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IT teams, MSPs, IT services or repairs providers. Each of these are likely to need to use remote access technology to provide their customers and users with the support they need. Remote Support software has to be reliable and simple since it is regularly required in times of stress and one of the parties is likely to have no prior IT knowledge.

Why Secure and Simple Remote Support?

The main aim of remote support is to hand over control of a device to someone else who has the ability to fix the issues the are causing trouble for its user. This means being able to send out the call and validating it and involves a great amount of trust.

It is also worth detailing trust of the agent who is about to take control of the device as well as trust in the software or tool that enables the control. All this to show how important it is to develop a good reliable trustworthy product, especially to contend as a TeamViewer alternative worth exploring.

Trustworthy Software for Trustworthy Teams

TSplus Remote Support is end-to-end encrypted, uses SSL certificates and requires no installation, thus putting at least one wing of worry to rest. No matter the remote support tool, the second source of worry is perhaps the more complicated to close. It is important to make sure the support agent is indeed who they say they are. And this has to be left to the better judgement of each individual receiving support.

Luckily, in many contexts, users have a contract with a Managed Service Provider, so they will know their names. Or they will have a working relationship with the IT technician or team who are assigned to fixing and updating company devices whether they are the in-house or not. Usually, staff will have access to the names of the staff members or hired persons for the job. All that is left is to check one another's identity before clicking Connect.

Add-on for Extra Cyber Protection

Of course, you can also use such remote access or control software with the knowledge that greater protection is provided such as the millions of blocked malicious IP kept at bay by TSplus Advanced Security. The option is a sensible one, though not obligatory.

IT Issues Need Support Wherever and Whenever

Whatever the device, there are regularly technical issues that need fixing. This is even more useful at a time when distant working is becoming a common or regular occurrence. Remote work may be nothing new to mature support teams and agents, but it certainly is something office and business workers are still getting used to. However, IT issues don’t usually give prior warning so they may occur at any time. Also, most need solving rapidly even when they are not urgent. Hence the advantage of remote support over physical intervention.

TSplus Remote Support Unattended Access – Anytime Anywhere

Indeed, TSplus Remote Support can for example work directly as each party connect or it can be set for later use. For instance, the agent then has the authorisation to return while the user is away from their workstation. Unattended Access is a feature which grants both the client and the agent a wider time-range for an intervention. This will work out to be an enormous time-saver since many issues will not require the presence of both, save maybe for information or training purposes.

In addition, this feature enables all maintenance and updates to be done silently and out of hours, while servers are less strained or the work won’t slow down other users.

Simple and Practical Features of TSplus Remote Support

Other than Unattended Access, many standard features are available starting with screen mouse and keyboard control, clipboard synchronisation, file transfer and chat. There is also the possibility to send command lines. Multi-Monitor means you can swap to display different screens should the client have more than one screen. Remote Support also allows Multi-User session sharing, which is perfect for training and demonstration purposes.

Additionally, the customisation features respond to some of the identity related worries mentioned above: agents can customise their profile with their name, job title and a photo, as well as brand the banner and logo of windows visible to customers and clients. Emails are also amongst the items that can be customised.

Finally, the option to host Remote Support on company premises means businesses can rest assured their data will stay safe within company walls.

Conclusion: Simple Affordable and Secure Remote Support

Offering a range of useful and carefully considered features, TSplus Remote Support will easily take its place among any company’s IT tools. Be it for in-house, MSP or any other use, TSplus software scale from freelance and SMB size to whatever may be required, both in term of price and licenses. Why wait any longer to discover the best value-for-money contender for TeamViewer’s market?

TSplus Remote Support Free Trial

Cost-effective Attended and Unattended Remote Assistance from/to macOS and Windows PCs.

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