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For over a decade, TSplus Remote Access has been leading the way as the most affordable alternative to Citrix with its permanent licencing system. While Citrix remains one of the foremost providers, this hunt for an affordable alternative has been a recurring question for many businesses in 2022.

SMEs' Need for an Alternative to Citrix in 2022​

You have probably read and heard it too many times already, remote work has become the norm. Business owners, managers and employees are re-inventing how they work and interact. Many are looking for an affordable alternative to Citrix.

If you search online for Remote Desktop Software, you will find that though Citrix remains one of the foremost providers, this hunt for an affordable alternative to Citrix has been a recurring question for many for a while.

Citrix owns an enormous share of the market and cites flexibility, security, speed, ease of use amongst their selling points. But the price tag is high, and setup can be time-consuming, especially for small and medium size businesses who do not need all the included features and may not automatically have a dedicated admin or support team.

Small and medium size businesses account for an enormous part of the economy, so why should their needs not be met!

The Most Affordable Citrix

That is where TSplus comes in, with its no-hassle solution to get your business working remotely in a few clicks for a fraction of the price charged by Citrix and others. For over a decade, TSplus Remote Access has been leading the way in matters of affordable remote access solutions with its permanent licencing system . Affordability, simplicity of design and ease of use are the hallmarks of TSplus Remote Access – focusing on features businesses need, without breaking the bank.

With a starting price of $90, you can grant remote access to 3 users for life. User count can scale up with a business, and features can be added via software upgrades and add-ons. Growing a business is difficult at the best of times. The team at TSplus believes that a Remote Access infrastructure should not be a limiting factor – it should easily grow with a business.

The Easy-to-Use Citrix Xendesktop or Xenapp Alternative

TSplus Remote Access is scalable and efficient. More importantly, it is easy to use for everyone involved: licence owners, administrators, and end-users. Whether setting up a new Remote Access network, or migrating from a Citrix or MS RDS environment, TSplus Remote Access offers a low-risk entry into the world of Remote Desktop and Application Delivery.

Easy to set up and use, TSplus Remote Access is intuitive enough to be used by those who are less technical. There is nothing like a rapid download and an installation in a few clicks. TSplus also boasts a streamlined administration panel from which admins can setup and control all aspects of their Remote Access deployment – Everything from license management to assigning applications to users.

A Proactive Development and Support Team to Serve you

TSplus products have a robust maintenance and update cycle. Admins benefit from straight forward up-keep and maintenance in the form of simple, regular updates and fixes. The development team at TSplus proactively monitors coming Windows updates from Microsoft and keeps TSplus Remote Access up to date with the latest security and compatibility information.

With a combination of regional and international support teams, TSplus brings a depth of knowledge to the industry that enables them to provide rapid, reactive solutions to any questions that may arise.

TSplus Remote Access receives a yearly major version update. For larger enterprises with longer update cycles, Remote Access also offers a Long-Term Support (LTS) licensing structure, which can provide up to 3 years of product support without updating to the newest version every year.

A Citrix Alternative for All Devices and Browsers

One of the highlights of TSplus Remote Access is the secure web portal. Using an HTML5 web portal, Remote Access can handle connections from any device, anywhere in the world. It is commonly understood that Windows PCs make up the bulk of business user workstations. That being said, use of mobile devices and alternative operating systems is growing daily. The Remote Access Web Portal makes it easy to provide access and applications to all users – not just Windows users.

A Secure Alternative to Citrix

For most companies, their data is their money. Data breaches cost companies millions of dollars each year. TSplus offers ways to elevate your network security – all while maintaining the core concepts of ease of use, and affordability.

Secure the Remote Access web portal with optional 2-Factor Authentication. When passwords aren’t enough, 2FA adds another layer of authentication based on communication with an authenticator app like Google Authenticator, to generate one-time-use authentication codes to supplement the use of passwords.

TSplus also offers an additional security suite in the form of TSplus Advanced Security . Designed with Remote Access environments in mind, Advanced Security brings all the tools a business needs to keep their connections secure. Admins can monitor and manage traffic based on location or IP address, limit connections to specific times of day, and rest easy knowing that Advanced Security’s intelligent Ransomware Protection is keeping an eye on things.

Want to Try the Best Alternative to Citrix?

Whatever your hardware set-up, your operating system, your business’ needs, whatever the devices you and your team will be using to access your set-up from any place on the globe, this simple and efficient alternative to Citrix will ease your budget .

In the words of TSplus founder Dominique Benoit: “The learning curve is as fast as installation, and can be summed up as "Click, click, click, reboot, and you're done! No more long training sessions, tedious set-ups, and complicated configurations. Interface elements like toolbars and windows can be modified to your colours and branding. It is also extremely easy to give different users and groups access to specific tools and applications according to your criteria.”

To learn more about the best affordable alternative to Citrix, visit our website and download a 15-day trial of any TSplus product .

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