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5 Top Software Products for Secure Remote Access in 2023

Remote access and control software seems in some ways to have made the world shrink. Indeed, remote access software has become a lifeline for enterprises and individuals alike, enabling less commuting and cutting a host of overheads. It not only enhances productivity but also allows for seamless collaboration and efficient system management. However, with the growing reliance on remote access, security has become ever more important. To help you navigate the 2023 market of remote access security solutions, I've compiled my list of the best remote access security software. From remote access software with security at its centre to full blown security suites that come on top of existing remote solutions, there is also a middle ground. Part of this eclectic mix of software, see how TSplus Advanced Security can be both truly independent “stand-alone” and integrated as a remote software security toolset.

A no-man’s land between remote software and security software?

The security features in remote access software are designed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of remote access sessions while protecting against unauthorised access and potential security threats. Cyber-security software protects remote connexions amongst other things. Yet in that ground where the two meet, not many products have emerged offering a genuinely complete set of security guards which can attend to remote access while also protecting company IT infrastructure.

Spare Parts and Software Suites - Any Other Way?

Anti-viruses, malware protection, intrusion prevention systems, SIEM, endpoint protection, zero-trust and more: there are many options for spare parts. Yet, few are the suites dedicated to ensuring remote connexions and communication are securely established then maintained in all security. Security suites are generally not remote software orientated. Hence, they fit part of the bill but not all, and they are on subscription, meaning you lose base protection when you stop paying.

From what I have seen, remote access and control software and security software meet in a middle ground that seems less usefully served than one might expect. Additionally, just about every solution is either a subscription, expensive or both.

Until TSplus came along, that is… So, let’s see what contenders we have in this mix-and-match software choice.

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1. TSplus Advanced Security: Best for: Price and Complete Protection

The Ultimate Choice for Comprehensive Remote Access Security In the realm of remote access security software, TSplus Advanced Security stands out as the ultimate choice for businesses and IT professionals. This powerful cybersecurity toolbox offers all-round protection, making it one of the best remote access security software products available in 2023.

Key Security Features:

  • Brute Force Defender and Ransomware Protection: TSplus Advanced Security provides robust protection for your infrastructure.

  • Endpoint Security: Amongst its wide range of advanced security features, Endpoint Security and Secure Desktops give you the leeway to lock endpoints to users and to configure security levels according to groups and users.

  • IP Management: Be it with the Global Management feature or Hacker IP Protection, your company’s security in cyber-space is stronger than ever.

One of TSplus Advanced Security's key strengths lies in its completeness of protection. It combines a range of powerful security features into one comprehensive solution. Still, what truly sets TSplus Advanced Security apart remains its affordability.

In an era where cybersecurity is a non-negotiable, TSplus offers unbeatable value for money . Unlike subscription-based models, TSplus provides permanent licenses, meaning your remote access security can remain robust without recurring costs. Nonetheless, to keep learning and stay one step ahead of threats, our Updates and Support service is available on subscription at a very reasonable price.


  1. Comprehensive Cybersecurity Toolbox: TSplus Advanced Security encompasses a wide array of security measures, leaving no vulnerability unchecked.

  2. Cost-Effective Updates and Support: To stay ahead of threats, TSplus Updates and Support service is affordable even for SMEs, ensuring third party software does not break your protection.

  3. Customisable Security: As administrators, you can tailor settings to the specific needs of your remote work infrastructure, ensuring optimal security. Additionally, TSplus Advanced Security learns normal behaviour so threats are more remarkable.


  1. Learning Curve: Users new to cyber-security and to the software may experience a slight learning curve when configuring advanced security settings.

  2. Initial Setup: Less experienced users can seek initial assistance to optimally deploy the software for their infrastructure. Nevertheless, the setup process is well-documented.


  1. Stand-Alone or Part of a Suite: TSplus Advanced Security offers freedom of infrastructure. Indeed, it comes as an independent cyber-security software product, so you can add it to any set-up you may already have. Yet you can also purchase it as part of our remote software suite.

  2. Permanent Licenses and Subscription, to serve you best: Unlike subscription-based models, TSplus permanent licenses eliminate escalating costs to maintain robust security and Advanced Security robustly protects its fellow- products Remote Access, Remote Support and Server Monitoring for an all-secure remote infrastructure.

  3. Constantly evolving: This is more than simply software: you gain behaviour analysis, quarantining, IP management features and more, added to our professional and informed development, support, sales and marketing teams worldwide. That is why TSplus Advanced Security grows both against any new threats and in response to user needs.

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2. Trend Micro Worry-Free Services Suites: Best for Comprehensive Endpoint Security

Trend Micro Worry-Free Services Suites stands as a robust endpoint security solution with several compelling features. It does not provide remote access as it is solely concerned with security matters.

Key Security Features:

  • Cross-Platform Protection: Trend Micro Worry-Free Services Suites offer protection not only for Windows endpoints on both desktops and servers. Furthermore, it extends its security net to macOS, Android and iOS.

  • Advanced Malware Detection: This security suite employs a powerful anti-virus scanner that not only examines files before execution but also continuously monitors them during runtime. It excels in detecting various malware forms.

  • Behaviour Analysis and Machine Learning: Worry-Free Services Suites use a combination of cutting-edge techniques (behaviour analysis, predictive analysis, runtime machine learning, …) to maintain the security of your endpoints. It can thus effectively identify and block incoming malicious applications.

  1. Committed to innovating and adaptation: Trend Micro's consistent commitment to innovation and adaptation to evolving threats ensures that it remains a relevant and reliable choice for modern cybersecurity needs.

  2. Cloud App Security: It offers Cloud App Security protection, enhancing the security of cloud-based services.

  3. Full Disk Encryption: Trend Micro Worry-Free Services Suites include full disk encryption, adding an additional layer of data protection.

  1. No Linux Endpoint Support: Unfortunately, this security solution lacks support for Linux endpoints, limiting its compatibility.

  2. Windows-Centric Features: Some of its features are Windows-exclusive, which may not fully cater to organisations with diverse endpoint ecosystems.

Trend Micro effectively secures a wide range of devices across various platforms, making it a potent choice for organisations seeking comprehensive endpoint security.

Trend Micro boasts its long-standing presence and reputation in the cybersecurity industry and has a robust feature set. This makes it a credible choice for organisations looking to safeguard their endpoints.

3. Perimeter 81: Best for: Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution

In the realm of remote access security software, Perimeter 81 emerges as a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. Designed for modern organisations, it deploys a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model which offers a robust set of features. These secure the access of distributed workforces to both on-premises or cloud-hosted company resources.

Key Security Features

  • Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP): Perimeter 81 deploys SDP to create an impenetrable network for users or devices, minimizing threats. It enables encrypted traffic tunnels for secure, low-latency connections to resources.

  • High-tech Security: Perimeter 81 security features include malware protection against trojans, rootkits, viruses and zero-day exploits. It employs a multi-layered detection system with machine learning to detect complex threats.

  • Web Filtering: The platform offers secure web gateway web filtering, allowing control over web activity, internet access and protection against suspicious sites. It enables exportable reports for web activity analysis and auditing.

  • User-Friendly: Perimeter 81 offers an intuitive interface and is easy to learn and use.

  • Integration Capabilities: It seamlessly integrates with various third-party services and extends support to multiple operating systems.

  • Unified Network Management: The platform offers unified network management capabilities, simplifying network operations.

  • No Free Trial: Unfortunately, Perimeter 81 lacks a free trial, offering only a money-back guarantee.

  • Advanced Features Costs: Aside from Perimeter 81 only being available on subscription, some advanced features are available in higher pricing tiers.

  • Limited Support in Essential Plan: The Essential plan has limited support, making it more suitable for startups.

Perimeter 81 can prove ideal to secure remote employees from potentially harmful connexions which could expose company resources to malicious attacks.

4. TightVNC: Best for: Open-Source Secure Remote Access

Simple and Reliable Remote Access

TightVNC is known for its simplicity and reliability in remote access. It offers basic remote control capabilities and cross-platform support, making it a straightforward choice for remote access needs.

Key Security Features

  • Encryption: TightVNC supports encryption to secure remote connections. Thus, data transmitted between the local and remote systems is protected from eavesdropping.

  • Authentication: The software provides authentication mechanisms to verify the identity of users attempting to access remote systems, preventing unauthorised access.

  • Password Protection: Users can set up password protection for remote connexions, adding an extra layer of security to their VNC sessions.

TightVNC is a reputable solution for those seeking dependable secure remote access. Still, while one of its strengths is its simplicity, it does not provide the extra peace of mind offered by bona-fide cyber-security software. This open-source software provides remote control capabilities and cross-platform support.

Users can establish secure connections between devices, and the software offers a secure channel for data transfer. While it may not boast the same extensive feature set as some competitors, TightVNC is an excellent choice for businesses and individuals looking for an uncomplicated yet effective remote access solution but do not require to be able to deploy further security.

  • Open-Source: Tight VNC is open-source, which means it's cost-effective and customisable to specific needs.

  • Cross-Platform Support: It offers cross-platform support, enabling remote access to a wide range of devices and operating systems.

  • Limited Features: Compared to some competitors, Tight VNC may have fewer advanced features and capabilities.

  • Usability: It might not be as user-friendly as some other remote access software, potentially requiring more technical expertise.

  1. Cost-Effective: Being open-source, Tight VNC provides an affordable remote access solution.

  2. Customisability: Users can tailor Tight VNC to their specific requirements and integrate it into their existing systems.

5. GoToMyPC - Best for: Instant desktop view on multiple devices

Remote Access with Enhanced Features

GoToMyPC provides a variety of enhanced remote access features while nevertheless keeping a certain focus on security. It offers compatibility with various platforms, ensuring flexibility for remote work scenarios.

Key Security Features

  • 256-bit AES Encryption: GoToMyPC employs 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption to secure remote connections, ensuring that data remains confidential during transit.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): GoToMyPC supports multi-factor authentication, requiring users to provide multiple forms of identification to access their remote computers, enhancing security.

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Integration: GoToMyPC incorporates Bitdefender antivirus software, further enhancing security by providing protection against malware and viruses.

For nearly two decades, GoToMyPC has been a trusted name in remote computer access software. It prioritises security with features like 256-bit AES encryption and multi-factor authentication. Though its security features are once again an intrinsic part of the product, as an “all-in-one” GoToMyPC remains a serious contender in the best remote access security software category.

  • Unattended Access: GoToMyPC offers unattended access, allowing users to access remote computers without requiring someone at the remote end to grant access.

  • Session Recording: The ability to record remote sessions can be valuable for documentation and auditing purposes.

  • Pricing: Some users have found GoToMyPC's pricing to be on the higher side, especially for smaller businesses.

  • Mobile and Tablet Access: While GoToMyPC offers mobile access, some users have reported limitations in functionality on mobile devices.

  1. 24/7 Customer Support: Users can rely on 24/7 customer support for assistance, ensuring a smooth remote access experience.

  2. Instant Desktop View on Multiple Devices: GoToMyPC provides the convenience of instantly accessing remote computer files, applications, and networks from multiple devices.

Conclusion on Best Remote Access Security Software

In the ever-evolving landscape of remote work and system management, choosing the best remote access security software is crucial. These five products, each with its unique strengths, cater to some of the diverse needs and situations of businesses small and large. Whether you want a security "add-on" or all-in-one secure remote access, there will always be something for your infrastructure.

According to reviews on platforms like G2 and other industry publications, TSplus Advanced Security is highly regarded for its comprehensive security measures and affordability. Users have consistently praised its effectiveness in safeguarding remote access environments. Our permanent licensing model, combined with the cost-effective Updates and Support service, has been a standout feature, making it an appealing choice for businesses seeking a balance between security and cost-efficiency.

When it comes to remote access security, TSplus Advanced Security covers all the bases, making it the top contender in the list of the best remote access security software. Go ahead and delve into TSplus Advanced Security, an exceptional solution designed to elevate your remote access security so you can attend to your business.

TSplus Updates and Support services - for the best remote access security software.

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