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TSplus Remote Support is a powerful software solution designed to facilitate remote assistance, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient technical support tool for Management Service Providers and IT Services. With this groundbreaking release, TSplus has taken a giant leap forward, aligning its features with the best-in-class standards of the industry.

Fast and Reliable Remote Control and Screen Sharing

One of the most notable enhancements in this version is the major performance improvement on screen capture, achieving up to 5 times more frames per second (FPS). This optimization results in an incredibly smooth and responsive remote session, allowing technicians to effortlessly navigate and troubleshoot with exceptional speed and precision. Users will experience enhanced productivity as they effortlessly access and control remote systems, providing timely and efficient support.

Additionally, TSplus Remote Support now boasts reduced overall CPU usage, minimizing resource consumption without compromising the software's capabilities. This optimization ensures a more efficient and streamlined experience, enabling users to allocate their computing power to other critical tasks.

Another exciting update is the improved handling of reconnection scenarios. TSplus Remote Support now provides a seamless reconnection process, allowing users to quickly resume remote sessions in case of interruptions or network issues. This enhancement significantly reduces downtime and enhances productivity, enabling uninterrupted support sessions.

Improved Remote Support Users Experience

Furthermore, TSplus Remote Support introduces a refined approach to the remote mouse cursor. The cursor will now only appear when necessary, ensuring a clutter-free display and enhancing the overall visual experience for both technicians and end-users.

With these groundbreaking developments, TSplus Remote Support has positioned itself at the forefront of remote assistance software. The optimized graphics and display, combined with unparalleled performance improvements, bring the software closer than ever to the offerings of its competitors. Users can now enjoy a truly immersive and seamless remote support experience, unlocking new levels of productivity and efficiency.

To explore the complete list of changes and improvements in TSplus Remote Support v3.5, please visit the official changelog .

To experience the enhanced capabilities of TSplus Remote Support firsthand, we invite readers to download and try the software for free.


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