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Article title The basics of remote desktop software? You can control another device’s keyboard and mouse input, and usually much more. Indeed, this is why it is possible to remotely fix issues, install or re-install applications, or share screens using most remote desktop tools available on the market. Still, there are so many out there. Choosing the best remote desktop software alternatives for your company can be an arduous task. You will see that is one of many good reasons to try our software.

A Few Clicks for the Best Remote Desktop Experience

Whether you need remote access or remote support, some items remain. An easily configured tool which you can install, set-up and manage centrally on your workstation will always be an asset. All the more, if it is both simple and rapid to set up. At TSplus , we have made it our mission to develop simple efficient software for those reasons. Depending on your needs, you can test one, another or all of our remote desktop software. For free. Indeed, we believe that a trial is the best way to see the great value for money each TSplus product.

What Remote Desktop Software do You Need?

You may want to give your staff remote access to their workstations when they are on business trips or when they are due to work from home. Or you may need to give your technicians the tools to remotely access and fix bugs and issues, monitor servers, update applications and so on. Accordingly, a remote access or a remote support tool will be the best adapted.

Which Will Be the Best Remote Desktop Software Alternatives for You?

Have you been using TeamViewer or GoTo? AnyDesk or SupRemo? You may be a SolarWinds client or go for freeware of any kind. What are the great features you look for in your remote desktop software? Do you want it to do just one or two things because you are freelance? Or do you need it to cover a very complete panel of possibilities because your company manages services for other companies both home and abroad?

Choosing Your Type of Remote Desktop Software

Of course, some available software provides a whole range of the possibilities such software can offer. A company needing an exhaustive range of remote access and support features could find that interesting, but the price tag attached is not the same as for a more specific tool. SMBs are likely to prefer less of an all-singing-all-dancing piece of software. Indeed, a more affordable price is likely to be attached to a more specialised product with less options.

Once you know whether you want a few essential features or a wide array of tools, you can turn to drawing up a list of which of those are most important to you. This will take you a big step towards finding the best remote desktop software for you.

Keeping Your Remote Desktops Secure

Now, whatever the aim of the remote desktop software, the first and foremost thing to consider it how secure it is going to be for the use your company will make of it. Internet security issues have been a concern for years now and recently it seems cyber-crime has been rising faster than ever. The best choices will be software which keeps all data well behind your firewall or within it’s well protected servers.

HTTPS and TLS for a Safer Remote Desktop Experience

In that vein, communications need to be encrypted and HTTPS and TLS will therefore be essentials. This will further protect the remote access process. It aims to make sure that what is exchanged cannot be tampered with, should any exchanges be intercepted despite all efforts.

Signing-in to Secure Remote Desktops

When you know how easily simple passwords can be cracked, you also know that good strong passwords and extra credentials security will be paramount in keeping teams working safely in this remote context. With TSplus Remote Access, administrators can set requirements regarding passwords, helping ensure better security.

2FA for the Best Remote Desktop Software Alternatives

Because of our concern for cyber-security, 2FA is included within Remote Access bundles . Yet, you can have 2FA with any TSplus product or as a stand-alone. We thought that was paramount too. Indeed, this add-on seemed to us key in making sure our clients enjoy best use of our remote desktop software from anywhere on any device. Mobility and versatility are part of our society’s current way of life. Nowadays, being able to work remotely while remaining safe has become important to many.

Share Screens, Mouse and Keyboard for Remote Support

One remote Software alternative by TSplus is Remote Support . The basics of remote support software must be the ability to share screens and control of mouse and keyboard input. This is at the heart of the work done by support technicians. They can, for example, remotely fix problems on the client device, look at particular things on the clients screen or computer, share their screen for demonstration and training purposes. These possibilities and many more are a result of what RDP enables.

Instant Reactive Screen Sharing and Scalable Image Quality

All of these things and any additional features need to be instant and seamless for efficient and stress-free use. Another of our aims is to make TSplus software as reactive as possible both through its build and make-up and its adaptable settings. You may need to use video and share screens even with low internet bandwidths and poor connections. Our developers have worked so that Remote Support will keep you working in spite of poor network capacity.

Best Remote Desktop Software Alternative for Support – More Essentials!

Part of the essential tools for a remote support technician, we have chat and file loading. With TSplus Remote Support, the technician has a chat-box which doubles as the dashboard for important information and commands. Support staff can work alone as many do but also team up together for special interventions. They can access to client machine basic information and use the chat. Amongst additional features you’ll find uploading or downloading files between their device and the client’s, for example. But copy & paste, screen captures and session recording options are there too.

In order for the user experience is fluid and simple, the client chat-box is simplified and only boast stripped-down essential commands. The technician can also send commands rather than having to talk the client through performing certain tasks.

Unattended Access for Remote Support at Any Time

With workflows, flexi-time, working from home days and global teams to name but a few variables, unattended access opens up the way for better time-management and efficiency. Indeed, whether the support team works in a different time-zone to the client’s or whether they work different shifts, there is no longer a problem finding a common time to meet.

As long as they can communicate enough to set-up the remote connection, everything can be set so the technician can work on the client’s device while they are out of the office. Thanks to Unattended Access, neither faces loss of productivity or unsociable work-hours since the intervention can take place in masked time.

Most Affordable Remote Desktop Access Software Alternative for Windows from Anywhere on Any Device

Our software uses the Windows in-built protocol for remote access. TSplus Remote Access for example can be accessed this way. In fact there are a number of connexion modes available. It is also accessible from any device thanks to our HTML5 web portal. Whatever your favourite browser, you can seamlessly and remotely use chosen applications, support your clients and access your whole desktop. All of this is available to purchase under permanent licence. Paying once for lifetime use will certainly weigh less in the bank balance.

Customise the Branding of Best Remote Desktop Software Alternatives

Many companies will appreciate the capacity to customise any of our software. TSplus Remote Access, Remote Support and Server Monitoring can each be branded with colours, logos etc. Thanks to the customisation possibilities of TSplus software, each company can choose to make the software fly their colours and banner for their customers and staff to recognise. This way, even employees working from home or away still have that extra link to the office and their teams. Just the same, clients directly know they are in the right place.

More Possibilities with Affordable Remote Desktop Software

TSplus developers have not only tackled the questions of remote access and remote support. They also built server and farm monitoring software to contend with the best. Finally, they have developed a rock-solid security package to protect your set-up and devices, whatever they may be. All of these have been designed with company values in mind, including great value for money. And the little extra which we think makes all the difference is our excellent support offer and customer service.

In conclusion – Best Remote Desktop Software Alternatives

There are a great many remote desktop software suppliers on the market. From those who develop to those who re-sell or provide it as a service, the list is long. Picking and choosing one suited to your needs takes a bit reflection upstream and making a few lists.

At TSplus, we believe software should be efficient, affordable and secure. We also aim to make it simple, quick and secure to use. Each of our products is built with these central TSplus values in mind. We hope this provides the best possible experience for our users and clients. So, why not test our remote desktop products today for free with a fully featured 15-day trial ?

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