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IT support software offers cover a wide range of requirements. Some companies will choose to outsource IT support. They will need to subscribe to a contract with a provider of such services. Others will keep the job in-house. For them, software is directly available, as it is for companies whose business lies in actual IT support provision.

TSplus Remote Support Free Trial

Cost-effective Attended and Unattended Remote Assistance from/to macOS and Windows PCs.

What Kind of Remote IT Support?

Not everyone will need all the services available, whether from a provider or from a specific piece of software. Clients should preferably select a provider who allows clients to tailor features and lines of support to their specific needs.

One point to clarify in particular is the kinds of response to expect to support requests. Support company responses and client expectations can vary widely in this matter.

Tailoring Remote IT Support

With the above aspects in mind, let us delve into the main specifics of IT support. This way we can better see the shape of IT contracts on one hand and what support software has to offer on the other. We can then quickly present TSplus Remote Support .

Typical Terms of a Remote IT Support Contract

Any contract should be clear about the items supported.

EQUIPMENT: An IT setup will typically have servers, PCs, Laptops, Printers and so on. Which specific items will receive support?

AGE LIMITATIONS: Are there any clauses that put a limit on the age of the equipment that will be supported?

SOFTWARE: Clients will be using many kinds of software such as server software, desktop OS, functional software like Payroll, system protection software like Anti-Virus, etc. Installing and configuring some of these pieces of software can be a daunting task. The software can crash during operations. Identify which software will be supported? What kind of support will be provided, e.g., will there be any support for installation and configuration or upgrades?

HOME USERS: Under flexible working arrangements, many users might be working with company equipment from their homes. Will they be supported?

IT and Support Referee

Whether support is in-house or sub-contracted, it is important to designate a specified person to be responsible for the preliminary fault identification and troubleshooting. This person will be the main contact person with the IT support company or the IT team.

Remote IT Support By In-House IT Staff

Nowadays, the number of non-IT companies with an IT department have dwindled. Nonetheless, for a company managing its own IT support, the above questions will have their place. The answers will rule a substantial part of what support tasks the company’s IT team may have to deal with on a daily basis, as well as potential capabilities of the software they will need to perform their tasks.

How the Support Is Provided

HOW: Typically, support is provided via email or chat or over the telephone first. This will involve assessing the extent of the problem, where possible guiding the user to rectify the problem by themselves. If this proves unsatisfactory, remote support would be the next step, by accessing the clients system from the support company's or by the in-house support team.

To enable such remote support, a support company might install a VPN connection or a remote desktop support client. The company’s own IT staff will work in the same manner.

On-Site IT Support as a Last Resort

In the event of this also proving insufficient, a site visit may be needed. This process will be made more effective by a good understanding of exactly how a support request will be handled. It will also drive how well the service will be escalated to a higher level.

Response Times in Remote IT Support

WHEN: Response times can differ with different kinds of problems. Server problems will need to be attended without delay. How much delay is provided in the service contract? Desktop problems can afford some delay. It makes sense to avoid insisting on expensively short response times for these.

With regards to response times, the availability of remote access and the Internet have extensively broadened flexibility. Indeed, remote connections enable greater efficiency and responsiveness from support staff. They also mean clients receive support faster and at more convenient times, including while they are away from their workstation.

Some Last Aspects of Remote IT Support Contracts

IT support contracts will typically also contain certain obligations on a client’s part. Some major obligations are listed below. Check that what arrangements have been made to meet all such obligations.

  • Try not to make system changes without prior consent of the support company.

  • Do regular housekeeping activities like backups, testing the backups, and so on (check who is responsible for these tasks and who is responsible for data recovery should the need arise).

  • Pay bills as agreed in any contracts.

There will also be certain exclusions from the scope of support. Pre-existing faults and support for functional software such as accounting are examples of typical exclusions.

Finally, there will typically be a clause on how to resolve disputes.

For Remote IT Support Providers or in-house IT teams, TSplus Remote Support

If it’s not already done, the time will come for choosing the tool for the job. TSplus developers have been at work on different remote access tools these past years and TSplus Remote Support is growing and improving with the company. It is worth noting that our software is self-hosted for your data and network security.

Remote Support Features That Do the Job

With our software, teams will be able to provide the necessary support to just about any device and from just about any location. Main features are remote assistance, attended or unattended session hosting, security and customisation.

TSplus Remote Support is designed with simplicity and efficiency at its heart. A free 15-day trial is available on the download page.

TSplus Remote Support Free Trial

Cost-effective Attended and Unattended Remote Assistance from/to macOS and Windows PCs.

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