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The development team at TSplus has diligently explored options to optimize the Universal Printer, leading to the integration of NovaPDF ( https://www.novapdf.com/ ), a cutting-edge technology enabling seamless creation of industry-standard PDF files from print jobs.

NovaPDF, described on its website as a "PDF printer for Windows," empowers users to effortlessly convert any printable document into a PDF. The integration of NovaPDF in Remote Access V17 replaces the discontinued Universal Printer (CustPDF) and Universal Printer (GhostScript).

Optimal Remote Printing Jobs

Key benefits of the NovaPDF integration include:

  • Printing multiple copies of the same document

  • Improved print spooling efficiency

  • Configuration and application of print profiles

  • Activation of print monitoring and access to print history

For detailed information on utilizing the Universal Printer with Remote Access V17, users can refer to the online User Guide: https://docs.terminalserviceplus.com/tsplus/universal-printer .

NovaPDF is just the tip of the iceberg in the array of enhancements brought by Remote Access V17. The development team remains committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, continually integrating user feedback. Version 17 also incorporates all the fixes and improvements from previous updates, detailed in the changelog: https://dl-files.com/TSplus-changelog.html .

Existing customers with a TSplus Support and Update subscription can effortlessly apply this major update directly from the Remote Access interface**.**

For those without a subscription, the Support and Update service can be conveniently purchased from the TSplus License Portal, accessible here:

Subscribe to TSplus Update and Support Service

To experience the power of Remote Access V17, interested users can download and test the software for free for 15 days: https://tsplus.net/download/ .

Stay tuned for further updates, as TSplus continues its commitment to delivering cutting-edge remote access solutions.

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