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Good afternoon,
time to check your TSpulse!

Happy new year!!! May 2022 bring successes and happiness to each and every one of you!
Looking back at 2021, we are very proud to say that we all participated in building up the foundation for a more agile, efficient and powerful organization for the years to come. 2021 came and went with quite a lot of challenges and a large number of strong successes:
-We recruited 6 new amazing people bringing our headcount from 25 to 31. This means a 24% increase in our workforce within one single year: it’s huge!
-Our turnover is up 14% versus 2020 which is impressive considering the fact that last year was an all-time record-breaking year;
-Our internal and external communications have dramatically improved with new websites, new publications, new emailings, new nurturing communications, and plenty more 😊
-The product range has also vastly changed for the best with the addition of one great product: Remote Work, several improvements made to our current products (such as the modern set-up, the lite mode and a host of new amazing features…).

All in all, now is the time for a big round of applause for everyone in the company!
This being said, let’s turn to 2022: it is already set to become yet another amazing year for TSplus and for all of us!

Anne, for TSplus team

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In Business Development, We are only three days in 2022 and the list of paramount projects is already huge:
We are in the process of incorporating an entity in India which will be the starting point of our powerful expansion plan in Asia. We are planning on recruiting 3 people in Bangalore in the next 6 months!
The emailing system Alexandre has put together is ready to go full steam ahead, this will generate a strong amount of new qualified leads and will improve our reseller recruitment pace greatly;
A brand-new Store page is being put together which will include several changes:
-The new TSplus range and bundles;
-New sets of prices;
-A new merchant of record;
-A whole new set of possibilities (license rentals, better currency management etc.).
Our websites are being both technically and visually improved aiming at increasing our worldwide visibility. The teams are working on translations, geo-location, local specificities, customer engagement and retention, websites authority and a lot more!

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Our Development Team is working hard on our next product TSplus Server Monitoring to expand our product range. We also keep improving our Licensing Portal and our Level 3 Support to improve our existing products.
Looking back at 2021 in numbers, check out what happened in the Dev corner:
-TSplus Remote Access: 83 improvements + 169 fixes
-TSplus Advanced Security: 31 improvements + 37 fixes
-1 new product: TSplus Remote Support (with 2 major versions published!)
-over 2300 new installations of TSplus Remote Access v15 in December (and over 3500 updates to v15)
-2 new permanent developpers joined the team: Nicolas C and Eleana.

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In our Marketing Team, 2021 saw big changes come to marketing. The additions of Alexis, Anne, Adrien and Dominique and the return of Floriane brought the team up to a strength not previously seen. Those additional skills leveled up our game in multiple areas. Alexis brought elite digital marketing skills and proved that paid advertising can work for TSplus. Adrien jumped in with both feet and completely redesigned our store page and the buying experience. Dominique is the most recent addition to the team. In the coming weeks and months, she will begin generating useful, industry related content for our ongoing blog and communications upgrade campaign.
Those are just small examples of where we went in 2021. The important part now is what we do with them. Building on the successes of 2021 is the key to a successful 2022… And beyond.
And of course, Floriane introduced us all to a future TSplus employee!

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In our Support Team, 2021 brought a big evolution of the documentation to match the new v15, some training on new products and a lot of internal information sharing. Stéphane moving to the US means that we now have someone working hand in hand with Mike and Jay and a better response time in this region!

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From our International Teams: David, Daniel and François welcomed Dominique, Olivier, Henri and Anne for a Christmas visit in Prague. Here is a toast to TSplus from us all!
This meeting was also an opportunity for some of the French team to visit TSplus offices in Czech Republic, located in the prestigious Flow building:

Meanwhile, in South Africa, December was a holiday month and the team is taking a break. The traction of our resellers and word of mouth are making us prominent in IT there. A new member joined the team: Sophie, daughter of Mauro. TSplus regional outreach will also be expanding with a local distributor in Angola and Mozambique. Though difficult for many, 2021 has been very positive for Africa, with an increase of reseller presence of about 30%.

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