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Citrix has long been a popular choice for remote access solutions. Yet, being a large company has kept it in the public eye over the past months. More than ever, it is not the only player in town. Whether you are seeking more affordable pricing, enhanced simplicity or improved security, there are several alternatives to consider. Read on to explore the top alternatives to Citrix. Let us examine the pros and cons of each solution, highlighting their unique features and benefits.

Discover 7 Citrix Alternatives in 2024

Here is a brief tour of 7 alternatives to Citrix for remote desktop access. Discover some of their key features, including the likes of centralised consoles, any device anywhere, publishing applications to the web or availability for free. Let us present Microsoft AVD, Parallels/Awingu, Ericom and Google Chrome. We have started with the most affordable solution for small businesses: TSplus.

1. TSplus Remote Access - The Best Value-for-Money Alternative to Citrix

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TSplus Remote Access and companion products stand out as a robust and remarkably cost-effective alternative to Citrix. Offering simplicity, efficiency and security, while staying affordable. With most of its products available as lifetime licences, TSplus empowers businesses to access and control computers remotely with ease.

Key features include remote access and application publishing including legacy apps, sturdy security including optional 2FA, farm management and a variety of connection modes. Plus, for a full remote infrastructure or to build a tailor-made SaaS solution, other products in the suite provide unattended remote support, server monitoring and comprehensive cyber security.

With TSplus, you can enjoy seamless remote connectivity across different platforms, ensuring efficient collaboration, and centralising and protecting your data against potential threats.

  • Affordable pricing plans tailored to suit varying business needs.

  • Intuitive interface and easy installation process. Basic set-up takes a mere few clicks. Once up and running, more advanced options are also available to fine tune Remote Access to your requirements.

  • Universal web access allows remote connectivity from any device with a web browser.

  • File transfer and printing features simplify collaboration.

  • Strong emphasis on data security with advanced encryption protocols and user authentication mechanisms.

  • Regular silent and published updates when needed for compatibility purposes and ongoing integration.

  • Responsive support team around the globe.

  • Some advanced features may require additional configuration for optimal functionality.

  • Room for more third-party integrations compared to certain alternatives.

2. Microsoft AVD - The Most Famous Citrix Alternative

Microsoft AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) is a powerful remote access solution that allows organisations to virtualise their desktop infrastructure in the cloud. It offers a range of features and capabilities to enable remote access and enhance productivity.

  • Flexibility to scale up or down provision virtual desktops and applications based on the organisation's needs.

  • Seamlessly integration with other Microsoft tools and services (Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365). This integration enhances security, collaboration and productivity for organisations already using Microsoft solutions.

  • Centralised management of virtual desktops and applications from a single console.

  • Robust security features, including multi-factor authentication, role-based access control and data encryption.

  • Complexity of setup: Setting up and configuring Microsoft AVD may require a certain level of technical expertise, particularly for organisations that are new to Azure or cloud-based solutions.

  • Cost considerations: While Microsoft AVD offers a comprehensive remote access solution, the cost associated with using Azure and additional Microsoft licenses may be higher compared to other alternatives. Businesses should carefully evaluate their budget and requirements before committing to AVD.

3. Parallels-Awingu - The Browser-based Alternative to Citrix

Parallels-Awingu is a remote access solution that provides virtual desktop and application delivery through a browser-based interface. It offers simplicity and ease of use, making it an attractive choice for organisations seeking hassle-free remote access.

  • Intuitive, browser-based interface that allows users to access their desktops and applications with just a few clicks.

  • Users can access their virtual desktops and applications from various devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

  • Prioritises security by implementing SSL encryption for remote connections. Data transmitted between the user's device and the remote environment is protected against unauthorised access.

  • While Parallels-Awingu offers a streamlined remote access experience, it may have limitations in terms of customisation and advanced configurations. Organisations with specific customisation requirements may need to explore other alternatives.

  • While Parallels-Awingu offers a streamlined remote access experience, it may have limitations in terms of customisation and advanced configurations. Organisations with specific customisation requirements may need to explore other alternatives.

4. Ericom - The Secure Top Citrix Alternative

Ericom is a remote access solution that focuses on secure and seamless access to virtual desktops and applications. It offers robust features and capabilities to meet the remote access needs of organisations. Ericom helps protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorised access.

  • Designed to deliver fast and responsive remote connections. Ensures a smooth and productive user experience even for bandwidth-limited environments.

  • Prioritises security by incorporating measures such as secure SSL encryption, multi-factor authentication and granular access controls.

  • Integrates with existing IT infrastructure, making it suitable for businesses with on-premises or hybrid environments.

  • Various deployment options, including on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid models.

  • Pricing considerations: Cost may vary depending on your organisation's size and specific feature requirements. Companies should evaluate their budget and align it with Ericom's pricing structure to ensure affordability.

  • Advanced features may require additional licenses: Some advanced features offered, such as load balancing or high availability, may require additional licenses or add-ons. Carefully assess any needs and consult with Ericom representatives to determine the most suitable licensing options.

5. Chrome Remote Desktop - The Free Citrix Alternative

Chrome Remote Desktop is a free remote access solution that leverages the Google Chrome browser. It allows users to access their computers or provide remote support through a secure connection. Chrome Remote Desktop is easy to set up and supports cross-platform remote access. However, it lacks advanced features such as file transfer and printing capabilities, making it only suitable for basic remote access needs.

  • Free remote access solution with easy setup process.

  • Cross-platform compatibility for remote access from different devices.

  • Secure connection through Google Chrome.

  • Limited features compared to other alternatives.

  • Lacks advanced functionalities such as file transfer and remote printing.

6. Workspot - Cloud VDI as a Service

Workspot is a VDI enterprise-class SaaS platform. It offers Windows Cloud PCs in leading cloud providers. It allows IT teams to provision Windows 10/11 Cloud PCs in mere minutes. These can all managed through a single console though they are set across multiple clouds, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS….

Workspot provides dedicated customer success support for tailored implementations, such as SaaS, Cloud-based, Web-based and on-premises Linux and Windows. They provide 24/7 support with live representatives, chat, email, phone and a knowledge base, a forum and FAQs. Live online training sessions are also available, as well as documentation, video resources and recorded webinars.

  • Experience Cloud VDI as a Service: This turnkey cloud PC platform provision aims to simplify the deployment and management of virtual IT infrastructures.

  • Simplification of Enterprise IT: Workspot integrates seamlessly with the latest Windows environment.

  • Promotion of Business Continuity: Centralized virtual desktops provide peace of mind against the greatest part of data issues. Backups and recovery capabilities are available for your virtual desktops.

  • Assurance of High-Level Security: Workspot's architecture ensures robust security, offering protection for sensitive data.

  • Dependency on the Provider: Lessened Control over how and where data is stored due to indirect Cloud subscription.

  • Unpredictability of Sharing: Shared servers can mean shared speed and performance.

  • Price: Workspot’s Prices start from $15.00 per month based on usage, though options are relatively flexible and include a free trial. This is relatively expensive, although the price includes the platform, cloud rental costs, Go-Live services and support.

7. Weytop - The Cloud PC for Academics and Beyond

Weytop offers a unique Cloud PC solution that fully dematerializes the work environment by hosting it in the Cloud. This encompasses the operating system, software, memory and computing power. Users can access this virtual computer via the internet, allowing for up-to-date, adaptable, and accessible work environments, even on older or less powerful workstations, all without requiring significant infrastructure.

Weytop is an ideal choice for academics and for users of applications with highly demanding graphics card needs such as CAD, DAO and the likes. Its offerings are designed to meet the specific requirements of these specialist fields.

Weytop can be deployed in the Cloud, as SaaS, Web-based or on-premises, for Linux or Windows environments. With prices starting from €13.00 (EUR) per month, Weytop provides a free trial but does not offer a free version.

  • Efficient and Secure: Access your virtual workspace easily from any web browser. Supports video, including video-conferencing.

  • Complete Security: Eliminate concerns about backups, hacking, device loss or data theft, ensuring data protection and security.

  • Environmental Impact: Extend the lifespan of hardware, reducing ecological impact.

  • ybrid Working Solution: Ideal for hybrid working in companies, offering team satisfaction, ease of management and manageable IT costs.

  • Value for Money: Weytop excels in customer service and ease of use.

  • Restricted Browsers Supported: Firefox is not yet supported, for instance.

  • Simple Use Cases: It is not possible to integrate more complex solutions with servers, private networks, etc. from the admin interface. Some advanced features are pending.

  • Price of Subscription Packages: While value for money may not be its primary asset, Weytop does offer a choice of subscription packages to suit different needs and implementations.

Chose a Citrix Alternative Based on your Requirements

These are the best remote access alternative to Citrix this year, each with its own strengths and considerations. It is important for organisations to evaluate their unique requirements and priorities to select the most suitable solution for their remote access needs.

By exploring these alternatives, you can find the remote access and application publishing solution that best suits your company’s infrastructure. We think our software is certainly worth exploring, and you can find a lot in our online documentation by way of remote access tools and their potential uses.

To Conclude on the Best Alternative to Citrix

When it comes to remote access and application publishing solutions, Citrix is not the only option available. Along with each other alternatives mentioned, TSplus Remote Access offers a range of features. We hope you will further explore how our software can meet your diverse business needs. For 15 days, you can test the full product or others in our suite entirely for free.

TSplus aims to stand out for its affordability, simplicity and security. It provides global remote access on any device, with application publication, endpoint security, file transfer and robust data protection. This will ultimately enhance the productivity, collaboration and operational efficiency of your business.

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