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Article title Ways of working and providing IT support have grown more mobile than ever. Today, remote connection to a PC is no longer the mystery it once was and people from all walks of life benefit from it. Also, both PCs and software have progressed since remote control first was used. As a consequence, more options of software are available than ever, as well are more potential interactions and uses. So, if you’ve never done it before, here’s how to remotely control a computer. And a snippet of what TSplus Remote Support has to offer .

Windows’ Own Remote Access and Control Software

Windows PC already hold the wherewithal for remote access and screen sharing. Indeed, Pro versions of Windows for many years now have included RDP, on which much of this communication is usually based. By enabling Remote Desktop Connection, you can use the built RDP to remotely connect to your PC. Nonetheless, protecting and strengthening RDP with extra security to face the Web remains a good step to take. Indeed, it has long been known to be a prime target for cyber-attacks.

Other Tools to Remotely Control a Computer

TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Remina are just a few of the many names that pop into mind when I think of screen sharing and remote control. From tested and tried software developers to new products, users are spoilt for choice. Anyhow, the question of the price tag and the simplicity of a tool remains foremost.

TSplus Alternative to Remotely Control a Computer

One item in our software suite is Remote Support, our screen sharing and remote control software . Designed to be straightforward and simple to use, it is also secure. Remote Support is available on subscription, unlike our other licenced software. Maintenance and support teams can work on distant devices, whether attended or unattended. It offers the possibility to securely access, control, troubleshoot, update and support any part of a network from anywhere.

How To Remotely Control a Computer with TSplus Remote Support

Both agent and end-user need to download and run the Remote Support connection client. The connection is initiated by the agent entering in his session the credentials provided by the end-user. Similarly, to end a session, the end-user can simply close the chat box at their end.

How To Remotely Control a Computer From the agent’s point of view

From the agent’s point of view here is how to provide support.

  • Run the TSplus Remote Support executable.

  • In the console, generate a connection client to send to the end-user. That is, if they have not already set up Remote Support on their device. The connection client is very easily customised should you want to modify it to bear your company branding.

  • Once the end-user has their Remote Support window in front of them, they will be able to share the ID and password with you so you can validate the connection and begin the session.

  • Done. You can start work.

How To Remotely Control a Computer From the end-user’s point of view

From the end-user’s point of view, these are the steps.

  • Either directly download the connection client from our online Quick-start guide or run the same executable from the invitation your agent has sent you.

  • Remote Support will generate a fresh password each time you run it (as in open the Remote Support window). Your support Agent needs your ID and the password provided by the connection client to begin the session.

  • Done. You Are Sharing Your Screen.

NB: You can terminate the session once work is done, or at any time. Ultimately, for security purposes, credentials and termination put the end-user “in charge” rather than the Agent.

Remote Control Session Underway

Once the Remote Support Session is underway, simply remember that the Agent will do their work by remotely controlling your mouse and other peripherals. Be attentive to let them work without interference, especially if the session aim is troubleshooting. So, now could well be the time to sit back and watch, if your presence is required during the intervention. The chat box is very useful to communicate for instance to ask any questions or to provide additional information.

Variety of Features and Capabilities with TSplus Remote Access using Windows RDP

In any case, an agent can remotely control a host device to update its software, or they might need to fix issues. Then again, two or more colleagues could share screens and use remote control technology either to put work in common or even for training. It takes little adaptation to use the features available in remote support software. By extension, many can benefit a team working on a project. For instance, teams can in turn share or control various documents and applications as well as watch all the steps a colleague would take in a particular process.

Conclusion on How to Remote Control a Computer Using TSplus Remote Support

Overall, remote control and screen sharing software can be a straightforward process, especially with a service such as TSplus Remote Support. Whether for a 15-day free trial or to buy, do visit our website .

TSplus Remote Support Free Trial

Cost-effective Attended and Unattended Remote Assistance from/to macOS and Windows PCs.

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