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Studies show that large numbers of people have computers and other IT devices in their homes. More and more workers are also working from home or on the road. Through the height of the pandemic, remote access and web conferencing software enabled work and professional collaboration among co-workers and clients in spite of all the lock-downs. Now companies and workers make more frequent use than ever of the potential of software such as TSplus Remote Support for enabling teamwork regardless of geographical distance.

Remote Access Software! A Whole Range of Potential

Remote access and web publication software enables document, file, application and even desktop sharing. Web conferencing software is great for letting teams get together without having to come to the office or even be in the same town or country. Some types of remote software can be used downloaded or simply accessed via a URL, using a password or access code to connect. All these ways of remotely accessing workstations and applications lessen the company outlay on travel as well as the time and effort invested on travelling.

From RDP to Remote Assistance

Thanks to Remote Desktop Protocol, accessing a device remotely and controlling it to update or fix it can be done in real time over the Internet. Desktop sharing is one of the most important feature for remote support. It enhances the ability to solve issues, show steps to follow and generally troubleshoot without needing to visit the colleague or customer. A remote support team can be dotted around the globe and still do its job to a T. They may indeed be able to carry out better interventions due to a wider availability around the clock. Indeed, members from the other side of the planet can be reactive and give assistance while it is night-time locally due to the time difference.

Safe Remote Assistance from Anywhere

With TSplus Remote Support , workers can access a session from any device that has an Internet connection, including home computers and laptops, but also tablets and smartphones. It becomes easy to provide assistance at any time, from any place. The data shared amounts to images rather than the actual applications or data on which the agent is working. That way, company data remains safe behind the company firewall, while end-to-end encryption makes sure that what does travel goes safely wherever it travels.

Quick & Easy Remote Assistance Screen Access

TSplus Remote Support login or control is possible easily and rapidly. With other remote login or control software, it is often necessary to have a downloaded software for the sharing and secure desktop connection. This is no obligation with TSplus. To share a screen, the host computer allows a remote user to view the contents of their “host” computer desktop and take control of it. All of this takes place via one brief exchange of credentials.

The host computer can also hand over the control of the mouse and keyboard to the remote user. Handing off the control will enable the remote user to manipulate the mouse and keyboard of the host computer.

Remote Assistance and Support Over Any Bandwidth

According to the bandwidth of their connection, users can choose higher or lower resolution for the screen share. This feature permits less detailed video streaming data to be sent over lower bandwidth connection. Agents still efficiently carry out the job without being hampered by the fact that not all Internet connections are strong, fast and ideal. And where the connection is at its best, all users can enjoy high-definition visuals and rapid, reactive responses of their devices.

User-Friendly Remote Support and Assistance

Desktop sharing has been frequently used by technical support representatives to trouble shoot technical and software problems without physically visiting the clients. Desktop sharing provides a better customer experience. Complications brought about by providing too many instructions over the phone are lessened by remote login and access.

Multi-Agent Access in Remote Assistance Sessions

Thanks to TSplus Remote Support one agent can assist different users without either party downloading or installing extra copies of the application. If need be, additional agents can be invited into the session. Examples of this would be for teamwork, for observation of for training purposes.

Remote Assistance and Collaboration

TSplus Remote Support desktop sharing can also bring users one step closer in enhancing their collaboration, cooperation and productiveness. If an employee is sent to another location to conduct seminars or to do a very important presentation, this employee may contact his co-workers and ask for their opinion about his presentation. Via Remote Support, co-workers can do more than just visualise their colleague’s presentation or computer. They can provide practical input about the presentation without physically going to visit the employee who is away. Together, they can directly make any improvements they may suggest without a shadow of a doubt concerning which item they are each pinpointing. In addition, host and agent can upload documents they may want to exchange.

To Conclude on Remote Assistance

Through desktop sharing, application publishing, web conferencing and such software, professional and working relationships are improved and enriched. Conducive and productive working atmosphere is developed inside and outside the workplace. Possibilities depend on inventiveness and inspiration. Most of these tools make life easier daily for many users around the globe.

Since TSplus users regularly provide positive feedback on the company’s product and support, we invite you to discover why: TSplus Remote Support .

TSplus Remote Support Free Trial

Cost-effective Attended and Unattended Remote Assistance from/to macOS and Windows PCs.

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