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Screenshot of the TSplus Academy platform

The TSplus Academy training course is designed to empower participants with a deep understanding of Remote Support software and enhance their expertise in its usage. Organized into five distinct modules, the course offers a step-by-step approach to guide trainees through various aspects of the software:

  • Module 1: What is Remote Support software

  • Module 2: Configuration

  • Module 3: Access and Manage Sessions

  • Module 4: Unattended Access and Wake-On-Lan

  • Module 5: Security and Cloud Hosting

Each module comprises several steps, enabling trainees to progressively increase their proficiency in utilizing the software. The course employs a diverse range of content types, including graphics, videos (available in both "watch-only" and interactive "Do" modes), and assessments for knowledge validation.

TSplus Academy: Empowering Expertise in Remote Support Software

The TSplus Academy e-learning program is not only aimed at first-time users but also caters to current customers seeking to enhance their proficiency in specific features. Additionally, it offers an excellent opportunity for partners and resellers to acquire the prestigious TSplus Remote Support Expert Certificate. To earn the certification, trainees must successfully pass all the "Do" modes included in the course.

Certificate of Remote Support Expert by the TSplus Academy

Accessible directly from the top menu of TSplus' Remote Support webpage at https://tsplus.net/remote-support/ , the TSplus Academy e-learning platform can be conveniently accessed through the new "Academy" tab. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless learning experience for participants.

While this pioneering training course is already a significant achievement, TSplus remains committed to continuous improvement. As new Remote Support releases become available, the course content will be regularly updated to reflect the latest enhancements. The TSplus team is dedicated to delivering an exceptional learning experience and welcomes feedback from participants.

Looking ahead, TSplus plans to expand the TSplus Academy to cater to TSplus Advanced Security users, thereby providing them with specialized training and expertise.

To learn more about the TSplus Academy program and enroll in the Remote Support software training course, visit https://academy.tsplus.net/ .

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