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Welcome back to another edition of TSpulse!, your go-to source for the latest news and updates.

First and foremost, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your presence at the TSplus International Meeting 2023 in Dubrovnik last week. It was an absolute pleasure seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones too! The time we spent together was truly priceless, and it’s all thanks to your hard work that made this gathering a huge success. Bravo! 

Dominique Benoit, our founder and CEO, shared his vision for the future of TSplus, and it’s nothing short of exciting! He emphasized that TSplus products are like a “Swiss Knife” for IT Administrators, providing top-notch cybersecurity, affordable TeamViewer alternative for remote support, and centralized network monitoring. He urged all TSplus employees, collaborators, and resellers to be obsessed with promoting this idea within their network. According to him, this is the key to our success! To symbolize this commitment, he gifted every participant with a beautiful Swiss knife, engraved with the shiny “TSplus” brand. So, let’s embrace this vision and work together to make TSplus the go-to solution for IT Administrators worldwide!

Now that we’re all back home, it’s time to put into practice the valuable insights and ideas that we’ve gained during our time together. Your recommendations, success stories, and strategic ideas will help us develop and promote TSplus worldwide. Let’s work on the TSplus 2023 roadmap together! 

To help you remember everything from the eventful week, I’ve compiled a brief reminder of the key takeaways that you should keep in mind. 

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Regarding Sales and Business Development,  congratulations are in order for our esteemed long-term partners – Hendrick (Central Europe), Christian (South Europe), Andrzej (Eastern Europe), Alan (Northeast Asia), Adrian (Southeast Asia), Rukshan (India), Jay (North America), and Luis (Latin America) – for their unwavering commitment and dedication in growing TSplus’ success in their respective regions over the past decade! To commemorate their exceptional efforts, Dominique presented them with official TSplus awards during the Farewell Gala. 

Our international meeting also provided an excellent opportunity for our Region Directors to introduce themselves, share their regions’ specificities, and highlight their development strategies and results. Based on their presentations, we have distilled five golden rules for becoming a successful TSplus Region Director (which are equally applicable to resellers): 

  1. Be Visible: Invest in SEO and SEA to ensure your customers can find you! 
  2. Build Trust: Make your website professional and provide direct contact to build credibility and trust. 
  3. Treat Every Lead Equally: Don’t neglect any company type, regardless of size. 
  4. Know Your Customers: Nurture your relationships with your customers and become their trusted friend. 
  5. Grow Your Network: Never stop recruiting new resellers to expand your reach. 


Henri also shared some interesting facts and figures highlighting the exceptional growth TSplus has experienced over the past five years. Across all regions, we have recruited 26 new collaborators, with a significant percentage joining to strengthen our worldwide support forces. Our company has undergone significant changes to become a global software company, with a simplified international structure centered around TSplus International s.r.o., based in Prague, which holds three companies: TSplus Corp (USA), TSplus France, and TSplus India. With a company present in almost every timezone, we are able to provide 24/7 service. 

Furthermore, we have revamped our branding, pricing, website, SEO, and SEA strategies, and overall communication with resellers to present a more professional and attractive image. We have many more projects in the pipeline, including implementing a CRM strategy, launching new products, expanding cold calling, offering e-learning and demos, among others. 

The results of our hard work speak for themselves – our turnover for 2023 has already increased by 16% compared to 2022. Kudos to everyone involved! 

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When it comes to Development,  Adrien presented the big achievements in 2022 and the ambitious roadmap for 2023. 

The first major evolution has been over Remote Support. The product has undergone a significant change with the introduction of Remote Support V3 and the SaaS model. Today, TSplus is also very proud to fully manage the hosting of Remote Support with five servers spread across the globe.  What is to expect in 2023? The team plans to develop a WOL solution, enabling users to power on a disconnected PC and provide unattended remote support at any time. Additionally, the team will work on introducing the ability to use Remote Support with Mac OS devices and to connect from and to Android devices. Good news; we saw the demo and can confirm that it already works well when controlling a PC with a Mac! Well done Benjamin 😊  

Remote Access has also evolved significantly: introduction of the extremely useful Prelaunch feature, drastic improvement of the UX, full redevelopment of the Farm Manager, extension of the 2FA to all connection clients, reinforcement of the Security and creation of the Bundle setup… And there is a lot more to do! In 2023, the team will focus on redesigning the Webmaster Toolkit and enhancing the Web Portal.  

2022 was the year Server Genius was completely redeveloped and released under a new brand name: Server Monitoring! Exit the Web portal, welcome the reinsuring Desktop app. The professional and modern interface now includes a must-have and super comprehensive reports customization tool, along with others nice additions. In 2023, the team was planning on adding the ability to monitor Linux servers, and it’s already done! 

Last and not least: Advanced Security got a new amazing feature in 2022, the Hacker IP Protection! With more than 6 million IPs automatically blocked from the installation, it is a very efficient way to prove Advanced Security’s value and power of protection in the first seconds of use. The UX has been greatly improved, and there are plans to redesign the interface in 2023. 

To finish, the Licensing Portal has also been occupying our developers’ thoughts and concerns: the pricing changes and new releases have required a number of adjustments such as the addition of Remote Support credits. Lastly, the Licensing Portal has undergone some redesign to simplify Licensing management for partners and customers. This redesign will continue in 2023 to align the look of the portal with TSplus new graphic chart. 

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In the Marketing department, the team has been working hard to boost the growth of TSplus by developing a smart and effective strategy. Alexis presented the team’s efforts in 2022 to increase the company’s visibility, credibility, and authority on Google. With the help of our webmaster Adrien, we put together a set of essential objectives that has already started to bear fruit. 

  • First and foremost, we focused on making TSplus visible on Google. To achieve this, we developed a solid SEO and SEA strategy that involved optimizing our website’s content and improving its loading time, creating targeted pages for long-tail keywords, running PPC campaigns, publishing regular blog articles and press releases, and more. The results have been impressive, and our rankings on Google have significantly improved. 
  • In addition, we worked hard to build trust with our visitors. We want to convey that TSplus is a reliable, serious, and experienced software company. To do this, we highlighted key information on our website, such as our years of experience, number of customers worldwide, references, user testimonials, official awards, and introduced our team members on the “About Us” page. We want our visitors to feel confident in our ability to provide them with high-quality products and services. 
  • We also want to make it easy for our visitors to try our products. We understand that the actual cost of a download for a first-time user can be significant, in terms of time, attention, and mental effort to understand the product and come to a decision. To address this, we simplified the navigation on our website, reducing the amount of information visitors must digest, decreasing the number of clicks needed to access important information, and providing user-friendly tools such as mini explainer videos and quick start guides after download. 
  • Finally, we want to empower our partners and make it easy for them to promote and distribute TSplus products. We created a dedicated Partners page to showcase their value and collect their contact details to nurture our relationships with them via informative emails and so on. We also provide them with up-to-date and detailed documentation and FAQ, a clear pricing page, and rich and professional sales materials. 

This method has been implemented over the last two years and is paying off, as we’ve seen a positive trend in terms of visitors, downloads, and new leads shared with Region Directors. 

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