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For those who are new to it, I’ve been untrusted to continue the legacy left by Anne Merlin: Our internal newsletter. I am excited to take up this challenge and to inform you, month after month, of the events that shape TSplus.
In this email, you’ll find information about TSplus’ strategic goals and how each team is working towards these common objectives. I will also keep you updated on the company’s international development and regional successes.

And to start things off, Iet me provide a non-exhaustive report on our headquarters meeting in Paris last month, which opened the 2023 roadmap!

TSpulse Monthly News

Dominique Benoit noted that 2022 was “The year of consolidation”. For 2023, the motto is simple: “Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the Stars” as Oscar Wilde so wisely put it.

Great news! TSplus has all the assets to succeed in 2023 where so many are struggling: a high potential for growth and predictable revenues due to to our global development. When major companies like Twitter, Citrix and Google are downsizing, TSplus keeps growing and sees huge opportunities in the conquest of two promising markets:

  • The MSPs or “Management Service Providers”
  • The SaaS or “Software as a Service” customers

Dominique has outlined key projects for the coming year, including launching the TSplus Academy, improving internal communication, and speeding up the promotion of the “Royal Combo,” the essential tools for IT experts in cybersecurity, user support, and cloud-hosted server management.

And with the collaborative work of all TSplus teams, success is within reach!

Floriane, for TSplus

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The Business Development and Sales team, spanning 10 geographic regions, is developing local strategies to suit each market’s economic and cultural requirements.

For instance, in 2023, dedicated sales representatives will be hired to perform prospective “cold calls” and support Email campaigns in the USA and India.

Henri revealed the big figures for 2022: TSplus has hit 15M users worldwide in the past four years, providing a solid foundation for future growth. In 2022, three major regions experienced significant results due to the business development strategy: Under Alexis’ leadership, UK sales grew by 55%. Jay boosted sales in the USA/Canada region by 12%, and Rukshan and the new TSplus team in the South Asia region achieved record results. Adjusting our pricing and offering was the right move as it led to an increase in the average basket for FastSpring transactions.

In 2023 and beyond, our global strategy will be focused on one goal: to sell and support our exceptional product range worldwide, with a faster time-to-market, utilizing our channels, communication, and dedicated teams.

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Our Development Team has delivered top-notch, feature-packed products that have been continuously improved through customer feedback. Adrien Carbonne announced the following exciting updates and initiatives for the year ahead:

The highlight of 2022 was the release of Remote Support Version 3, which has required most of the team’s resources. Enhancements include the simplification of installation and connection processes, a complete revamp of the user experience and the introduction of new features such as screen recording, a liteweight connection client and customizable branding options. Sales are just starting now and no doubt that Remote Support features will soon challenge well-established market leaders like TeamViewer and AnyDesk. To meet customers’ expectations, MacOS and Android support will be added in Q1 of 2023.

Building on this MacOS/Android experience, and after many enhancements in 2022, Server Monitoring will soon be able to monitor Linux servers as well! This is crucial for Cloud-based management projects where Windows, Web and Linux servers are in production.

In 2022, Remote Access underwent more than 200 improvements and fixes, including the redevelopment of the Farm Management feature (thanks to Benjamin), 2FA for all connection types, and an important UX work done by Eleana on the interface. These efforts will continue into 2023, with a focus on modernizing the Webmaster toolkit and Web Portal.

The same work will be carried on Advanced Security, whose interface hasn’t been updated in several years. Eleana and Thomas Montalcino will find the best way to showcase the great addition of 2022: the Hacker IP Protection, which blocks about 613M malicious IP addresses from the installation.

Finally, the Licenses Portal shall not be forgotten; for it is used daily by many customers! It has been redesigned by Nicolas Clemencet with help from Adrien Doussaud, our Web Master. Nicolas will keep improving its look and feel for a better user experience.

TSpulse marketing strategy banner

The Marketing Team, led by Caleb, has been supporting these efforts through multiple channels:

Alexis explained how he is improving the SEO with a link-buiding strategy and high-quality blog articles written by Dominique Mould and Press Releases published by myself. In 2022, the Marketing posted over a hundred articles and achieve a milestone: for the very first time in TSplus history, the team is proud to have a top-ranked link on position 0 on Google. In the meantime, the number of referring domains, or websites with links pointing to tsplus.net, has reached 1.600! For the need of SEO, new pages have also been created for the website, such as articles comparing TSplus versus the competition.

A strong relationship with our customers all over the globe: A new “Partner” page was added to tsplus.net, inviting resellers to become TSplus partners. This page has already received over 400 contacts since September 2022, with a 59% increase in monthly partnership inquiries. For the follow-up, these contacts are redirected to our Region Directors. For each TSplus product, I have designed the proper set of marketing documents, including a brand-new Product catalogue, which are available on our web site to strengthen our customer awareness: https://tsplus.net/flyers-and-presentations

A great showcase website: Thanks to our gifted webmaster Adrien, tsplus.net offers an enhanced User Experience with easily accessible technical documentation and a smooth navigation. Conversion rate has been increased through important efforts to encourage downloads and build trust and credibility: Showing human faces, customers reviews and references are some of the tools used. Our campaigns to increase visibility on comparison websites are paying off: TSplus is rated 5 stars everywhere! Since the new website was released, we noticed a 31% weekly increase in pages views and a 36% increase in downloads. The next strategic project in 2023 is the complete redesign and SEO promotion of rds-tools.com to target Microsoft resellers and MSPs.

Impacting emailing campaigns: In an effort to maintain strong communication with our customers, the marketing team sent 40,000 monthly emails to resellers and customers in 2022, with an average open rate of 8000 per email. Alexis has also established “nurturing emails” processes for those who download the TSplus setup. This strategy will be improved in 2023 to boost conversion rates. Others ideas are being implemented, such as extending the campaigns to visitors with abandoned cards (about 100/month) with a work on the email automation in link with FastSpring. In 2022, Caleb also sent personal emails to gather partners’ feedback on new releases and features. Because our resellers like to be involved, the response rate was pretty good and this operation will likely be repeated this year.

As a result of these efforts, the marketing team saw a significant increase in website visits – 23,900 in November 2022 and 33,800 in January 2023 – and downloads have now peaked at over 4,000!

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“Plus plus plus”: the TSplus Worldwide Support Team has grown to include a larger number of highly trained support engineers; They collaborate on a daily basis to address an increasing number of requests and improve their expertise of TSplus products. Each agent has acquired new skills and grown in efficiency to provide higher quality of support.

Regardless of their location – whether it be France, USA, India, Latin America, Germany, Italy, Israël, Asia or elsewhere, the impressive number of positive Google reviews recognizing the excellent work of the TSplus Support team is a testament to their hard work and dedication!

For 2023, Olivier Benoit has decided to explore the potential of ChatGPT, an advanced artificial intelligence technology. ChatGPT has the potential to improve our work in the future by providing smart, automated answers to visitors based on the helpdesk knowledge database and the online TSplus technical documentation.

Work in Progress… 

In 2022, Chantal set up the platform that will host the TSplus Academy e-learning sessions in 2023. The course will provide training for resellers and customers who want to learn how to properly use TSplus products or develop their skills. Upon completion of the validation tests, students will receive an official TSplus certificate.

The training will consist of a series of modules with short, instructional videos and the option to watch or directly “Do” the actions in a virtual environment. The goal is to release the first Remote Support training module in 2023

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