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Good afternoon,
time to check your TSpulse!

The first month of 2022 just flew passed in the blink of an eye!
TSplus keeps developing fast, ever increasing the quality and professionalism of our solutions, to meet the expectations and hopes of our customers. On an organizational level, our company is consolidating the basis laid out in 2021 to prepare for our exponential global development in 2023, 2024 and beyond.
Thanks to our development, support, marketing and business development team, we started tackling Q1 objectives for our collective success!
In January, TSplus opened a new branch in India, improved the code of its full range of products and worked especialy hard on its upcoming new store page!

Big bravo to everyone for this January ON FIRE!
Now back to work and see you in February!

Anne, for TSplus team

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In Business Development: Namasté everyone, says Henri, visiting the amazing city of Kandy, Sri Lanka with the best host ever: Rukshan Sanjeewa!
Great news coming from this part of the world: as of January 31st, TSplus India Pvt. Ltd. is officially incorporated! A lot of work obviously remains to be done in order to turn this empty shell into a Bangalese Jewel but the foundations are in place! We are in the process of interviewing candidates for the General Manager position and hope to start operations within 2 months.
In other news, TSplus’ official “innovative company” status has been renewed earlier this month which will enable us to claim rather large tax credits… yay to that!

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Our Development Team is already rocking their Q1 objectives with our range of products:
-Update/Support for all products ;
-Integration with Digital Cover and new store pages
-Integration of new prices and new editions
-Improving the user experience of our customers and resellers on the license portal
-Advanced security:
-Improving the interface and user experience
-Enhancing the product potential and great features
-Remote Support: Improving the interface and user experience
-Designing a modern Setup
-Helping Marketing and Sales increasing our revenue!
-Server Monitoring:
-Licensing, Rebranding,
-Implementing Beta feedbacks
-Remote Access:
-Farm management
-Implementing improvements required by our customers
-Keeping working hard, daily on our main product!
…without forgetting Level 3 Support, Windows compatibility and Documentation tasks!

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In our Marketing Team, January has been all about preparation and creation. We’re a month away from a new store page with new purchase options and software editions. Everything from technical documentation to the support page options to marketing documentation is getting an upgrade – and of course this includes the website.
As we finalize the processes for the new store, we are also gearing up for the localization project. Covering nearly two dozen languages and all our important communications, software, and documentation. A huge challenge requiring all hands and a ton of information – it will be the key to wider global success in the coming years.

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From our International Teams: a lot has happened recently in Eastern Europe. The end of 2021 was very fruitful in terms of new contacts and number of licenses sold. We have launched a new office with a multimedia studio for online conferences and trainings. In 2022, we plan to record several videos with user manuals for TSplus products. There will be a lot of good work!

Meanwhile, in Sri Lanka, Rukshan is receiving Henri for a few days to connect and catch up as well as discuss and prepare the expansion of TSplus activities in India. Henri also got a chance to discover the wonderful city of Kandy: its natural wonders as well as the world-famous tooth temple, home to lord Buddha’s holy relic. Good times for sure!

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