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TSpulse! Our Company in a Heartbeat (05/06/2023)

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Hi there,
Welcome to your TSpulse! Get ready to dive into all the exciting updates about your company’s evolution. 

Although May was a bit shorter due to a series of prolonged weekends, it didn’t stop the entire TSplus team from making significant progress and achieving remarkable milestones. 

This month, our focus has been on leveraging the valuable ideas and insights gained during our Business Trip in Croatia. We have also been diligently ticking off some of the major milestones on our 2023 roadmap! Among the major news, we are thrilled to announce that Server Monitoring and Remote Support have been updated to the latest versions, incorporating cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, Remote Work has been removed from our Product catalog, and we have completely revamped the RDS-Tools website in preparation for an efficient marketing campaign. 

Excitingly, TSplus Africa’s development strategy is now in swing! 

But before we delve into more details, I want to take a moment to wish you a fantastic month of June and a joyful summer solstice

Floriane, for TSplus team

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In the realm of sales, May has brought about a shift in our strategy. The Regions have served as testing grounds for a different approach to prospecting, focused on direct and nurtured contact with potential customers. The results have surpassed our expectations! 

In India, Aiman, Rohit’s new recruit, has spearheaded a successful cold-calling campaign that has already yielded 15 qualified leads and meetings. Suvith, on the other hand, has been conducting live demos for potential customers in India and other regions, collaborating closely with TSplus salespeople worldwide, including Alexis. The positive impact on sales has been so significant that the team is planning to hire another Support agent soon to further bolster these efforts. 

In the UK, Alexis is trying a more direct approach to partner recruitment. Utilizing LinkedIn as a primary point of contact, he offers tailor-made training and personalized treatment to potential resellers, providing them with valuable information, materials, and an official partner contract. As a result, he has successfully signed at least 5 contracts with resellers in May. 

On a remarkable note, let’s give a big shoutout to Luis, who reached his historical sales record this month by securing contracts for about 5000 users! Furthermore, Adrien Philippe deserves recognition for his exceptional work in handling demanding negotiations and specific development requirements for a major new account. This account currently comprises 35 servers with unlimited users and has already generated $80,000 this month, with the potential for millions in the future. Applause to both for their outstanding results! 

Meanwhile, Alexandre is diligently working on implementing a commercial strategy to market our products in French-speaking African countries. He is closely collaborating with Razack Larey to establish a structured work organization and plan the necessary actions to target this specific market. 

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The development team kicked off the month with a bang by releasing Server Monitoring 5.4, which now includes the capability to monitor Linux servers. This advancement significantly expands our potential customer base, providing IT Admins with an all-in-one monitoring solution for managing hybrid infrastructures that combine Linux and Windows installations. 

In more recent news, the release of Remote Support 3.4 has brought an exciting and highly anticipated feature: the Wake-on-Lan solution! This update also incorporates valuable feedback from our Region Directors, partners and users, resulting in a range of improvements and fixes. 

In the same spirit of continuous improvement, Adrien and his team are going above and beyond to address the requests and comments gathered during our International Meeting in Dubrovnik. As an example, they are currently developing a new administration console for Remote Support, which will enhance the management of users, computers, and permissions. Additionally, they are working on a bi-directional client to provide support for Mac OS devices. 

On another positive note, the License Portal has undergone a complete redesign and will soon unveil its fresh new look to our resellers and partners! 

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The marketing team has been highly active this month! One major project that occupied Adrien’s time by 90% was the migration of the RDS-Tools website to the Webflow platform. This move allowed our talented web designer to create a modern, professional, and visually appealing new showcase site for the RDS-Tools product line. You can see the impressive result at 

In the remaining 10% of his time, Adrien has been assisting our Region Directors in improving the design of their respective websites, aligning them more closely with the aesthetics of our main site. This strategy aims to maintain consistent branding, enhance public communication, and reinforce our credibility as an international company. Take a look at Andrzej’s brand-new website for reference:

Simultaneously, the team continues to publish new content, pages, and blog articles on both and to boost our SEO ranking. The integration of ChatGPT has proven invaluable in this domain, with Dominique Mould and myself successfully harnessing the power of AI. I have also been collaborating with an external provider to create an animated introduction video for the rds-tools products, and it’s already available for viewing.

In another exciting initiative, Alexis and Dominique Benoit are exploring a new avenue to improve our visibility and sales: Amazon! The world’s leading marketplace offers tremendous opportunities for promoting and distributing our software, opening up a whole new communication channel. 

Lastly, May marked the farewell to Remote Work, a product that served its purpose during the Covid-19 crisis by providing an express, easy, and affordable solution for transitioning to a home office setup. As we continue to focus on smart and advanced technologies, we have decided to discontinue any related communication and remove the product from our catalog.

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