringing finishing touches to Server Monitoring and its beautiful interface! Check it out and test it here, any feedback will be greatly appreciated!
On the other side of the world, Henri keeps developping our Indian branch, recruiting a new talent for our team, an expert of softwares sales, future director of TSplus India: Rohit Baht!
Paralelly, our Marketing team is advancing on our new Page Store, TSplus pricing, better looking every day, with its 3 editions and customizable bundles for desktops, mobiles & enterprises, thanks to Adrien Doussaud’s superb work! It also includes recommendations for support services, clients reviews and Q&As! Our Support and Documentation Pages and presentations are also being updated, resulting in an increasing number of monthly visits of our site, hopefully leading to a growing number of sales. Translation of all of this material is also in the works.

We’re deep in Q1, everyone is at work and the results are showing!
Bravo to us all, keep up the good work!

Anne, for TSplus team

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Business Development is very international these days, with Alexandre currently in Switzerland, Daniel in Spain and Henri coming back from Prague and on his way to Brazil, TSplus is more borderless than ever!
TSplus India is now incorporated, another BIG news in this regard is that we have now found our amazing new Managing Director: Rohit who will join the TSplus family in less than a month now!
In other (big) news, the entire team has been working relentlessly to release our newest Store Page wich includes several aspects:
– A new look & feel, designed by our amazing Marketing Team ;
– A new vendor, which will enable some amazing capabilities such as better currency management and … subscription based model! Stay tuned ;
– A whole new range (3 editions and 3 bundles, made possible by tremendous work on the Dev team’s side) ;
– Brand new prices !

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Our Development Team outdid itself in February:
-creating a process to deal with and solve Preview updates of Microsoft Windows 10+ that can block Remote Access… but no more, thanks to our Dev heroes!
-TSplus Session Prelaunch crazy-fast-speed increase! At least 10 times faster than before! That one is a game changer, bravo team!
-Server Monitoring is almost ready to be launched, withan impressively graphic new interface. 
-simplification and integration of Farm Management in Server Monitoring!

TSpulse marketing strategy banner

In our Marketing Team, In February, we moved forward on some long-term projects, while also nearing the end of one of the biggest ones: The store page. The new store page is scheduled for release soon and we’re quite excited with what Adrien D. has built.
Dominique M. has completed her first article and it will be published on our recently created blog page in the next few days. As we get closer to running this project at full speed, expect to see regular content updates.
We’ve also refined many of the parameters for our localization project. We have a preferred candidate for the translation of materials, and we are just a few weeks away from beginning to send them information for translation.

TSpulse regions news banner

From our International Teams: beyond the Region Directors’ meeting that happened last week, here come some good news from South Africa, where 2022 started very well and new prospects are adding up. TSplus Web edition will start being used to service the customers of a new South African software company. Also, Jorge has joined our Africa operations and will be based in Angola to pursue our interests there!

In Early february, before spending time with Dominique B. in Prague and going to meet our resellers in Brazil, Henri was with Rukshan in Sri Lanka for a few days.

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