TSplus Remote Work Pricing

Remote Work

With TSplus Remote Work, your employees can safely access their office workstation from home.

Remote Work creates a direct remote connection to your office computer.
$ 25 /workstation A workstation is an office computer or a laptop that you want to access remotely.

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Key features

Easy roll-out

No Windows Server roles to install.
No IT infrastructure changes required.

Secure connection

Remote Work uses a secure SSO web portal and a remote desktop gateway.

Customizable web portal

With the integrated Remote Work admin tool, you can customize your web portal.

Perpetual License

It's a one-off purchase. Buy once, access your workstation remotely for life.


Remote Work is the most affordable way to remotely access your workstation.

Available add-ons

Advanced Security Essentials

Add an extra layer of security to your servers. (Brute force defender, IP management, Homeland and working hours protection.)

Advanced Security Ultimate

The ultimate cybersecurity toolbox for maximum security. (All features from Essentials + Ransomware protection, Endpoint protection, Permissions and Access policies management.)

2-Factor Authentication

Protect your servers and data with 2FA for incoming remote connections. Available offline and on multiple devices.
To upgrade/manage your existing licenses or renew your Updates/Support subscription

Optional add-ons

On the next page you will be able to select add-ons to add extra layers of security to your servers.

advanced security logo
server protection icon
Perpetual license, price for 1 server.
security locker
2fa logo
Protect your servers and data with 2FA for incoming remote connections. Available offline and on multiple devices.

Perpetual license, price for 1 server.

Trusted by over 500 000 companies

We’re rated Excellent 4.8 out of 5 on Google and Trustpilot.
Feb 27

Reliable and efficient

" TSplus Remote Work is a very good solution to connect to my office from home. It is simple to use and it is the most reliable and efficient product I've ever used. "

— Martine T.
Apr 16

Great product and after sales service

" It's now been over 10 years and we now have over 5000 of our clients utilizing the TSPlus software and features. Both the product and after sales support is amazing. "

— Tony Antoniou
Mar 4

Worth every penny!

" We have been using TSPlus nearly since its inception and all of our clients that use it are thrilled. "

— Eric Miller
May 26

TSPlus is a valuable tool in my business

" TSPlus has been and continues to be a very effective tool for our hosted business. Client can access applications from a Remote Desktop Client or a Web Browser. Their technical support has been responsive and helpful when needed. "

— Simon White
Apr 9

Quality and professionalism

" I am using myself TSplus for more than a decade and it is amazing to see how it has been enhanced year after year to fullfil my expectations. "

— Adrien D.
Mar 31

Secure and accessible Remote access product

" Cheap price for a perpetual license. Usability and Support are very responsive. Very nice product ! "

— Nicolas Clemencet
Apr 21

Excellent piece of software

" TSPlus has really helped to get our customer hosting environment off the ground. The support we have received has been first class. "

— propman
Nov 14

Excellent attention from the TSPLUS

" Excellent attention from the TSPLUS team, their answers are clear and objective. They help you step by step with your doubts and problems"

— Azael Rodriguez
Aug 9

Love it! Affordable and easy to deploy!

" Love it, amazing desktop remote access software. The price is really great, licences are perpetual, and it's easy to deploy. I strongly recommend using TSplus! "

— Alexis L.
Mar 31

We recently switched to TSplus and…

" We recently switched to TSplus and have been really impressed with their software and service. Helpful and available, we received nothing but top notch assistance from them. "

— Sean M.
Oct 19

Excellent remote access solution!

" Amazing remote desktop and web access solution. A cost-effective software, easy to deploy and with a great support. "

— Abilio Pires
Dec 28

Great product with great support

" We have been running TSPLUS for years and now with 2FA. We were so glad to have this product when the Covid Pandemic hit. "

— Chris B.
Apr 20

I have used TSPlus for many may years

" I have used TSPlus for many may years throughout my career. There is nothing that MS RDSH can do, that TSPlus can't. I have used both extensively. "

— Steven Uppal
Oct 16

Great support

" TSPlus as a product itself and support as well deserves a thumb up "

— Darko Karamarko

Frequently asked questions

Yes, please send us a purchase order (PO) by mail at sales@tsplus.net and we will send you an invoice with instructions.

In your mail, please include:

  • Name and address of the company
  • VAT number (for EEC companies)
  • What you want to buy:
    • Name of the product
    • Number of workstations
    • Update & Support services (1, 2 or 3 years)
    • Number of licenses (If you need more than 1)

Absolutely! Your TSplus licenses will never expire. You pay only once and can use them for life.

No. Once you selected your Edition on this page, you will be asked if you want to add the Update and Support services.

The fee for these services are a percentage of the license price.

  • One year: 21% of license price
  • Two years: 18% of license price
  • Three years: 15% of license price

That’s why we recommend to select the 3 years to maximize your savings on the long term.

If you already bought a license, you can upgrade/renew or manage it on this page.

TSplus Remote Work allows you to remotely access your office PC.

While TSplus Remote Access offers this feature but also application delivery, remote access to Windows servers, and much more!

Still have questions?

We’re here to help!