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Good morning,
time to check your TSpulse!

In September, a much expected quarterly Regional Directors meeting took place… on Teams! Our HQ shared key information about TSplus 2022 strategy, the upcoming release of new and improved products as well as a new pricing system.
This meeting was a fundamental connecting moment, a chance to exchange about each other realities and move forward together.
Regional Directors were particularly interested by Adrien’s new products presentation, and rightly so, as each of the new features comes from their requests and suggestions: Hendrick was at the origin of our Lite AdminTool development! They were also the ones who first asked for Remote Support Unattended mode and it’s coming!
Our new pricing system is in the making. This brought up many questions, that Dominique and Henri are addressing for a smooth and seamless transition from the old to the new era!
In addition to this, the informal regional directors meetup of last month led to rethinking our payment processes, that might lead to great changes in the upcoming months!

That being said, let us rock our month of October!
Till next TSpulse,

Anne, for TSplus team

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…In Business Development, Back to class period has seen us move to speedlight!
Two new-joiners started this month:
– Aly Diallo is currently being brought up-to-speed and will go above and beyond to address the market he is an expert in: South Korea!
– François Duriez joined us a few days ago and will take off to Prague in a few days to help David conquer the high-potential markets of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

New customers-wise, Jay casually brought in a 7000-users customer in at the last minute … at the pace his conquest is going, I’m hearing the US Senate is thinking about changing the country name to “TSpl-USA”!

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Our Development Team keeps working hard on TSplus Server Monitoring and level 3 support. In a few weeks, TSplus Remote Support version 2. Its much expected Unattended mode will finally be released, and right after this, TSplus Remote Access version 15 (Windows 11 compatible) will be announced with its new “Lite” admin interface!

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In our Marketing Team, the arrival of Adrien made a noticeable impact! He cleaned and trimmed tsplus.net’s site map down to something a bit more manageable. More immediately visible, Adrien gave the download page a makeover. A cleaner layout with a couple additional selling points we have not used before, as well as more places for users to interact with the site – all of these things created an immediate, measurable improvement in user retention and raw download numbers. Thanks, Adrien!
Another part of the site that saw great strides forward this month is the News page. More specifically, the presentation of the articles is clearer, and each article gives easy access to related content on the site as well as links to tutorial videos, downloads and other helpful areas of the website.

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Our Support Team keeps solving technical issues of clients linked to our services, in a smooth partnership with the development team.

TSpulse Monthly News

In September, Adrien and François joined TSplus team! Adrien is working his magic to make our sites ever better, François will assist David in developing our Czech market whilst Aly is taking on South Korean clients! A big welcome to them!

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From our international International Teams: in Latin America, sales & technical teams had several training sessions (as you can see below) to align objectives, detect major issues and opportunities that each employee identified during calls with customers and prospects​, towards the ultimate goal of increasing revenue through the number of monthly transactions and their value!

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Meanwhile, our Africa operations have been progressively growing through our local presence, tsplus.co.za and tsplus.africa. According to Mauro’s expert opinion on the matter, our impact is likely to grow exponentially in the months ahead, bringing an affordable and fairly simple full featured remote access solutions to many more users!

Pic of TSplus partner in Africa

In Eastern Europe region, a lot has happened too, in terms of offering and informing customers about new TSplus products. In one day we put up bids for 25 000 euros for three different companies. This will surely bear fruit in the coming months. We acquired a new partner in Uzbekistan and started talks with two datacenters from Ukraine. We also sold the first TSplus Remote Support licenses. High five to Andrzej for this work!

Finally, Rukshan is super-active in India, Pakistan and Nepal closing in new large opportunities with i2k2, expanding in Pune, India, for about 2500 expected users per quarter ; Yantrik, promoting TSPLUS in Nepal for an expected sales volume of 1000 users per quarter ; and Busypak, selling TSPLUS in Pakistan with raging enthusiasm!

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Recently we had an issue with universal printing and i must say that TSPLUS team has resolved the issue in a timely manner. I was also pleasantly surprised by TSPLUS team member doing a remote login... to assist with my issue as i wasn't sure what to expect when we purchased their product. So far I am pleased with their support and in the very near future we are planning on buying another TSPLUS subscription.read more
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TSplus support does a very good job. They always help me if I need it.
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Had an issue with Web Access .. TSPlus support was cooperative to make sure this issue is solved .. Glad to partner with TSPlus
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