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The COVID-19 pandemic may have forced many people to forgo corporate settings for work-from-home setups, but that doesn’t mean business strategy has to be lost. Learn how being remote can work for your company with the right remote access strategy and tools. Whether it’s globalization or the recent COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are working remotely nowadays. While the benefits of working remotely are plenty, there are also challenges that come with being in different time zones and locations. From networks to devices, security protocols vary when people work remotely. The good news is that companies can provide their employees with the right level of protection while maintaining productivity by developing intelligent business strategies for remote access.  Cyberattacks, hacking attempts, data theft, phishing, and unauthorized users gaining access can happen at any time, but the risks are amplified when employees are working remotely. Developing a strong remote access strategy can help prevent security breaches in any type of business.  Prior to the boom in work from home, many organizations operated on networks and systems with security infrastructures that relied on VPNs. Now companies must incorporate remote work applications and data access instead. The pandemic resulted in a sudden need to transition to remote work, which meant that many organizations may have overlooked VPN security concerns; most companies saw the work-from-home situation as a temporary arrangement. Unfortunately, this led to VPNs becoming revived by many organizations without much consideration about the risks and vulnerabilities. TSplus has developed a suite of long-term solutions for fully remote staff or hybrid offices that leverage modern technology, instead of relying on solutions from the past. Remote Access and Remote Work can meet the Remote Desktop and Application Delivery needs of companies of any size.

Ensuring the Availability of Help Desk and Remote Control with TSPlus Remote Support

Organizations must always be prepared for potential technical problems and should do everything they can to support their employees no matter where they work. When working from home, employees may need more assistance than usual for things like setting up virtual workspaces and managing software updates. Using personal devices may make it harder to IT teams to troubleshoot problems, as personal devices may not have remote control or remote assistance tools. There is always the possibility that staff might download programs that are not compatible with or authorized by the company’s system. Such downloads could contain malware that might compromise sensitive information. Having a well-prepared help desk with the ability to remotely control and guide users online is not only advisable, but necessary. TSplus Remote Support enables real-time seamless remote assistance thanks to screen sharing and full remote control of end-users' devices.

Ensuring the Network Capacity Can Manage the Workload

Working remotely may mean that network capacity needs to increase to accommodate a larger group of users, routers, firewalls, bandwidth, NAT devices and more. Resources must be appropriately sized to meet the requirements of all end users’ workloads.  Having multiple users simultaneously connected to the same network can lead to a high rate of interdependency. Combined with an inadequately sized network, this could lead to a deterioration of performance over time, especially during an update. This could negatively impact both the productivity of the company as well as the user experience.  At TSplus , we are committed to helping our clients develop effective remote access strategies for their employees no matter where they work. That is why we provide them the most secure remote access system on the market. To learn more about the TSplus family of products, visit the website. TSplus offers a 15-Day free downloadable version for each of its solution: [Try it now!](javascript:DownloadAndRedirect1())

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