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On March 28, Microsoft released another Preview Update. This latest version contains cumulative updates which when applied may create compatibility issues with other applications. Fortunately, TSplus has developed a technology that enables Remote Access to detect and prevent potential incompatibilities with the most recent Microsoft Updates.

Preventing Bugs Created by Microsoft Preview Updates

Recently, Microsoft released a series of preview updates; the last one being March 28, 2022—KB5011563 (OS Build 22000.593) Preview.

Preview updates, generally released towards the end of the month, are slightly more unstable and less predictable than the regular ones, as they are basically beta versions. Only advanced administrators should try applying them. It's generally best to wait until the regular Microsoft Patch Tuesday which contains the code of cumulative past updates.

Regardless, TSplus Remote Access has been and is still fully compatible with the latest Windows 10 version 20H2/21H1/21H2 as well as the latest Windows Server 2022 updates.

To stay aligned and run properly despite these new preview updates, TSplus has developed its own detection system.

TSplus now includes a Preview Microsoft Update feature. This technology can immediately detect incompatibilities with any new Microsoft update.

How Does It Work?

The feature is designed to run automatically in the background when the AdminTool is launched. It checks to see if the most recently installed Microsoft Preview update has the potential to trigger bugs that could prevent Remote Access from behaving normally. The administrator is directly informed of this audit with a pop-up message.

Meanwhile, the TSplus Development Team is also notified if the audit finds new potential incompatibilities. This enables the developers to be proactive in their work – addressing potential problems before they become actual problems.

Once a potential incompatibility has been detected, the AdminTool displays a list of suggestions with a path to the Microsoft updates to deactivate to prevent the software from malfunctioning.

This process ensures that Remote Access works at its best on the most up-to-date Windows system.

In the same spirit, all TSplus software is constantly updated. Even add-ons and integrated tools are updated regularly to maintain a high level of efficiency and security.

To know more, the changelog for Remote Access can be checked online . The latest version can also be downloaded for free as a 15-day trial.


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