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Title of article The IT sector is in constant growth and more than ever opens a myriad possibilities. With such potential at so many people’s finger-tips, it is no wonder that support is such a central necessity for any business, organisation or even household. The number of actions now feasible via a computer device and over the Internet is quite simply incredible. No wonder so many have trouble keeping pace.For a while now, the development team have been working on opening a new horizon for the Remote Support customers among you. They focused on a TSplus solution to "how to RDP from Mac to PC for remote support". Indeed, many companies use Windows day-in, day-out. Yet even amongst users who are essentially Microsoft-based, your companies generally have at least one, and sometimes more, Mac devices for specific teams or a variety of specialized uses.Up until now, these machines were outside of our support software’s reach. And once they got their heads together, well, forget RDP, and simply provide remote control and support from Mac to PC using TSplus Remote Support .

TSplus Remote Support Free Trial

Cost-effective Attended and Unattended Remote Assistance from/to macOS and Windows PCs.

Brainstorming, Developing and Growing the TSplus Way

The TSplus teams work closely together to make our products and solutions as simple, useful, affordable and, most importantly, secure. Regional managers, resellers and customers themselves provide valuable insight into customer and user needs and requirements, whether they specialize in sales or the support.

This user-centric approach allows our team of developers to craft features that align perfectly with the unique requirements of our clients. This improves our products in the most interesting directions possible, furnishing our clients with more pertinent solutions.

Developing the Brand New Mac OS Compatibility for TSplus Remote Support

We have known for a while that potential TSplus users stuck with more expensive alternatives or kept on using them in parallel of our software, biding their time for this pending bridge between OSs. This seemed a pity, so a great deal of team hours has gone into this new string to our bow. There is no longer any need to be hampered in the breadth of your cross-platform interventions: you can download the most recent version of TSplus Remote Support now and get the Mac client directly from our online quick-start guide .

We aim for our users to be enabled to provide a more complete service thanks to this new capacity of the product. Indeed, the Mac capability works in both directions and from Mac to Mac. What a way to unleash Windows support provision from a Mac device and vice-versa while also opening new horizons.

Mac to Windows, Windows to Mac, Mac to Mac, and So On - No Extra Fee

And what’s more, the feature is included in the software tool as standard. Unlike with other providers, no need for you to pay extra for this Mac compatibility. To get your hands into this brand new feature, download TSplus Remote Support now to try or buy it.

Anyhow, here are the main steps for setting up remote connections without and with our software, so you can compare.

Set Up and Enable RDP Between a Mac and a Windows PC

Connecting to Windows PCs from a Mac with RDP:

1. Enable Remote Connections on your Windows PC:

  • Open the System Properties on your Windows PC.

  • Click on the "Remote" tab.

  • Ensure that the "Allow remote connections to this computer" option is enabled.

  • Ensure you have the appropriate cyber-security protection since RDP is otherwise vulnerable when facing the Web.

2. Install and Configure Microsoft Remote Desktop Client on your Mac device:

  • Visit the App Store on your Mac.

  • Search for and install the "Microsoft Remote Desktop" client.

  • Launch the Remote Desktop client on your Mac.

  • Create a user profile, which is ready for use.

3. Configure the Connection:

  • Next to "Connection name," provide a “friendly name” (or nickname) for the connection.

  • For "PC name," enter either the name you've given to your target PC or its IP address.

  • No need to configure a gateway if you're connecting to your PC within the local network.

  • You can add your user-name and password to the "Credentials" if you want to avoid entering them each time you connect.

Connecting to Mac from Windows:

  1. To connect from a Windows PC to a Mac, first you need a Mac connection client, which can be downloaded from the App Store.

  2. It is worth noting that Mac systems use VNC for their remote desktop connections. Therefore, the main recommendation is to also use a VNC client on your PC.

This client could be why so many of our competitors provide Mac compatibility as extra, only in higher packages, etc.. So, do read on and find out how TSplus Remote Support can simplify your IT support as well as lighten your IT budget.

A Word on Mac to PC and cost of subscription

Indeed, the Mac capability is available from TeamViewer and certain other providers, but often for an extra fee. Many also only include it in more complete and expensive packages. You may consider TeamViewer an option, or any other provider (these also may involve a subscription). Otherwise, TSplus Remote Support simply includes its Mac to and from PC intervention feature in all its packages. Moreover, the TSplus Mac client is all you need for all these connections, even Mac to Mac. We think this is great value for money.

Important Security Reminder for RDP

Are you trying to connect to the Windows PC from outside of your local network? If so, setting up a port forwarding or port redirection rule of ports 3389, 80, 443 is important. Which depends on your preferred connection method. You can modify RDP ports in the Home tab.

Set up Remote Control between Mac and PC with TSplus Remote Support, no RDP?

With TSplus Remote Support, there is no more need for RDP and little or nothing to set up, even with mac. Indeed, the connection clients, as executables or DMGs, will enable you either to take control of a Remote Support session as an "agent" or to share sessions as an end-user.

1. Download the TSplus Remote Support client:

  • On your PC, download the TSplus Remote Support agent or end-user EXE file.

  • On your Mac, download and run the Remote Support DMG. Like our Windows client, our Mac client is available directly from our website so you need not search any further for it.

2. Launch our Mac client on your device:

  • Double click the headset icon to launch our connection client.

3. Validate the connection on your PC or Mac:

  • Register if this is your first time, or simply log in.

  • Accept the connection with the credentials the end-user shares with you or request to share your screen.

4. Get to work!

  • Now, your Mac and Windows PC are connected all that is left is to do your job. With everything set up correctly, you should now be able to control either device from either OS with TSplus fluidity, rapidity and security.

Opting for Affordable, Efficient and Secure? – Choose TSplus

Our software grants your business with fast connections and reliable provision thanks to strategically positioned servers worldwide. Yet, we never compromise on security . The fluidity of our remote support tool is one of our prides, especially as we receive positive feedback from our resellers and clients. Security is also part of our reason for doing away with RDP for TSplus Remote Support.

If you are going to regularly provide support between Windows PCs and Macs with TSplus Remote Support, you may well wish to buy a subscription from us. Registering and being logged, you have various important features at your fingertips. Of course, if you wish to test or use TSplus Remote Support as a one off, our free 15-day trial enables you to test all the features.

When logged in, support agents can configure their Administrator information, manage listed computers and save any customization. For example, you can name and sort your Windows or Mac devices within folders in the interface.

NB: Once registered, you can change your display name or customize the client as you see fit. Adapt it to your company colors then generate that alternate client with your branding.

A Note on Domain Names to Enable Connections

Depending on where the agent and remote computers are located as well as to ensure best performance, multiple relay servers may be contacted by the Remote Support program. Therefore, when setting up Remote Support for networks with restrictive network policies, please allow outgoing connections to domain name *. tsplus-remotesupport.com from both the agent and the remote computer.

As a Conclusion on How to RDP from Mac to PC

To conclude, in the expanding world of remote support, the introduction of Mac compatibility in TSplus Remote Support, marks a new era for our software. This RDP-free development ensures that support professionals can seamlessly and securely bridge the gap between Mac and Windows, all without incurring additional costs.

Technology is evolving, and so are we, ensuring that our clients have the best tools at their disposal for effective and efficient support. See for yourself in a few clicks from download to support session .

PS: TSplus Academy - Get Wise on TSplus Remote Support

For our clients and resellers, we have devised TSplus Academy. It is an interactive learning platform to gain and test your knowledge and use of our products. On completion, trainees receive a certificate to prove their achievement.

As this online training is made in snippets, it is easy to break learning or assessment into bite-size parts to fit into anyone's busy timetable. Click on the screenshot below and create an account to work towards your certificate.

TSplus Remote Support Free Trial

Cost-effective Attended and Unattended Remote Assistance from/to macOS and Windows PCs.

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