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There are some recurrent questions such as this one, which crop up come what may. You could want to know the cost of a Citrix license for any number of reasons. It may be you have a good but expensive experience but are looking for a cheaper alternative! You may have a bad time with it and want to try something new… Or maybe you are new to remote anything and discovering what it all means?

Anyhow, at TSplus , curiosity is welcome so we’ll provide you what we know about the cost of a Citrix license. Then, along the way, we would like to present our simple, secure, efficient and very importantly highly affordable software. We have solutions for remote access , remote support and remote work as well as server and farm monitoring. Last but not least, all are built to function securely.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

Citrix Licensing – Subscription Based

Generally, Citrix has opted for a subscription-based licensing policy. Most of its products and services are now billed monthly or yearly, whether they incur a start-off fee or not. Subscriptions are useful to even out cost over a period of time. But, wheigh a subscription and a permanent license comparatively over the long run. It is unlikely that the subscription will turn out cheaper than the one-off sale.

For good or bad, Citrix choose to rent their service on subscription. TSplus licenses, on the other hand, are generally permanent, meaning you pay once and for all. Similarly to Citrix, we do additionally recommend an optional yearly subscription. This is to our Support and Updates service.

The service is calculated as a percentage of your licenses and is detailed in our downloadable price list. We see it as essential as it provides you the latest updates and versions of the software you have purchased. Finally, each of our products can be purchased individually and we have created bundles as well. Our bundles make combining TSplus products easier, quicker and even more affordable. You can go on reading there, if you are already curious to choose a Citrix alternative .

Scalable Citrix Licenses Per User or Per Device

Citrix scale their licenses per user or per device. When you want to estimate the cost of your set-up, you will rapidly be invited to contact their team. Finding out prices without necessarily contacting them is a feat. Our software and bundles, like Citrix licenses, are scalable. You can adapt your order to the size, structure and needs of your company.

We have chosen to offer thresholds for certain products and exact quantity for others. Anyhow, our web-shop calculates everything for you, according to what quantity you input. This way, Remote Access is available for 3, 5, 10, 25 or unlimited users. Within our online shop, you can immediately see the price for the provision you choose for your business. We are confident this simple remote solution is within anyone's budget.

Citrix clients have the possibility of saving money when jointly purchasing Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix. Also, prices decrease when clients pay for more users. For this example, it was possible to work out a financial cost. Nonetheless, at many other stages, we struggled to obtain precise pricing information. Generally, around their website, we ended up finding out we needed to contact them for a quote.

Financial Cost Versus True Cost of a Citrix License

Citrix software solutions and many others incur “invisible” costs on top of their subscription bill. There are infrastructure issues and staff-related questions to consider when changing certain things within a company. Buying new software is no different. Here, main tangible concerns will be regarding hardware and network while primary non-tangibles will be staff and user-related.

First, Cost For Hardware And IT Set-Up:

  • Is its security promising? Can you rely on it?

  • Can you keep current devices?

  • Or does choosing Citrix command a company-wide upgrade of PC devices?

  • How about the server set-up and available resources?

  • What about the network (Local and wider)?

  • Sufficient or could there be costly needs to meet?

Second, Cost For Users And Staff:

  • What work habits going to need modifying?

  • Or can it be implemented seamlessly?

  • What will the learning curve involve?

  • Who will need training to use the software?

  • Will you need to hire or reassign staff to keep everything in hand?

  • Does the user experience promise to be optimal?

How Much Does a Citrix License Cost Overall?

All in all, probably more than you'd like. Of course, we know it depends on each company's set-up and needs, both in terms of devices and software capabilities. But when the different outlays are added up, it is no wonder there are numerous searches and articles for Citrix alternatives.

Our remote solutions, including Remote Access , have been developed with care keeping in sight the need for good value for money. Now, an example: prices for Citrix Secure Private Access Standard start at just over $3 per user per month. You have to subscribe for a minimum of 500 users for their site to give you a price. Never mind it being degressive from that stage if you run a Small or Medium business.

So here is what I totted up. Let's say the above Citrix solution would work out as $915 for one year for 25 users. I calculated that going on the basis that some other products can be purchased from "as low as" 25 users. Remote Work licenses for 25 users and the additional Support and Updates service for 3 years amounts to just less than that. $906.25 for three years could leave you able to do wonders with those $915 that you won't spend next year and $915 the following. And seeing how simple to handle our software is, no need for lengthy training, extra staffing, costly set-up or the like.

How Much Does a Citrix License Cost In The Long Run?

Because there are always many possibilities, I needed a second calculation. This time, Citrix + Azure Virtual Desktop was the target. Cost for 50 users (their minimum) and 3 years: $60,802 for both against $67,521 Azure standalone. Then I did some TSplus maths too.

$625 for Remote Work for 25 workstations, $2,500 for 2FA and full Advanced Security for 5 servers (arbitrarily), $1,350 for Remote Support for 3 years (arbitrarily again), and, to make sure we're not pretending, add $2000 for full enterprise Remote Access for unlimited users so you can publish apps of any generation to any PC in your business or elsewhere.

That's $6,475 to which we can add the Support and Updates service just to be sure. It is calculated as only 15% of the licenses cost since it is for 3 years. A grand total of $7,446.5 for 3 years. Whichever way I take, it will be hard for us to reach Citrix subscription prices. Especially as our bundles make the above TSplus software prices lower than my estimate.

Conclusion on Affordable Citrix Alternative, TSplus

Each Citrix or alternative solution will need to be relevant to your business. Whatever you choose will have to be tailored to your business uses and needs. You nee to decide how many or few users you will provide with this or that tool, with remote access to their workstation or other.

Whatever you do, we are certain our software holds best value-for-money for SMBs. For further information, do visit our website and see for yourself how TSplus provides a simple, secure and efficient software suite. No matter whether you wish to secure your network, get your users working remotely or both. TSplus does it quickly and without heavy hidden set-up, infrastructure, training and staffing costs.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

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