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It’s that time of the month again – time to catch up on all the latest news and updates with your favorite publication, TSpulse!

As we gear up for the International Meeting in Croatia next month and work on getting our summer bodies ready, there’s been no shortage of excitement and progress in both TSplus and RDS-Tools development.


First and foremost, we’re thrilled to welcome Razack Larey as the Sales Director for our newly created French-speaking Africa region!


Obviously, we can’t wait to kick off Q2 together in Dubrovnik during the upcoming exceptional trip that Martine has planned. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience filled with celebrating TSplus’ achievements, sharing experiences, and discussing projects for the future – all in a very unique setting.

But before we pack our bags and head out, let’s dive into this month’s highlights and advancements.

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In Sales and Business Development,

Where is Henri? Well, this month, he’s been busy in Los Angeles, meeting with Mike and Jay to discuss sales and business development strategy for North America.

The cold calling strategy, which was launched just three weeks ago, has already shown promising results. With a contact list of over 10,500 MSPs and IT resellers, the call center has managed to collect about a hundred leads. And, more than 20 meetings have already been scheduled to introduce TSplus products to potential prospects! It’s a very positive start, and the team is looking to recruit a dedicated sales and technical specialist who can manage the cold calling strategy and help them keep up the good work.

In addition to his trip to the US, Henri is focusing on the development of two other major markets: India and the UK.

For the UK market, Henri and Alexis have come up with a new sales strategy based on TSplus’ affiliation program, Impact Radius. Alexis has worked hard to create a new website, https://www.tsplus.co.uk/, which provides information to our affiliates and turns them into official TSplus resellers. Visitors can download a trial after filling in a short contact form, allowing Alexis to qualify leads and follow up with nurturing emails with an offer for an affiliation partnership: In exchange for putting a custom TSplus URL on their website, Affiliates can purchase licenses with a personal discount and start reselling. This system has a double benefit, improving the conversion rate with better-targeted sales strategies, while also multiplying the number of cross-links that contribute to improving tsplus.net’s ranking and enlarging our reseller network.

Meanwhile, in India, Rohit’s team has been crushing it! They’re proud to report that they’ve already exceeded their Q1 business objectives, with about 5,000 TSplus credits already sold. To put that into perspective, in 2022, they sold a total of 10,000 credits for the entire year! So, a big round of applause to them for the amazing work they’re doing!

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Let’s move on to the Development team’s latest achievements! This month, they kicked things off with the release of Remote Support 3.30, complete with major technical improvements and a redesign aimed at providing a better user experience. From minimizing the program interface while troubleshooting a client’s PC to receiving a confirmation pop-up before closing a screen sharing session, every detail has been considered to make a significant difference. These enhancements not only make Remote Support easier to use, but they also have a positive impact on the quality of service that support agents can provide with our program.

Later in March, Remote Access and the Long-Term Versions received updates to improve the HTML5 client and ensure full compatibility with Windows’ latest updates.

But the most exciting news of the month was the creation of TSplus’ very first RSS feeds by Benjamin! You can now subscribe to any of the feeds for each product update, including the Remote Access LTS versions, to stay informed of the latest developments. These feeds are based on the changelogs and summarize the improvements and fixes for each new version released. We hope this news will please our partners and resellers!

And that’s not all! Next month, get ready for a major announcement from Nicolas Wirtz, who’s preparing a new version of Server Monitoring that can be used to monitor Linux servers! At the moment, he’s still gathering feedback before the official release, so set up your virtual machine and start exploring this exciting new capability.

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In the Marketing department, March was an exciting month as we continued our work on promoting RDS-tools product line. We kicked things off by revamping the website with new and improved product information specifically aimed at MSPs and Microsoft resellers – our core audience. Sylvain deserves a big shout-out for his assistance in rebranding and updating our technical documentation too!

I personally was also hard at work on crafting product catalogs and marketing documentation that reflect our latest products and information. Together, we’ve laid the foundation for long-term SEO visibility by creating a suite of outbound communications – including blog articles, press releases, and other on-site content – that will raise brand awareness among our target audience.

Working alongside our outstanding support team, Caleb and Alexis are also building an informational library of short explainer videos and feature demonstrations, similar to those currently found on tsplus.net product feature pages (ex: https://tsplus.net/remote-access/features/ ). With our baseline of around 1000 unique visitors to RDS-Tools.com each month, we can’t wait to see the traffic growth in real time!

But that’s not all – we’ve got some amazing news to share regarding TSplus.net. Our processes have been working wonders, as evidenced by our record-breaking traffic numbers this past quarter. In fact, each month this year has brought us to higher traffic levels than we’ve ever seen before! Q4 2022 saw an average of 21,400 unique visitors per month on TSplus, but that number has jumped to nearly 41,000 unique visitors per month in Q1 2023. And in March, we saw a staggering 52,000 unique visitors on our site – talk about a highlight!

To keep up our impressive results, we’re focusing on the next step in our SEO strategy: creating even more quality content to promote powerful keywords and generate cross-links throughout our website. We’ll be creating additional pages with detailed explanations of specific features and use cases in different industries.

Additionally, I’m currently taking a closer look at our communication strategy. We’ve decided to switch up our press release distribution service provider to bring wider coverage, the ability to target different regions and countries, and the option to translate articles into local languages. We’re still on the hunt for the perfect provider, but we’re confident that this move will be a game-changer for us.

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We have exciting news from the Support Team this month: TSplus is launching a new online assistant! This handy tool will be available on our website, ready to offer real-time help with any marketing, sales, or technical questions users and prospects may have about TSplus software. And guess what? The assistant is powered by none other than ChatGPT, the amazing AI language model. Visitors will be greeted by the smiling face of our Marketing Director Caleb, who will guide them through any inquiries they might have.

Its knowledge, for the moment, is based on the TSplus technical documentation, the FAQ and several sales and marketing materials. Of course, as with any AI, the assistant is still learning and improving, and the Support team is eager to hear your feedback. So, don’t hesitate to test Caleb’s knowledge (The AI, not the real guy! He might take offence) and share your thoughts with Olivier. We’re excited to make this tool outstanding!

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